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Matthew Autterson and His Entrepreneurial Journey in the Financial Sector

Financial entrepreneurship is considered as one of the riskiest forms of business due to a number of factors. The services industry always depends on other core sectors to attract the business, and the investors would have higher expectations from their investments. Also, the reputation and credibility of a financial institution could be damaged with a few incorrect moves, and it is highly difficult to bring the trust of investors back. Additionally, businesses cannot gain the complete trust of its investors or customers due to market risk factors and stories of scams by a few businesses in the industry. However, people like Matthew Autterson still make a difference in the industry with his proper market analysis and integrity.


Matthew Autterson has almost 25 years of expertise in the financial services industry and credited for leading one of the biggest state-chartered financial firms in the United States as its President. In the year 1986, he was appointed as the President of the well-known Resources Trust Company, which was acquired by Broad Inc in 1989. The entire company got into the hands of SunAmerica Inc., and finally, it was purchased by AIG for a whopping amount of $18 billion in 1998. Prior the takeover of AIG, Resources Trust Company became the biggest state-chartered companies with FDIC-insured depository services in the country.


Under the leadership of Matthew Autterson, the company has offered custodial and depository services to over 200,000 customers. Additionally, the company grew into a platform of at least 15,000 independent and registered financial advisors. It also handled custodial assets more than $20 billion and deposits of over $1 billion with the help of 700 employees. All this became possible with the expertise and the visionary leadership of Matthew Autterson in the financial sector. Apart from that, he serves as a member of the Falci Adaptive Biosystems’ Board of Directors. Find Additional Information Here.


Before entering the financial world, Mr. Autterson earned his graduation in Finance from Michigan State University in the year 1980. He also completed the Graduate Tax Program at the University of Denver. Autterson began with First Trust Corporation – a subsidiary of Fiserv. In the year 1982, he laid the foundations for a new chartered trust company for Colorado State as a subsidiary of Integrated Resources, Inc, a New York-based financial solutions provider. Mr. Autterson is also known for many philanthropic works and was part of the boards of Denver Zoological Foundation, the Webb-Waring Foundation, Denver Zoo, and more.


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