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Comparing and Constrasting Fashion and Technology with Chris Burch

Christopher Burch is one of the most successful investors in the fashion and branding industry. Burch was born on 28th March 1953 and currently lives in New York, NY. Currently, he is the chairman of Burch Creative Capital. This is a private investment company that has its roots in New York City. Burch interests span across various industries. Amongst his most successful ventures is the luxury fashion brand that is referred to as Tory Burch. He is a co-founder of this brand. One of Burch’s ability is to brand products.

Chris Burch is currently looking to apply his keen sense of marketing to various businesses such as apparel, hospitality, technology, financial services, and consumer products. Burch is also an investor and advisor at Grability; he is the co-founder of Poppin, investor at Chubbies Shorts and Nihiwatu. Burch has investments in other companies such as Split, Zeel, Bomoda, and Hooch as well as Trendabl.

Tremendous changes have been made in the fashion and technology industries. The only common thing about these two industries is that they grow together. The best way to compare and contrast these two industries is looking at their past as well as their present. In simple words, we can conclude that technology develops as what people consider fashionable become popular. An example of this can be demonstrated by the changes that have occurred in the music industry. In the 1970’s, the boom box was very popular. As years went by, the cassette decks took over in the 1980’s. This was latter overtaken by what used to be called the Walkman. Today, none of those previous technologies can outdo the use of IPOD. Like we have seen, the growth of technology is directly associated with what people consider fashionable.

Today, we see that fashion design and technology go hand in hand. Fashion designers are concentrating on what they think will go with the trends. Fashion has been used in technology in many cases. For instance, the use of an airbag is seen as fashionable compared to the use of helmets. Helmets hinder vision. Airbags are only deployed in the event of an accident. Technology and fashion can also be used to improve humanity. For example, the two are being used in the creation of electricity where the movement of a person can be used to generate electricity that will be used in charging of peoples’ phones as they walk. Fashion is also a good way of letting people accept a new thing in technology. A good example is the way catwalks were used to popularize Google glasses.