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Greg Secker Gives Insights on Forex Trading

Greg Secker is popularly known for his forex trading expertise and philanthropy work. His latest project is the establishment of Greg Secker foundation. Greg’s drive to improve people’s lives through impacting people lives and education is effected through this foundation. For example, he developed the “build a home, restore a community” project after a typhoon hit the Philippines. The foundation is financing the project, which seeks to build 100 homes in efforts to rebuild the community so that it can survive the next hurricane. The project is set to be done by the fall season.

Greg Secker studied at the University of Nottingham where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science. He started his financial career at the Thomas Cook Financial service before venturing into forex exchange business. Greg Secker runs a trading company known as Virtual trading desk, which operates uniquely. Besides, it operates online and provides real-time figures and facts. Greg then became the Mellon Financial corporation vice president. He later started his company following a significant growth of his trading account.

About Learn to Trade Company

The company, Learn to Trade, performed exemplary well; hence, expanding its operation to London, South Africa, Australia and the Philippines. Learn to Trade has helped more than 200000 people through workshops and seminars. The company has received several awards such as the best educator award from the wealth and finance magazines. Learn to Trade was also awarded the best trading education product and best forex trader training in UK awards from wealth and finance magazine.

According to Greg Secker, the right mindset is the best thing to have without which, trading software and extensive knowledge will all be useless. He runs several companies including Capital index, Smart chart software, Greg Secker foundation, and Learn to Trade. All these companies are encompassed under the Knowledge to Action group. Greg Secker is a successful businessman and philanthropist such that he has been appointed as a board member of the Ambassadors of City Philanthropy. Greg Secker has also made it to the 200 most influential Philanthropist and social entrepreneurs.