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David Giertz Explains the Importance of Social Security in Retirement Portfolios

David Giertz is a famous financial advisor and broker who works out of Dublin, Ohio. He is the Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Unlike other financial advisors, David is knowledgeable and understands the importance of including social security in a retirement portfolio on Twitter. He emphasizes that up to 40% of a retirement portfolio could be social security. In turn, it is extremely important that the portfolio is optimized to include social security so that investors get the most out of it.

David Giertz explains that many financial advisors do not include social security in their clients’ retirement plans on because they either lack knowledge about how to integrate it into the retirement plan, or they are not knowledgeable about the rules. As a matter of fact, there is a handbook about social security rules that contains around 2,700 rules. Not only is this time-consuming to read, but it is also complex to comprehend.

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David Giertz, also known as Dave, explains that around 80% of retirement investors would change financial advisors if social security is not a part of the retirement financial plan on

It is crucial that social security is managed properly in a retirement account at If it is not managed properly or is turned on too early, investors could lose up to $1,000 per month. That obviously would add up over time.

Dave is a registered licensed broker in many different states in the United States. He has over 31 years of experience and is able to broker in a handful of northwestern states and southeastern states.

Timothy Armour, The Face Behind Capital Group

Timothy Armour is basically a portfolio manager. Having a bachelor’s degree in economics, Timothy Armour has been able to head one of the most amazing companies in the world. He is a man who previously worked as an equity investment analyst at Capital.

It is in 2015 that Timothy Armour was then named the chairman of Capital Group. He succeeded James Rothenberg who had previously died of a heart attack. Timothy Armour was aged fifty-four at the time. Being highly skilled in active management, he was the best candidate at the time for this job. Also, his rich education background in economics added to his general qualifications.

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In his time as head of Capital Group, he has been able to devise better ways of carrying out business. Such radical changes have been spearheaded by the need for Capital Group to yield better returns to the end of every year.

During the financial crisis of 2008, investors pulled out their assets from Capital Group. To prevent this from happening again, Timothy Armour had to reduce the number of managers in the company, and replace them with sales people meant to bring in more clients. Nevertheless, Capital Group’s method of stock picking has remained rather undeterred.

For instance, Capital Group is helping Korea recover financially. In Korea today, there is a shortage of the young and energetic population. Thus, modern technology in the Korean market has in the past gone unnoticed. However, Capital Group is planning to help the government of Korea to end this nightmare by bringing these products directly to the people. It is due to Timothy Author’s ingenuity that the institution has been able to penetrate the Korean market and also ended up partnering with Samsung.

Capital Group has been able to endure through the tides of time. Established in 1931, it is a company greatly respected by many people across the world. Its resilience has been a product of its top management coupled with the ability of its members of staff to serve customers in a friendly way.

Therefore, Timothy Armour has really taken Capital Group on the right path. It is under his management that this company will succeed in both local and international markets.

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Success And Retirement Comes Easy With The Midas Legacy’s Guidance

Today, The Midas Legacy is a financial management and advisement company that has built a big reputation for itself, especially for being unique in their philosophies for helping people improve their lives. They work with anyone who is looking for help, and that includes much more than just financial strategies and management for business. They help people learn to live without stress and negativity, while actively seeking happiness and health as a crucial component and their daily lives.

The Midas Legacy has an expert team of individuals who are dedicated to their work and helping individuals find happiness as well as success. A large number of their clients are aspiring entrepreneurs and individuals that are having difficulty maintaining their businesses, and they can quickly and effectively help remedy any situation as long as the client works with them.

The occasional expert and business leader even come in to give advice and offer up their ideas for different matters on success and wealth. This, combined with their vast amount of information on investment and financial strategies, clients can find anything they need to build a strong foundation for success and their futures.

The company also offers a unique guidebook for all their clients, known as the Midas Code, which gives them the basics and keeps them informed on what they should know. They also help their clients work towards a strong retirement, planning out their funds to ensure they are covered in the long run, since everyone will ultimately retire at some point. The Midas Legacy has a reputation for helping people lives the lives they want to live, which goes a long way in improving the lives of everyone around them.

The Midas Legacy is so dedicated to helping others in fact that they have also been involved in various philanthropic projects, and made several donations to different charities to help the global community, including the Give Hope Foundation. The Midas Legacy believes giving back and helping out is important for the success of people as a whole, and there are many individuals and businesses out there that would not make it by without support.

The Midas Legacy Transforms into an Internationally Acclaimed Research Firm

Midas Legacy is a team of research experts who exercise diligence in every work they handle. The firm’s research services target those who want to succeed in everything they do. Individual investors usually seek their services when they want to excel in managing their cash. Budding entrepreneurs can also benefit from the firm’s services especially when conceptualizing and implementing business ideas. Midas Legacy’s research services also apply to people who cherish happiness and inner peace. As an individual, the firm will offer you comprehensive guidelines on how to live positively. The company also targets individuals who want to retire from work early by providing them insights on how they should plan their retirement.


Midas Legacy’s mission is to guide people in realizing the life they seek by using different success elements. The firm achieves this mission by availing reliable and useful resources to people. These resources focus on social issues, retirement, finance, health, entrepreneurship and real estate. Signing up for the firm’s services will guarantee you several benefits. For instance, you receive The Midas Code book after registering as a Midas, Legacy member.

Leadership Team

Experts and product contributors are responsible for overseeing the operation of Midas Legacy. These individuals have also succeeded as best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, and stock market investors.

1. Jim Samson

Jim’s two-decade expertise lies in real estate, entrepreneurship, and trading. He is Midas Legacy’s publisher. The International Business Times praised him for his research efforts. As a best-seller, his books include Retirement Calculator Columns, the Best Business Blueprints, and Real Estate Riches. In 2006, he gained critical acclaim for discussing the financial bubble.

2. Sean Bower

Sean Bower is the chief editor of Midas Legacy. He began working as a journalist in his residence city. Over the years, Sean combined his journalism expertise with finance. He currently researches on financial markets and self-help studies. His work has featured on Yahoo Finance, Nikkei, and International Business. Sean once predicted that Toyota would record a 10 percent increase in its sales. This prediction came to pass since Toyota recorded a 10 percent increase in sales. Sean’s articles are published in Unlock Your Secret Columns and the Wall Street Informer.

3. Mark Edwards

Mark’s writing expertise lies in natural health topics. He incorporates his expertise as a natural health expert when working for Midas Legacy. Mark is passionate about emancipating people on natural cures, nutritious foods, and efficient health practices. Besides researching for Midas Legacy, he is a columnist for the Natural Cures.

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Cone Marshall: New Zealand’s Only Law Firm For International Trust and Tax Issues

Cone Marshall is one of the most prominent international law firms in all of New Zealand. This firm’s main office is located in the Parnell House in the metropolitan city of Auckland. Cone Marshall has serving the greater New Zealand community since it was officially opened in 1999. Workers at Cone Marshall specialize in international law and international trust issues.

Karen Marshall, who now serves as the principal of this law firm, worked in the field of commercial litigation in London 10 years prior to joining Cone Marshall. She has a LLB from the University of Otago, New Zealand. Marshall has been working as the principal of Cone Marshall since 2006, and she is known for her expertise on statutory trustee companies and managing international trusts.

The other half of the Cone Marshall name, Geoffrey Cone, is a graduate of the University of Otago as well. He received both an LLB honors and a post graduate diploma from this university. Cone’s studies focused on tax and trust law. He began professional work with various New Zealand law firms in the 1980s. Cone even traveled to the British West Indies for two years and served as a litigator there. Some other areas Cone is very familiar with from his previous work include advisory work, commercial litigation, and tax advisory work.

Cone Marshall Limited is proud to be the only law firm that specializes in international trust and tax planning in New Zealand. Over the years, Cone Marshall has helped hundreds of international families in New Zealand by providing them with accurate and effective tax planning advice.

Members of Cone Marshall are also not afraid to get involved in the public arena. For example, Geoffrey Cone published a popular article in 2012 that called into question New Zealand’s supposed “secret” banking industry. Many critics claimed that New Zealand was attracting so many foreign trusts because of shady banking deals. Cone wrote, however, that New Zealand has so many more foreign trusts because the country is recognized around the world for its safety and stability.

Cone went on to write that New Zealand meets all the standards for transparency. For evidence, Cone noted that New Zealand totally agrees with the 2002 Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters. This agreement is still seen today as a standard for transparency on tax and trust issues. Cone sees nothing in New Zealand’s banking structure that goes against any of the principles in this agreement.

People interested in reading more of Cone’s work on de-mystifying the New Zealand banking rumor can check out his article on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. The article is titled “New Zealand—A Model of Tax Transparency.”

Stephen Murray And His Career With CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray has been serving as the president of CCMP Capital. He has worked in the company for more than 25 years. Murray started working in CCMP along with its predecessors in 1989. The firm currently known as CCMP was once called Chase Capital Partners. It later changed and became JPMorgan Partners. The company changed its name after J.P. Morgan took over Chase Capital Partners. For a long time, JP Morgan was one of the leading private equity companies in the world. In 2006, the company went independent on Bloomberg. Following the successful spin out, Murray became the CEO of the company. He succeeded Jeff Walker the group founder.

He was succeeded by Greg Brenneman at CCMP as the president as well as the CEO. Brenneman is also the chairman of CCMP Capital. According to him, Stephen Murray’s contributions as a founding partner of CCMP Capital have been invaluable. He contributed to the growth of CCMP and guided it to success with his management skills and experience. Additionally, Murray has been a terrific investor. For this reason, CCMP Capital has benefited immensely from his timely and brilliant investments that he has made during the years he has served as the head of the company. Murray’s deal making ability has also made positive contributions to the company.

Murray has also been involved in several firms via board seats. Stephen Murray’s most recent board engagements include Strongwood Insurance Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, and Crestcom International. Additionally, Murray had board seats in Jetro JMDH Holdings, Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, Octagon Credit, and Infogroup Inc.

Recently, CCMP Capital raised $ 3.6 billion. That was in its latest fund. Murray as well as Greg have been the two executives of CCMP Capital that were listed on the SEC filings. He was also among the five control individuals listed on the latest ADV Form of CCMP.

Equities First Holdings – The Leading Source Of Highly Flexible Stock-Based Loans

Getting a business loan is not easier in the new economy, particularly when banks and financial institutions have increased the criteria required to disburse loans. According to the premier source of alternate loans, the CEO of Equities First Holdings, Al Christy Jr., high net-worth individuals and businesses have started to look towards alternate sources of loans. For instance, his company, Equities First Holdings is seeing a rapidly increasing trend where borrowers are interested in getting loans against stock-based collateral. For these investors, loans against the stock is a viable method to get the needed funding required for growth.

Al Christy Jr. explained that there is another reason why borrowers are attracted, besides tightening of traditional loans. He suggests that loans collateralized by stocks offer very flexible and loan-friendly terms that most investors have not experienced, earlier. For example, the loan-to-value ratio of loans against the collateral is generally very high, which can be anywhere between 50 and 75 percent compared to the traditional loan that only promise a loan-to-value ratio between 10 and 50 percent.

In addition to the higher value, stock-backed loans are non-resource, which means that the borrower can walk away with the loan even if the value of the original stock goes down. Perhaps, another advantage is the fixed rate of interest, which does not change in the long-run. The fixed rate is a blessing in a global environment full of turbulent situations such as the decision of Britain to exit the European Union. He emphasized that the loan can be used for any purpose. Actually, Al Christy Jr. also warned that stock-based loan and margin loans are different because a firm may liquidate the borrowers collateral without warning in case of a margin call.


About Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a premier provider of stock-based loans to high-net-worth clients and businesses. In the last 14 years, the company has completed more than 650 transactions. Operating from 9 global offices, Equities First Holdings, is known for offering a highly personalized service, which emphasizes one-to-one dealing. Such hyper-focused meetings result in more flexible loan terms and a variety of pathways.

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Why Does The Midas Legacy Connect Physical & Financial Health?

Good things go together naturally. That is why “The Midas Legacy” has provided both financial and physical health experts for its clientele. You can fully enjoy all dimensions of your “Golden Years” with the advice you get from “The Midas Legacy.”

“Fountain of Youth”

Florida is a great destination for those who want to live the good life. Spanish Explorer Ponce de Leon searched for the “Fountain of Youth” in this great locale. It only makes sense that people would concentrate on their physical and financial health here.

There are a number of experts at “The Midas Legacy,” who can help you attain the best results.

+ The principal editor is Sean Bower. He is a business journalist, who has had articles published in Yahoo Finance.

+ As a publisher, entrepreneur and real estate specialist, Jim Samson, brings two decades of experience to the organization.

+ Learn about natural cures, by contacting Mark Edwards.

It is nice to have a “one-stop” shop for all that ails you. Certainly, physical and financial health should be well-aligned and complement one another. To live the best life, you need to make sure that everything is in its proper place.

“Wealth Opens Doors”

While some retire with plenty of money in their savings accounts, others are still “pinching pennies.” Entrepreneur Jim Samson can help you “live the good life” when you join the Retirement Underground. Find how the top banks make money, each and every day, in good times and bad.

“Health is Wealth!”

The organic food industry continues to expand as people realize that man-made, artificial ingredients can be toxic to the human body. Some of these harmful chemicals might cause serious maladies. Other man-made ingredients might simply clog up your system, preventing you from functioning properly.

The Midas Legacy” Organic Expert Mark Edwards can help you, if you want to reduce your intake of man-made drugs. Years ago, most remedies were all-natural. Nowadays, many of the top pharmaceuticals companies are trying to “cut corners” by providing “less-than-adequate” options.

If the side effects from some of your medications are becoming debilitating, then turn to “The Midas Legacy.” Mother Nature can help you live a better, healthier physical life. The “Invisible Hand” can help you make enough money to enjoy the fullest retirement financially. “The Midas Legacy” is your comprehensive health destination.

The Midas Legacy: Pursuit of Healthy Goals

The Midas Legacy can be trusted for every aspect of life. Among the goals of life that they claim to help with is health and fitness. There are a lot of aspects of health that The Midas Legacy is willing to help with. Among the goals that people come to the experts of The Midas Legacy with are pursuing a healthier lifestyle, and eating a good diet that consists of organic and raw foods. The Midas Legacy has experts that could advise them on the approach that they can take with the more natural way of life.

The Midas Legacy is especially involved with people who want to use nature in order to heal their bodies. For one thing, a growing number of people are realizing that there are a lot of potentially dangerous chemicals in medication that often do more harm than good. Often times, the medications come with a lot of adverse side effects. While the side effects are minor in most cases, there are some medications that have caused a lot of problems in the individual due to the chemicals present in the medicine. Therefore, some people are trying to come up with some more effective natural treatments for ailments.

The experts at The Midas Legacy are aware of some of the amazing discoveries in nature when it comes to health. Therefore, they are willing to help people find a ton of health benefits in nature. The Midas Legacy provides information and assistance on some of the known healthy items and the benefits they create. The experts are also knowledgeable about some diets that could bring about healing for those that take part in it. For one thing, a lot of ailments come as a result of diet. Among the common causes for certain dietary conditions is a combination of a lack of the right nutrients and an excess of the wrong ones.

The Midas Legacy is one company that is very passionate about helping people find their own success. As a result, they are quickly gaining the trust of many new clients. On top of that, they are always available.

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The Five Pillars of Midas Legacy

Healthy living

Healthy living is a common term nowadays, but its meaning is always misunderstood. According to The Midas Legacy, a research firm dedicated to investment advisory, healthy lifestyles refers to the small but important things in your life. They include moderation in everything including the appetite for wealth, sex life, material and consumer goods among others. They have understood that healthy living involves inner peace with self. It means appreciating your environment and striving to make it better every day.

Appreciating your environment

It is in appreciation of what you have that you can know what can be done to improve it. Some people focus on negativity, and the negative energy takes away their appreciation of what they have. They miss out on clues about opportunities that they can pursue successfully. If there are poor amenities, you can invest in improving facilities in your region. The Midas Legacy focuses on making people understand that entrepreneurship is a product of an idea to solve a problem in the society. If you are not keen enough to notice the gaps, you may end up copying others and not fully benefiting from your idea.

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Every time people hear of investments, they see stocks, shares and so on. They do not see the option to start your company. Those who understand entrepreneurship believe that it is too risky or unrewarding. The Midas Legacy offers extensive mentor-based training on entrepreneurial process. From finding ideas, refining the ideas, research, decision making, capitalization, and decision-making. The company has compiled various materials for customers, host seminars and training workshops for clients and provide a network of investors.

Retirement planning

There is no better time to plan your retirement than today. Midas legacy is to be your partner in retirement planning. Retirement planning involves investment decisions, saving, family goals and relationships among others. This is why the company has invested heavily in learning the importance of having a holistic life that is guided by spirituality and discipline. Multitudes of people follow the popular culture that praises debauchery and indulgence, but Midas believes in spiritual growth and support structures.

Building for the future

You do not need instant success; you can build for the future. Midas Legacy is based in Florida, and its formal role to clients is to be a partner to build a future. Customers come to the company to know how to create a healthy future. Through innovative technologies in research and development, the company is achieving these goals to its customers.

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