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Camping is Made Easy at Camp Rockaway

Have you ever felt you were too comfortable living in a city to enjoy the great outdoors? This is true for many people. There is noting to be ashamed of about this. Many people who love the outdoors had the good fortune of experiencing lots of outdoor living in their youth. If you grew up in the city, you probably missed out on this advantage. Thankfully, at least one entrepreneur is trying to help people overcome any discomfort or hesitation about the great outdoors.

Kent Johnson is an architect and a surfer. Back in 2014, he saw postcards of old tent colonies, and the idea of bringing this type of camping back popped into his mind. Speaking of the Rockaways, Johnson said, “I love being out here at dawn and dusk and wanted to figure out how to stay overnight so I could enjoy both.” He continued, “Renting a room didn’t appeal to me, and renting a bungalow was out of reach.” This led Johnson into raising $50,000 on Kickstater and pitching an idea to the National Park Service. Now, a place called Camp Rockaway is open, and people can enjoy camping with relative luxury for the bargain price of $325.

The camping Johnson offers is specifically designed to appeal to people new to camping. Sometimes called glamping, this type of camping involves comfortable air mattresses, real showers, clean toilets, plenty of lighting, and kits to help you cook your own camping food. In other words, Johnson is offering a way for camping to be easy and fun. After visiting, people realize that camping doesn’t have to be intimidating at all.

If you are interested in trying some outdoor living for the first time, Camp Rockaway may be exactly what you need. Consider checking it out with your family soon!