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Daniel Mark Harrison’s Exceptional Talent as a Leader

Daniel Mark Harrison; the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Daniel Mark Harrison Company, has been featured on various magazines. These include the Wall Street, Forbes, Portfolio Magazine,, and the Daily Dot for his excellent leadership in the business world. Harrison is also a famous media personality, author, and entrepreneur who owns and manages the thriving family business bearing his name. Additionally, he serves at Monkey Capital and Fintech as a managing partner. As a decentralized hedge fund, Monkey Capital invests in the Blockchain systems and SpaceX supply contracts.


As a leading contributor to CoinSpeaker; one of the most influential news sources, Harrison registered several successes during his tenure. For instance, he managed to increase CoinSpeaker’s readership to over 450,000 per month. He also led the editorial team and helped optimize the site as he prepared Google news syndication. Since 2015, Harrison has been the Editor in Chief and Publisher of Max Rand; a news publication that deals with general interest matters. The publication revealed how FBI undercover was leading the Ku Klux Klan during its initial bi-annual conception.

While serving as a columnist at the Motley from 2009 to 2015, Harrison was recognized for making recommendations relating to stock prices in the United Kingdom and United States. These recommendations were straightforward, entertaining, and detailed; thus attracting a large number of audiences. He also spearheaded the revelation of Nintendo woes in 2010 and in 2014 and uncovered Jelf PLC’s objective in pursuing an acquisition strategy.


Among the numerous positions that he has held in various companies, Harrison served as a Senior Manager at Minisuco Company; a leading leather and finished furniture manufacturer. While serving as a co-founder of Stanley Court; an asset brokerage and investment holding firm, he played a crucial role in marketing and fundraising for the company’s project that saw it rise to the top. Harrison earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Oxford University, Masters of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School, and Master’s degree in Journalism from the University of New York.


National Steel Car- the largest manufacturer of train cars in Canada

National Steel Car is a company located in Canada and is regarded as the largest manufacturer of train cars in Canada. Headquarter of the company is situated in Hamilton, Ontario and is famous for staying in the top three car manufacturers throughout its existence. It was founded in the year 1912 and right from its existence; it has earned a lot of praise and fame. This has been possible only because of the efforts of Gregory James Aziz also known as Greg Aziz, the company’s existing chairman and chief executive officer.

The company’s success was not a single day story. It achieved success through years of hard work and loyal commitment of its employees. At the start, like all other amateur companies, National Steel Car also faced a lot of challenges, but the top management’s persistence and dedication towards the company led it to the path of success and growth. The demand for the production of rolling stocks increased right after the formation of the company. In the year 1913, the orders reached to a very high level. Canadian Pacific Railway and Canadian Northern Railway were two its biggest clients that ordered several units of rolling stocks from the company in order to complete the Trans-Canadian railway. This company was established in the days when the Great Depression in the 1930’s occurred. At that time, the company saw a decline in their orders of rolling stocks, so they decided to make different products other than rolling stocks to survive. The business was revitalized at the time of World War II, and thus, they have been in progression ever since. The company was purchased by Dofasco, a Canadian Steel Company in the year 1962 but they changed their decision after seeing its declination. Afterwards, the company was handed over to Gregory J Aziz in the year 1994 who promised to bring the business towards success by beating the previous revenue records. He was quite successful in it.

Under the leadership of Gregory, National Steel Car managed to hire an additional two thousand and five hundred employees. The production capacity was also increased significantly from only three thousand five hundred train cars to twelve thousand five hundred train cars annually. The company manufactures and supplies train cars to Canadian and American Market for the industrial and commercial use. This has all been possible due to the hard work and perseverance of Gregory. Read This Article for more information.



Gregory J. Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and President of National Steel Car. National Steel Car is among the top tank car and railroad freight manufacturers in America. The company which also deals with engineering has been in the freight car business for more than century.


The secret behind the company’s success is how it treats its employees. The company values its employees immensely because the CEO acknowledges that without them all the innovation and dynamism that exists in the company will be dead. The company has managed to exist throughout the years by constantly challenging itself through achieving various milestones. ISO internationally certifies National Steel Car. The company’s customer care skills are also above par as it treats all its customers with respect as it values their input in the industry. Read This Article.


Nonetheless, the railroad company believes in always forging ahead and is focusing on its future goals. The company has excellent and professional relationships with its suppliers. Currently, the company has employed up to two thousand employees who are experts and full of integrity. The railcar company prides itself on having a strong foundation which is full of strong values.


About Greg J Aziz


Greg J Aziz started his career in National Steel Car in 1994. This was when he purchased the rail car company from Dofasco. The Canadian company owned the railcar company. Nevertheless, Mr. Aziz has been able to grow the company steadily into becoming one of the leading companies in the American railroad track. Greg invested in engineering and manufacturing departments of the company, and this has led it to be a strong company. When he first purchased it, the company had the capability of manufacturing only three thousand five hundred. However, by 1999, it was already manufacturing twelve thousand. When he purchased it, the company had the capability of employing six hundred people only, but the company has grown and currently it employs over two thousand people.


Before purchasing the railcar company, Greg was a career investment banker. This was partly due to his educational background in Economics which he studied at the University of Western Ontario. Before becoming a banker, the young National Steel Car boss had already started for his family business. Affiliated Foods was a fresh food company that dealt with importing foodstuff from Central America, South America, and Europe to major distribution wholesalers in Eastern Canada and U.S.


Besides being a major player in the rail car industry, the rail car company also gives back to the community where it’s based in Ontario. Some of the company’s major philanthropic drives include the sponsorship of major charities in the area among other notable contributions.


Susan McGalla Inspires Women in Marketing

Susan MvGalla knows just what it takes to help a company build a brand. As a woman that has been in the CEO position for Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters it is clear that Susan McGalla has a passion for marketing and building Brands.

She works for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and she has been able to help this NFL franchise strengthen the brand that it has created as well. She has done this through revamping the fan gear clothing line for this franchise. It is during these times that women may become inspired by someone like Susan Magalla. She has broken all kind of boundaries and reached for the stars when it comes to her marketing career. She has been able to build a solid branding career over the years. At one time Susan was even in a place where she was consulting with her own business. This proves that she had exactly what it would take to build a better branding tactics for their company. Susan Mcgalla has really been able to give a lot of people a better idea of what it takes to build a brand. This is where she inspires many women.

Women that are acquiring degrees in marketing will soon notice just what it takes to become successful in the marketing arena because they have someone like Susan Miguel that is changing the corporate industry. She is making sure that women know that they have a place in marketing in the corporate world just as men do.

Susan McGalla has definitely proven herself as a strong business leader, and this is going to inspire a lot of women that may have never assumed that women could reach CEO positions for clothing companies. Most of these positions are reserved for men, but Susan has pushed her away through and shown the world that she can function as a branding expert in the same way that many men have performed over the years. In many aspects Susan has proven that she has been able to do a better job than some of her male CEO rivals.

The Accomplishments that the Late Stephen Murray Made in his Profession

Stephen Murray was the former chief executive officer of the CCMP Capital, and he was renowned for his skills in private equity investment. He quit his job at the firm due to health complications and died in March 2015, which was one month after resigning. The company acknowledges him for his outstanding skills, which facilitated its development and that of its founders. CCMP Capital was established in 2006. It was a spinoff of the JPMorgan Partners, and its proficiency was in offering leverages takeovers to the middle-market and private equity investment. Stephen was a significant player in income generation for the company, and he raised $3.6 billion during the last five months that he served it.

Greg Brenneman believes that the Murray is the most prominent deal maker an investor that has ever worked for the company. Brenneman took over the CEO role after Stephen resigned. He is also the current chairperson of the enterprise. Greg passed his commiserations to the Tami A. Murray, who is the wife of the deceased. CCMP Capital is globally trusted by the clients for the exceptional performance that it displays. Its usual equity investment is approximated to be between $100 million and $500 million. The main customers of the firm are in sectors such as energy, consumer industries, and healthcare. Murray and Brenneman were the only individuals that the Securities and Exchange Commission recognized to be in charge of the CCMP Capital’s fund.

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The birthplace of the late Murray is New York. He schooled at the Boston College and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree, and later got his MBA from the Columbia College. Stephen started his finance career at the Manufacturers Hanover Trust and after while he was made deputy president of the middle-market. The Manufacturer Hanover’s leveraged finance and equity investment divisions also employed him. CCMP Capital was made to part of the JPMorgan Partners in 2000 after formation of three mergers, which involved Chemical Venture Partner and Chase Capital Partners.

Mr. Stephen Murray’s management skills were acknowledged in the corporate world, and he sat on the boards of different companies. They include Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Crestcom International, and Infogroup Inc. Stephen also participated in different community projects that were important in their development. They include Make-A-Wish-Foundation, Boston College, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, and Columbia Business School.

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Maggie Gill Achievements in MUMC

Maggie Gill is considered to be one of the most influential women who are doing very well in the medical industry. Gill currently works at the Memorial University Center. She was appointed to this position several years ago, and she has brought several changes in the company.

Maggie Gill has worked at MUMC at different positions. Maggie Gill was first appointed to the position of vice president in managed care and finance in the year 2004. While working at this post, Maggie Gill proved that is was dedicated to her work, and this made her get a position as the chief operating officer of the company in 2005.
While working as the chief operating officer at the Memorial University Medical Center, the successful Maggie was able to impress her bosses, and this led to her appointment to the top position in the organization. Gill has been working as the president and chief executive officer of MUMC since 2011, and she is considered to be one of the individuals who have brought numerous changes in the organization.

As the president and chief executive officer of the successful establishment, Maggie Gill has several responsibilities. Maggie is in charge of all the leadership of the institution. She oversees the activities and duties of the all the vice presidents. Senior vice presidents, physical leaders and any other individual who is considered to be a leader in the organization. Maggie is also believed to be directly responsible for overseeing any government relations, internal audits, corporate communications, trauma services, physical relations, orthopedic programs, corporate communication, neuroscience and any other operation that takes place in the establishment.

Before her appointment to the MUMC, Maggie Gill is believed to have had the opportunity to work with several other organizations. Maggie once served in a company referred to as Tenet South Florida Health Systems. While working at the institution, Maggie Gill was the chief financial officer of the organization. She impressed the management of the organization because of her dedication and hard work. Maggie managed to work for the successful organization for over five years, and the management recognized her for her achievements. Maggie has also worked at the North Shore Medical Center too. The institution is based in Miami, and she brought significant changes. Maggie also used to work for Palmetto General Hospital, Coral Gables Hospital and several other institutions that are found in the United States. These positions made Maggie Gill acquire a lot of experience in the medical field.

Stephen Murray and his Legacy

Stephen Murray is an individual who is known for his excellence within the financial industry and is known for for his personable and individualized advice that is not only given to employees as his work, but is also given to individuals who seek his specialized help at CCMP Capital. With an assortment of expertise within the world of finance, Stephen Murray has been able to assist thousands of individuals to find the best investment that comes with the highest return in addition to the lowest risk. With the help of Stephen Murray, each client at CCMP has a close relationship with Stephen Murray and is able to procure the best financial advice.

Stephen Murray is the former co-founder as well as the former CEO of CCMP Capital, an investment branch that was formed in order to help clients that are specifically looking for experts within the buyout and growth equity industry. With the help of Stephen Murray, the financial industry has continued to grow and has continued to flourish. The goal of Stephen Murray was to gain back the trust of investors even after the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Despite the lack of universal trust, Stephen Murray has been able to continue to find clients and earn their trust by doing exactly what he knows and loves to do.

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Stephen Murray, even at an early age, knew that he wanted to pursue the economics path with not only school, but also in a career. With a freshly earned degree in economics from Boston College, Stephen Murray set out to gain more knowledge as well as experience within the giant world of economics to help other individuals pursue their own means. With a comparative advantage in finances, Stephen Murray has been able to help clients with financial advice and has been able to help find the best investments that yield the highest returns.

As a financial investor and as a lover of economics, Stephen Murray has been able to not only give back to his clients, but has also been able to help others that have not been as fortunate with their career path. Stephen Murray has been a dedicated individual and has helped others with both time and effort. Stephen Murray will be known for his legacy and will be remembered by his employees and by his clients as a personable individual who treated every individual as a partner to the company.

Andy Wirth as a Humanitarian and a Business Manager in Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth is the current CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a leading company in skiing activities. The company engulfs the Squaw Valley and the Alpine meadows both which have attractive sites for extreme sports lovers. It is found in the Olympic Valley and attracts many people annually.

Featuring luxury hotels and spa lounges, it has become a perfect getaway spot for most of the individuals in the US and those who fancy the cold climate. Andy Wirth was elected the leader of this company after its purchase by the KSL partners from the original owners’ native to the Squaw Valley.

Andy Wirth has been quite visionary with Squaw Valley despite strong opposition from the neighboring communities on environmental issues. However, Squaw Valley and the parent company spearheaded by Andy has developed over the years to become a green company. Andy has faced fatal obstacles in life such as almost losing his arm completely in a skydiving accident.

He has, however, risen past these setbacks and pushed himself to the limits to be competent both as a business manager and an athlete. His cycling career is yet to get back to glory, but he trains hard despite having been taken back to ground zero by the accident.

According to Bloomberg, Andy Wirth’s potential is recognized by many people such as the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation, who recently elected him chairperson and the president to their executive board.

Having been humbled by this achievement, Andy expresses his gratitude and focuses on exploring the potential of the region served by the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service. He feels that the company will enable him to provide an opportunity also to recognize new prospects for flight in the region as well as promoting tourism. His position allows him to merge the interests of the two companies he is affiliated to for development in both.

Andy Wirth is also recognized for his philanthropy works he launched after the near death experience. The initiative deemed the Navy Seal Foundation is bent on recognizing the efforts of the Navy Seals warriors who have suffered injuries and fatalities in their service to the country.

Andy together with other two affiliates from the Seal who’ve had the experience first-hand feels it right to give back to these people. The funds amassed from this foundation will be used to cater for their injuries such as lost limbs and also serve as appreciation for giving their all on behalf of their country.

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