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Hollywood Has A Long History with The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabblaah Centre is often seen as being a modern creation for those who are not aware of the long history this form of ancient teachings of Judaism has had in the U.S. and in the global entertainment industry. It is often easy to see just how important the stars of Hollywood and the entertainment industry see their own spirituality as being, but the growing number of celebrities seeking the guidance of teachers from The Kabbalah Centre grows and joins a long list of those who have explored this often secretive form of mysticism.

The Kabbalah Centre has been a major part of the growth of the number of individuals in Hollywood who are looking to explore the spiritual side of themselves, but the history of Kabbalah in the entertainment industry dates back to the explorations of Hollywood icons including Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis Jr. The most famous follower of The Kabbalah Centre has recently been Madonna, who has revealed she was drawn to the need to help people that is at the heart of Kabbalah; the iconic actress Elizabeth Taylor was another follower of Judaism who looked to mysticism as a way of assisting her in making the world a better place for all.

Preaching to the converted: how Kabbalah keeps on growing new ways of bringing information about this ancient teaching to the people of the world, including opening new locations and exploring the opportunities offered in terms of the Online teaching platforms.

The Kabbalah Centre bases its own teachings on a translation of the ancient book, Zohar that was the first attempt to bring Kabbalah teachings to the people of the world in an open setting. The chance to see more than the one percent of the universe open to us through our five senses is the overall aim of The Kabbalah Centre.

Kabbalah Centre International – YouTube

Proactive Heart Health Care from Leading Cardiologist Edward Honig


A cardiologist is a physician with specialized skills and training in preventing, identifying, and treating diseases of the heart and the cardiovascular system. A cardiologist undertakes focused training on diseases of the heart and heart health. A cardiologists will also embark on an internship and residency focusing on heart-related diseases and conditions as part of his or her broader educational and training experience.


Heart Disease Prevention Services Provided by a Cardiologist


In addition to treating and caring for patients diagnosed with heart disease, cardiologists are also active in preventative practice. By this it is meant that these physicians work with an increasing number of individuals at heart disease prevention and healthy heart practices. A growing number of people can be found taking advantage of the proactive assistance that can be obtained from a skilled cardiologist.


Key Reasons to Take a Proactive Approach to Seeing a Cardiologist


There are a number of important reasons why people should take a proactive stance when it comes to seeking a qualified, experienced cardiologist like Edward Honig in New York City. The stark reality is that taking a proactive stance in regard to seeing a cardiologist can prove to be a life-saving strategy.


A basic example of when a person should consider scheduling an appointment with a cardiologist is when a decision is made to start an exercise program. Many people already are aware of the necessity of checking with a primary care physician before embarking on a new fitness program. However, most people do not think about seeing a cardiologist.


If a person is over 40, seeing a cardiologist before starting a fitness regimen is wise. A cardiologist will examine an individual’s overall heart health to ensure a proposed exercise regimen is appropriate. In addition, a cardiologist can make recommendations about exercises that enhance heart health.


Many people are surprised to hear that they should schedule an appointment with a cardiologist if they experience gum disease. Gum disease can prove to a symptom of inflammation elsewhere in a person’s body. Patients suffering from swollen or enflamed gums oftentimes have heart disease.


A smoker should seek out a cardiologist to ascertain overall heart health. In addition, a person who has given up smoking should do the same. Research reveals that stopping smoking improves heart health, sometimes dramatically so. Nevertheless, a smoker may have done permanent damage to his or her heart that requires appropriate monitoring by a cardiologist.


Many people identify heart disease with men. Women are afflicted with heart disease as well, a reality which cannot be overlooked. Women particularly are prone to develop heart disease when heart disease when pregnant and when in post-menopause. If a woman experiences preeclampsia, an appointment should be made with a cardiologist. Once a woman enters into post-menopause, she should also schedule a proactive, preventative appointment with a qualified cardiologist, like Edward Honig


Edward Honig Specializes in Heart Health


Edward Honig is an example of an exemplary cardiologist serving the needs of patients in New York City. This includes men and women who take a proactive approach to heart health issues. Dr. Honig is on the staff of Glen Cove Hospital in the greater New York City area, a highly regarded medical center. He is also affiliated with the North Shore University Hospital, which is also located in Glen Cove.


As an internist and cardiologist, Dr. Honig treats patients for both chronic and acute heart conditions. He is also involved in assisting patients with heart health enhancement strategies. This includes patients who intend to embark on more aggressive strategies to improve their overall health, including initiating a significant exercise regimen.  Learn more about Edward’s important work here:

Overcoming Challenges the Kabbalah Way

Challenges are a part of life. They are there to make us stronger. The horrific challenges we face will ultimately lead us to become better versions of the people we are.

“God will be there to help us, but he expects us to do the work”.

This is a spiritual principle that many seem to forget. You will be reminded of this principle and more once you start studying at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

To get you started I have outlined a few more concepts that center teaches. These will help you in deciding if the center is the right spiritual path for you.

1) Resisting the reactive behavior will create more light. Reactive behavior may serve in the short-term, but it will create more darkness in your life later on.

2) The greater the challenge, the more potential you will have to shine your light. To think as a victim is to think in a limited way. There is not much room for light then.

3) The negativity you see in others is a reflection of your own negativity. This is one of the hardest concepts for students to grasp and accept.

4) Never blame anyone for your problems. Do not blame external factors or situations for your problems. You are there for a reason. They are your problems. You are the only one who can fix them.

Teacher Yehuda Berg explains this more in his book The Power of Kabbalah. I used to have a copy. It is a good read. I do not agree with everything the book has to say, but it does offer some good learning tools for everyday life. You can find it at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

All we need is love. The rest is just commentary.

Class Dojo’s Highly Rated Communication Platform Comes With The Growth Mindset

In order for students to really be successful in their schooling, they need the proper amount of encouragement as well as confidence. Many students in today’s generation of schooling have a larger fear of failing due to negative and bad criticisms from others. There is a company looking for a solution and trying to make schooling a better experience for students everywhere. Class Dojo has created an education platform designed to greatly enhance communication for students as well as parents and teachers. It allows students to better develop their abilities in positive and engaging environments. Along with their platform, Class Dojo has released growth mindset videos, focused on teaching basic principles and helping students set goals. While the program is mostly based on communication, it builds on school communities around the world.

Since Class Dojo first released, the company and their platform has managed to rocket into success, with active use by more than two thirds of all schools within the US. Their level of popularity inspired a research program to be started at Stanford to help correspond with the app and build on it. This in turn will help spread the word about Class Dojo, and bring even more communication to students around the globe. Their growth mindset videos are spread to increase awareness and teach different fundamentals to inspire confidence in students. These growth mindset videos are part of a series, all of which expand on each other. Over time, how the public responds to these videos will determine how they continue going forward.

The videos are a bonus to the great improvement Class Dojo brings to the school environment, providing students with confidence and new ways to learn. The videos teach the same thing the program spreads, communication. The more communication between parents, students, and teachers, the better the experience can be for all parties, which is especially important for a child who is learning and growing. Class Dojo’s platform and everything else is entirely free and easy to use for everyone, anyone can participate at any time. The overall success of the company will determine what the can do next and how far they will continue to expand.