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Iceland’s Great Outdoors Are Reviving Its Economy

What do you think of when you hear the words “the great outdoors?” To me it is about scenic stretches of forests, mountains and hiking through nature trails. The great outdoors to me is about the natural beauty of the land and things like fishing and hiking. It seems that the great outdoors of Iceland have received its economy.

Iceland is rich in fish and metals such as aluminum which account for a significant part of its economy. However the biggest part of Iceland’s economy now is tourism and that is directly tied into its great outdoors.

Tourists it seems are drawn to this sparsely population nation in a frenzy. Iceland is home to about 350,000 people. It draws well over a million visitors each year. In fact the number of visitors to Iceland in 2015 was almost 1.3 million. This is a big amount for a country with a small population like Iceland.

Tourism is now the country’s largest economic sector accounting for almost a third of all economic activity in the country. The number of tourists is also expected to grow. While the great outdoors have revived Iceland’s economy, it has brought other problems. The country does not have the infrastructure or hotels needed to accommodate so many visitors to the island. The increase in tourists can also threaten some of the natural wonders that draw many of them in the first place.

Still, Iceland is a prime example where if you preserve the natural wonders and great outdoors in your country then you can turn it in to something profitable and useful and not just beautiful. It is interesting to see how Iceland reacts to the tourism boom it is now experiencing. One thing for sure is, if it was not for Iceland’s great outdoors tourists would not be flocking there now.