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Up-Close With Imran Haque and Why He is a Force to Reckon with in the Medical Industry

Imran Haque is widely considered to be an astute medical practitioner offering high-quality medical services with a keen emphasis in internal medicine. Apart from being a competent and licensed medical physician, the good doctor possesses an impressive academic resume that includes a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana as well as an M.D from the University of Virginia. With experience spanning over a decade, the highly acclaimed medical professional has proven to be an invaluable asset in the medical industry with extensive expertise and experience in diagnosing a range of illnesses. A recent interview with the North Carolina-based practitioner helped lift the lid on his professional career.

Onset of Business Idea

As an upcoming doctor at a local hospital, Haque credits recognizing a unique opportunity to offer extensive services by meeting local needs of the community which had been neglected for a while. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from satisfied patients, the good doctor felt inspired having pursued this opportunity.

How Ideas are Brought To Life

According to the medical guru, any decent idea requires precise diligence, hard work, adequate research and financial resources. More importantly, researchers must exercise patience and organizational skills to ensure the success of any business idea. As an integral element, forging symbiotic relationships and networking can go a long way in building a professional’s career.

Habits That Promote Productivity as an Entrepreneur

Multi-tasking has proven to be an essential success ingredient in the entrepreneur’s life. Just like breathing, multi-tasking has allowed him to perform exceptionally beyond his wildest thoughts and progressively molded his perspective as a productive entrepreneur.

An Essential Strategy That Is Crucial To Building Your Business

Treating others with as much respect as you would have wanted is critical in forging a formidable business. Such a conventional rule has positively impacted interpersonal relationships and building symbiotic connections.

Mr. Haque

As a force to reckon with in the medical industry, Mr. Haque undeniably possesses a keen business acumen and insightful leadership skills that have catapulted his status as a prominent professional. The University of Virginia alumnus has become synonymous with synonymous with offering diabetes treatment, laser hair removal, Venus body contouring, weight management and 360 resurfacing.

Unlike other experts, the good doctor has cemented a reputation based on his ability to keenly tend to a patient’s needs while also recommending the best treatment available.

How Dr. Imran Haque’s Multitasking Ability has been Instrumental in his Internal Medicine Practice

Dr. Imran Haque is among the few medical practitioners from Asheboro, NC, who have managed to juggle between entrepreneurship and internal medicine practice. Prior to founding Horizon Internal Medicine, Dr. Haque realized that some medical services were not offered in his community. He decided to open Horizon Internal Medicine to provide these services.

Productivity at Work

As he manages the operations of Horizon Internal Medicine from his Asheboro based office, Dr. Haque believes that ideation is as a result of several factors. These include financial means, hard work, thorough research, and diligence. Dr. Haque embraces these factors in his ideation processes. He also believes in being patient and organized and establishing symbiotic relationships with other practitioners as ways of achieving success.

Dr. Imran attributes his success in entrepreneurship and internal medicine practice from his keen interest in technology. He believes that invaluable advancements have been witnessed in medicine thanks to the integration of technology in modern medical processes. He is certain that these advancements have enabled medical practitioners to excel in their practices.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Imran relies on his ability to multitask for productivity purposes. When multitasking, he strives for balance and efficiency. His multitasking ability has also allowed him to oversee the business strategies for Horizon Internal Medicine and treat patients with diverse illnesses. He is certain that the best way of being productive in entrepreneurship is through multitasking.

About Dr. Imran

Dr. Imran is a highly-reputable and caring internal medicine practitioner from North Carolina. He is also a skilled and licensed medical practitioner with a medical degree from Santa Domingo-based UNIBE and an M.D. from the famed University of Virginia. Haque’s Horizon Internal Medicine is situated in Asheboro, North Carolina. He practices internal medicine from the health facility.

Throughout his 15-year-long career, Dr. Haque has been providing treatment options to patients with illnesses such as diabetes. His extensive experience has also enabled him to carry out diverse medical examinations on patients to determine their illnesses. Dr. Haque works based on a commitment to serve Asheboro residents who seek treatment from Horizon Internal Medicine.

Dr. Mark McKenna the CEO and Founder of the New Company OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is among the top medical doctors practicing Surgery and Medicine. He graduated with a medical degree from the Tulane University Medical School. He then obtained his medical license from Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. After receiving the license, Mark not only started his private practice but also helped his father set up a real estate business with the name of McKenna Venture Investments in New Orleans, LA. The company later acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina led to the major loss but helped the community in rebuilding.

In 2007, Mark McKenna went to Atlanta, GA and started his own venture with the name of ShapeMed that offered wellness and aesthetic based medical services to his clients. After the success of his venture, he sold the company to Life Time Fitness Inc in 2014 and became its National Medical Director. It was in 2016 that he got the idea to start another venture and launched OVME. The company offered its clients a convenient way to receive medical aesthetic services from the top medical doctors.

In a recent interview, he was asked how he got the idea to start OVME. He said that he has been in the industry for over ten years and it was then he noticed the opportunity to start such a business that people need. One of his significant strength is that he sets goals for himself and ensures that he achieves them no matter what. Mark also loves to meditate once a day that allows him to be focussed the entire day. One advice that he gives the younger generation is that they should allow themselves time to find their passion and not rush into getting a degree. Mark also advises people to surround themselves with smart people so that they can learn from them.

Mark loves to spend time with his family. He is responsible for his daughter and makes her breakfast every day. He then heads to work and come back home by 6 to have dinner with his family. He also goes to Jiu-Jitsu training every night till 9 to stay fit and active.


Imran Haque’s Specialism in Numerous Treatments

Dr. Imran Haque has become a highly esteemed figure in professional medical care in North Carolina. He specializes in internal medicine and has gathered 15 years of experience attending to patients who needed his services. Imran Haque is affiliated with a number of hospitals such as the Randolph Hospital (NC). His skills have gotten him to a level that he can treat numerous ailments and perform related diagnosis. From this, the doctor became highly sought after, which led him to start his own medical facility. The Horizon Internal Medicine, located in Asheboro, North Carolina, is where he currently performs the treatment of illnesses and administration of internal medicine.

The Horizon Internal Medicine is dedicated to providing quality services through its huge body of staff. Dr. Imran Haque is the lead doctor, but is always keen to make referrals to other capable medical specialists. His education equips him with the skills to diagnose illnesses such as pneumonia, glaucoma, diabetes and epilepsy. His medical center provides treatment by applying some state of the art technology to come up with some of the best treatments.

One of the unique treatments is 360 resurfacing. The treatment works by rejuvenating the skin, especially on the chest, face and neck. Due to its complexity, the treatment requires the expertise of a doctor like Imran Haque, who offers the best chance of treatment. The treatment helps to enhance skin tone and texture as well as tightening it. The doctor is also a weight management professional. He understands the risks associated with being overweight and, therefore, offers solutions by use of some cosmetic procedures that give the body sufficient nutrition.

Another treatment used is laser hair removal. The method is used to get rid of hair from a certain area of the body or slow its growth. The expertise of Dr. Imran Haque assures patients of clean and safe treatment. The medical specialist has great passion for his patients.

Imran Haque Changing Lives through the Horizontal Internal Medicine

Imran Haque took his undergraduate degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Santo Domingo before pursuing an M.D in the University of Virginia. He later enrolled for and attained a growth as an internal medicine practitioner in the Maintenance of Certification Program. All these gained him the ability to achieve a license to practice medicine in North Carolina. Mr. Imran Haque uses his skills and knowledge to run the Asheboro and Ramseur based Horizontal Internal Medicine which offers medical solutions for the residents of the two towns and their environs. His experience as internists and physician runs over fifteen years and has earned him high regard and respect within the medical community and the general population in South Carolina. He believes very passionately that proper diagnosis is crucial for ensuring the right and most effective treatment methods for patients and therefore invests a considerable amount of time, energy, and resources to ensure the correct diagnosis for his patients.

Through the Horizontal Internal Medicine clinic, Imran Haque uses a well-furnished laboratory and ultrasound to provide a full range of health services, including but not limited to diabetes management, physical examinations and weight management, Botox prescription, 360 resurfacing, hair removal with the use of lasers, Venus body contouring and Dermal Fillers treatments. Due to the impeccable quality of his services, expert diagnostic solutions and the high level of personalized care that he offers to his patients, Dr. Imran Haque has established long lasting relationships with all his patients based on trust and a mutual desire to ascertain their health and safety. Due to the trust cultivated within the community over the years, most of his patients retain him as their personal and family doctor and physician.

Dr. Imran Haque has practiced internal medicine since he graduated from medical school with a Medicine degree in 1998. He is affiliated with many pharmaceutical firms in North Carolina, including Horizontal Internal Medicine Clinic and the Randolph Hospital among others. He mainly sees and accepts new patients from his central office in and practice location in Asheboro although he also works in the other sites of his medical practice firms and clinics.

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Why Doctor Imran Haque Is the Most Sought After Internist in North Carolina

Dr. Imran Haque is a renowned medical doctor. Currently, he serves as an internist as Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina. Haque is also affiliated with Randolph Hospital. With more than 15 years experience in the internal medicine sector, Imran Haque has been recognized among the best internal medicine specialists. From his offices at Asheboro and Ramseur, the decorated doctor can handle multiple illnesses.


For Dr. Imran Haque, reaching such adorable heights came after he completed his college education. Haque earned his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), Santo Domingo in 1998. He later studied internal medicine at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Imran Haque began his career after receiving his bachelor’s degree in medicine. Today, Dr. Haque is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina.


About Horizon Internal Medicine


At Horizon Internal Medicine, you will meet Dr. Imran Haque. Under the leadership of Dr. Haque, the facility boasts of providing the best internal consultancy services. His role at the facility is to diagnose illnesses, carry out medical examinations, and tests. His professionalism and experience attract patients from a wide geographic area.


Imran Haque collaborates with other doctors and physicians to ensure better service delivery to their patients. At his office, he offers several services such as laboratory, ultrasound and treatment services. His compassion and experience make residents of Ramseur and Asheboro feel loved when they visit the facility.


Services Offered


Dr. Imran Haque performs a full range of services. 360 resurfacing is one of the services provided by Imran Haque at the Horizon Internal Medicine. He also specializes in weight management treatments, laser hair removal, dermal filling, and diabetes management. Patients who visit him in need of the various treatment procedures get a safe and comfortable environment.


Customer Feedbacks


A glimpse at the reviews from his past patients manifests Dr. Imran Haque’s excellence in his practice. All the patients that he has treated talk highly of him. Compassion, professional connection, and expertise are among the characters that his previous patients have used to describe his practices.

Imran Haque: A Modern Doctor With Heart and a Great Bedside Manner

Renown Healthcare New Facility

Renown Health is a not-for-profit healthcare network based out of Nevada. Founded in 1862, the company employs over 5500 people. Facilities include three acute care hospitals, a children’s hospital, a rehabilitation hospital, skilled nursing facility, a medical group and urgent care network, and Hometown Health, which is the only locally owned not-for-profit insurance company. Anthony D. Slonim has been President and CEO since 2014.

The organization introduced the use of the country’s first angiography biplane, which is used to treat stroke victims. They are also the first hospital in Nevada to perform robotic surgery using the da vinci Surgical System S HD. An emergency room designed for children under the age of 18 is the only one in the area. They are a leader in quality healthcare.

Renown Health will be opening a new family practice at the Summit Mall in South Reno. With a staff of 11 people, the clinic will include primary care services, as well as a laboratory. The medical director of the organization says that the clinic is designed to look like a warm, inviting living room, providing a more comfortable setting for patients. The space will be adding additional services, and will also employ additional staff, including physicians and nurse practitioners. There will be a designated area where physicians can discuss health care issues with their patients. Click here to know more.

The general contractor assigned to the construction of this facility is Shaheen Beauchamp Builders, LLC. Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design is responsible for architecture and construction, structural engineering is provided by Forbes Engineering, and mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering is provided by MSA Engineering Consultants.

There is a need for additional healthcare in the area due to growing population, growing economy and better access to insurance. There are now 12 primary care clinics in the area owned by Renown.