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Lime Crime has done the impossible: Unicorn Dreams Hair Color for DARK HAIR

To all of my fellow brunettes, bleaching your hair to dye it is a thing of the past. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. No more frying the living crap out of your hair to make your pretty purple dye show up. Lime Crime has released four intense new colors to its Unicorn Hair collection – Chestnut, a deep dark maroon color; Squid, a dusty witchy purple color; Charcoal, a magical silver grey color; and Sea Witch, an intense deep green color that would make even mermaids jealous.

At only $16 a bottle, these 100% vegan-friendly hair dyes are perfect for any brunette wanting to try a new look without destroying their hair in the process. These dyes are semi-permanent, meaning there won’t be any awkward fading-out situations when it comes to these colors. But these aren’t the only innovative products that Lime Crime has to offer… From highlighters to diamond crushed lip products, Lime Crime has everything you need to look and feel as magical as.. well… a unicorn!

If you’re feeling rebellious and wanting to change your look up a bit, try any of Lime Crime’s products! They have pop on iridescent nails, brilliant highlighters, matte lipstick, diamond crushed lip products, and makeup brushes. Add all of these together, and you have the perfect rainbow unicorn party, and it’s just one click away! Not to mention that they are certified vegan-friendly and cruelty-free not only by PETA but by Leaping Bunny as well, so you can trust that their products are top notch. The best part about Lime Crime is that they are born to stand out, just like we all are. So what are you waiting for?

What Does Nine9 Do As A Company?

Nine9 is a talent agency that is your solution for all of your needs for making it in any industry of the entertainment world. With their connections to every aspect of the entertainment world, you will come to find that they can guide you and give you so much information to get on the right path so you can grow in this industry the right way. Nine9 is known for their long list of unique people who have been a part of their team over the years, and now is the day for them to help you.

What Nine9 mainly does for talent is almost everything you could think of. It all begins when you decide to sign up to their program. Provide them with all of your information and wait to have them get in contact with you. After a bit of time, they will give you the account online with a profile, allowing you to be seen by casting directors and be contacted instantly for opportunities and jobs. It’s quite interesting how there are so many ways they can help you out. For example, they can give you great opportunities and open up doors with finding auditions, getting booked for commercials, receiving extra work, and also gigs in other departments of entertainment.

Nine9 Talent Agency provides their talent with great acting workshops, wonderful training, stunning marketing tools, and everything in between to help them get jobs and become the performer they have always wanted to be. It’s all about properly caring for your brand and being able to manage yourself as an entertainer. You need to be on time, work hard, and submit and audition for anything that is thrown your way. There are opportunities lurking around everywhere, and you have so much potential to grow in any field out there for sure.

Touching Nine9 Talent Agency:

Lime Crime is Hot and It Only Appears to Be Getting Hotter

There is a lot of talk about Lime Crime. This is one of the hottest brands of cosmetics on the market, and I know exactly why it is getting the exposure that it gets. I think that the CEO is doing a wonderful job of promoting the brand, and it shows. I check the Lime Crime Instagram account quite frequently, and this is where I get all of my ideas. It is one of the most exciting brands out there because it speaks to the youth.


Personally, I am so glad that there is something else out there that is different from all the other stuff that we have become so used to. I always felt like Mary Kay and Cover Girl was makeup for old folks. I love the fact that Lime Crime has risen to the occasion as the makeup for my generation.


There are some really strange shades out there, but I love the bold colors that exist. This is something that I cannot live without. I love the bold shades of blue and red. I feel so rebellious when I wear it, and this is all that most young people want. They don’t want to fit into the mainstream. At some point in life we all just want to rebel and do something that is not like what the rest of the world is doing. That is the reason that so many customers have decided to take interest in this brand.


I believe that this will be the most interesting brands in upcoming years. I think that this brand gets a lot of attention because it is makeup for girls and guys. I have never heard of any makeup that has been advertised this way. I know that this is one of the hottest new companies, and I believe the Doe Deere is going to be around for a long time. She is showing people that bit of innovation that the cosmetics world needed. I am grateful for what she has been bringing the table, and I think that she has changed the cosmetics world forever.

Choose From Amazing Colors With Lime Crime

Are you looking for a radical hair color scheme that offers unique fantasy-inspired colors? You now have the option of choosing from thousand of bold colors from Lime Crime cosmetics. That’s right, the superior cosmetic line has come up with an amazing line of hair dyes that offer their customers full coverage and tint options. You can get up to 8 washes with the tint and 10 with the permanent dye option. LC is inspiring thousands of girls and guys around the world to go unicorn or find a color that goes well under the camera lights for your one of a kind selfies.


Lime Crime is unique for having a velvetine matte and super-foil base that has a moist application that dries to perfection. Your eyelids and lips experience hard to find shades that are yet to be matched by their competitors. Their creator and CEO. Doe Deere, was one of the first to base her cosmetics with these unique hypoallergenic ingredients. Her unconventional way of thinking for colors has landed her the female entrepreneur award for 2017. Her line of hair dyes is the rave among her 2.4 million Instagram customers along with her new Scandal cosmetics that has a wonderful purple-violet hue lipstick.


You will still be able to match their hair dyes with their cosmetic line. The transition is meant to compliment each other. You can change your mood with a single tint or transform your dull hair color with something totally new. You can also match their colors with their amazing Dolls Kills, sister company, that offers amazing accessories and clothing items to go with your new color choice. Join the color revolution and become a part of the amazing LC cosmetic and hair dyes today.


Visit the exclusive Lime Crime website for many first-time customer and promotional offers. Discover taking your color options to an all new color scheme that your friends will admire. Choose from an array of colors like Purple Sorbet and Radical Metallic today.

Fabletics a Brave New Retailer in a Changing Marketplace

Fabletics has built a name and a brand based on a smart new concept for merchandising and bringing into the retail organization a popular and attractive actress representing and modeling the brand. Kate Hudson is the actress and model for this successful clothing line that is expanding into a changing women’s clothing market. More and more young women are turning away from conventions sportswear and wearing casual spa and workout inspired clothing, athleisure wear, as they go about their daily non-business lives. Fabletics seized on this idea and began designing and expanding on workout attire that women can wear to the gym, taking the kids to school or the grocery store.

Fabletics has implemented a membership program to connect with their customer base, and the results are having a huge impact on sales for this young and dynamic company. In a recent article in Forbes, Paul Armstrong went so far as to suggest that they were challenging Amazon in the new electronic marketplace for women’s wear. While Amazon remains the leader in all things ordered in the electronic world, Fabletics is having a very positive impact on women’s fashion. The company has even structured itself to have numerous brick and mortar outlets in populated areas in the United States of America. This regressive policy of having physically based locations goes against the grain of the new thinking that electronic merchandising on the Internet will doom this type of traditional retailing. But Fabletics wants to coordinate the buying experiences both online and in person, and having these physical outlets encourages membership and the hands-on appeal for impulse shoppers. Fabletics wisely offers these physical locations as adjuncts to their membership program, and the results have proven very encouraging for Fabletics executives.

As an example of how this new idea of the reverse showroom technique and how having a physical store will help membership, consider a customer who wants to know how an individual piece of clothing will fit and tries it on in the store. This customer has the reassurance that she is a particular size and now can select from an array of different colors or cuts online or even purchase the item in the store. Curiosity will bring customers to see what is going on and become enchanted with the idea of Fabletics and may soon become members. Fabletics has wisely made in-store purchases at the same price point as online ordering. This physical store concept combined with the array of online choices on the website is a win-win situation for consumers and Fabletics, too. Read the entire Forbes article by Paul Armstrong here: How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Is Taking On Amazon

While Fabletics may not challenge the dominant position of Amazon in the Internet marketing arena, it has made a place for itself and has established a new dimension for the changing women’s wear marketplace. Fabletics has used new fashion and style concepts combined with an attractive and well-known spokesperson and a creative advertising campaign to capture their market share and will use satisfied customers as building blocks for their brand in America.

For more information about Fabletics see their website:Fabletics Official Website

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves 👊🏼

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Fabletics is Fabtastic.

Sweating can be stylish. Being active, enjoying fitness and getting healthy shouldn’t mean sweatpants and baggy shirts. Regrettably, in the past one needed to choose between style and comfort. Obtaining both would take a large bite out of your pocketbook.


Popular starlet, Kate Hudson, knew that wasn’t fair to the millions of women looking to obtain a healthy lifestyle while feeling confident at the same time. Thus, the idea of Fabletics was born. Active wear that motivates, for comfort, and style. Heading towards the company’s 4th anniversary, tongues are wagging about the product.


Happy shopper Haley Faye purchased the Fabletics Lucca Puffer Coat. This beautiful coat is typically $99.95, but only $69.95 to VIP members. Happy Haley couldn’t rave enough about the warmth, yet lightweight feel to the coat. There was so much Haley loved about the coat including the deep pockets and the length to help keep the cold out. A stylish pick for a frozen tundra lass on the go.


The Vlogosphere is also abuzz with reviews for Fabletics. TheCortReport, a video blogger, was extremely pleased with her purchase. She donned a beautiful, precious gem blue sporty shirt as she discussed her experiences with the company and product. It was a shirt that Cort adored. At the top of the positives mentioned, Cort was thrilled with the quality of the shirt as well as the true sizing. Many times when a shirt is labeled medium, it is not always a true medium. Even a person of a smaller girth may have a bit of a squeeze. Conversely, the Fabletics shirt was true to the advertised size. The wide variety of options were also something that pleased TheCortReport.


Fantastic reviews are not always about the clothing from Fabletics. One five star review on a product rating site raved about customer care. After an issue with an order, the customer posted a review about her concerns and was immediately contacted by customer service and the situation was rectified. The satisfied customer stated she rarely has such a positive experience with customer service representatives. She was extremely pleased.


“I can’t believe they cater to plus sizes.” Cheered another reviewer. “I’m a size 20 so I pondered, ‘they will probably cater to skinny minis like Kate Hudson’. Surfing the site, I found a shirt I thought was adorable. You could work out in it, or even wear a nice black skirt and it would pass for a dress shirt. Consequentially, I decided to look at the sizes just for curiosity’s sake. The clothing actually comes in an XXL (which is a size 18-20). Just my size! Happiest of joys, it fits as described. I simply love they know plus size women desire to shape up and look hot doing it.”


Some customers couldn’t say enough about this company. Fabletics, it seems, is in for a fabulous future.