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Wikipedia’ Efforts in Expanding Coverage of Indigenous Groups and Subjects

It is interesting how Esther Berlin won a Publisher Award for her work and named as one of the Sherman Alexi’s favorite poet, yet no article about her exists on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the biggest online encyclopedia for research.

Unfortunately, many other deserving individuals just like Berlin don’t feature on this platform as they should, and it leaves one wondering why a site that can be edited by anyone have so little information about natives. The site has so little information about indigenous people that the people are now being invited to help boost its coverage in this area.

In October, the Wiki Conference North America, an annual conference for Wikipedia editors and enthusiasts attended an Indigenous People’s Day. The aim was to stir as many participants as possible to try and add flesh to the articles covering Native Americans and other indigenous individuals who have received poor or no coverage on the site. Through the event, the organizers hope that articles about historical figures, movements, and tribes can expand, and more people create new and noteworthy publications.

The participants will be among many other individuals who have already taken an interest in expanding the site’s coverage of forgotten or marginalized groups. According to a survey of Wiki editors in 2011, only a smaller percentage of writers and editors are ladies. As a result, some female Wiki writers and contributors started to schedule edit-a-thons and challenged to increase the contribution of women on the site while boosting its coverage on matters affecting women. A similar tactic has been used by others to improve black history and the life of science coverage.

The Benefits of Creating A Wikipedia Page for Your Business

The benefits of creating a Wikipedia page for your business, online brand, or reputation are endless. It helps to develop and leave lasting impression on your prospects and existing clients. There is a team of dedicated and experienced Wikipedia experts who are dedicated writers and editors that can help you boost your online presence and brand.

With this team, you are assured of getting unbiased writing since they understand the rules, guidelines, and requirements of Wikipedia. As they help you, you’ll save time and money and still get professional articles. Additionally, the team blocks other parties from adding or editing any information that can injure the reputation of your business or brand.

When you have a professional and powerful wiki page, you’ll have a strong brand. Any search for such a name yields more results that are unique, timely, and relevant. Also, Google treats such pages better meaning you are likely to appear on top of the search results.