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Releasing Goldfish Into Open Waters Can Lead To Big Environmental Problems

A few minutes ago, I finished reading an interesting online article that concerns the problems that arise when people release their pet goldfish into lakes and rivers.

Apparently, those cute little goldfish can really reproduce, leading to large populations of goldfish swimming around in bodies of water that never housed such creatures before.

According to this article, the relocated goldfish not only reproduce prodigiously, but they can also grow to be quite large in size.

For many years, goldfish owners everywhere have been releasing their goldfish into lakes, ponds and other bodies of water when they cannot care for them any longer. Although the intentions are usually good, the seemingly innocent act of releasing goldfish into open waters can really cause a lot of damage to the world’s ecosystems. Since the goldfish are not native to their current homes, they are upsetting the balance of ecosystems by eating foods that the native birds, fish and amphibians should naturally be eating.

The issues with goldfish are taking place both in the United States and Australia. In Lake Tahoe, it is not uncommon for U.S. biologists to find gigantic goldfish that are four to eight inches in length.

After reading this article, I feel like I’ve learned something about the issue of releasing goldfish into open waters. I can’t help but wonder, however, if some movie producer in Hollywood will see the goldfish issue as a great topic for a horror film.