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Is Your Financial Advisor Talking To You About Social Security?

A survey of consumers who are retired and 10 years from retirement revealed that their advisors aren’t talking to them about social security, according to David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial Distributors at Nationwide Financial. Given that taking your retirement at the wrong time can result in losing up to $300k over 25 years, or $1,000 a month, this is an essential part of planning.

From a company perspective, consumers are becoming savvy and indicate that they’ll change advisors if their current one isn’t speaking to them about it. An understandable move when social security can account for up to 40% of their retirement income on Unfortunately, many people are taking social security when it first becomes available at age 62, and this land-grab mentality can lead to the huge losses mentioned above.

David Giertz has had extensive experience in this field, having served Nationwide as President and Director of several nationwide companies, and brings 31 years of experience to the service of the company and its customers. He first joined Nationwide in March of 2006 and focuses on leading Nationwide in providing security and peace of mind for those on the road to retirement.

His credentials include being registered as a Broker-dealer registered rep with FINRA, providing him with the credentials to serve Nationwide Financial in growing their portfolio and handling stocks, bonds, and a variety of other investments. Additionally, he has passed four exams, including the Municipal Securities Principal, the General Securities Principal, the Uniform Security Agent State Law Examination, and the General Securities Representative. David Giertz uses these credentials and experience to lead Nationwide with temerity and is poised to do so for years to come.

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Equities First Holdings – The Leading Source Of Highly Flexible Stock-Based Loans

Getting a business loan is not easier in the new economy, particularly when banks and financial institutions have increased the criteria required to disburse loans. According to the premier source of alternate loans, the CEO of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy Jr., high net-worth individuals and businesses have started to look towards alternate sources of loans. For instance, his company, Equities First Holdings is seeing a rapidly increasing trend where borrowers are interested in getting loans against stock-based collateral. For these investors, loans against the stock is a viable method to get the needed funding required for growth.

Al Christy Jr. explained that there is another reason why borrowers are attracted, besides tightening of traditional loans. He suggests that loans collateralized by stocks offer very flexible and loan-friendly terms that most investors have not experienced, earlier. For example, the loan-to-value ratio of loans against the collateral is generally very high, which can be anywhere between 50 and 75 percent compared to the traditional loan that only promise a loan-to-value ratio between 10 and 50 percent.

In addition to the higher value, stock-backed loans are non-resource, which means that the borrower can walk away with the loan even if the value of the original stock goes down. Perhaps, another advantage is the fixed rate of interest, which does not change in the long-run. The fixed rate is a blessing in a global environment full of turbulent situations such as the decision of Britain to exit the European Union. He emphasized that the loan can be used for any purpose. Actually, Al Christy Jr. also warned that stock-based loan and margin loans are different because a firm may liquidate the borrowers collateral without warning in case of a margin call.


About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a premier provider of stock-based loans to high-net-worth clients and businesses. In the last 14 years, the company has completed more than 650 transactions. Operating from 9 global offices, Equities First Holdings, is known for offering a highly personalized service, which emphasizes one-to-one dealing. Such hyper-focused meetings result in more flexible loan terms and a variety of pathways.

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Hayman Capital Management’s CEO Kyle Bass Wants Less Corporate Taxes And An Increase In Personal Taxes

A lot of people believe hedge fund managers live in a different world. And they are right. Hedge fund managers have developed an investment concept that has made most of them billionaires and Learjet groupies. But hedge funds took a few hits in 2015. The returns that used to be in the double digit category are not producing those returns anymore. Pension funds are moving assets away from hedge funds and finding less riskier investments that produce consistent returns. Not all hedge fund managers are suffering from this investment strategy change. But Kyle Bass, the 2008 wonder boy that bet against the system and won, is feeling a little pressure. The pressure Bass is feeling is not the exit of pension fund partners, but his own senseless choices.

It’s true that Bass made millions from the 2008 market crash and his investment firm, Hayman Capital Management, became an overnight sensation because of that one deal. But in the last ten years Bass has shown his true colors. He is not the magical investment guru some people thought he was. Bass is just another guy that happened to become a billionaire because he saw the potential of taking advantage of people that didn’t understand how the investment game is played.

In a recent interview, Mr. Bass told that the United States may not be part of the global recession that is devouring countries around the planet. Bass also said Hilary Clinton is his personal favorite for president. That’s no surprise. Men like Bass will benefit if Clinton is elected. Bass made it clear that he wants less corporate taxes and an increase in personal taxes. He also say he is not a Donald Trump supporter. Kyle believes Trump does express the views of millions of Americans, but he’s not the right guy to make the necessary changes.

China was another topic that Bass talked about. Hayman Capital is betting millions that the Chinese yuan will lose value in 2016. If he’s right, and many hedge fund investors say he is, Hayman Capital will make billions on that bet.

According to, even though Mr. Bass is still one of the men that investors want to hear from, he still carries a lot of negative baggage around with him. The General Motors airbag issue is part of that baggage.His relationship with Argentina’s President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner is more baggage. Even though Fernández de Kirchner destroyed Argentina’s economy, Bass continued to stand behind her.