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Dr. Imran Haque’s Commitments

In Asheboro, North Carolina there exists an internist, Dr. Imran. He has an extensive experience of over 15 years with which, he can treat patients suffering from illnesses which require his skill. He owns Horizon Internal Medicine, a medical facility which has his office, thus giving residents of North Carolina an easy access to him and read full article.

In the year 1998, Dr. Imran received a medical degree from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) and graduated with honors. Later, he attended the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. It was in this university that Dr. Imran majored with internal medicine. After a successful training, he received a medical practitioner license.

There are a variety of illnesses that Dr. Imran cantreat.First and foremost, patients regard him as the best specialist in cosmetic treatment. It includes 360 resurfacing which is laser treatment of the skin that aims at rejuvenating the skin, tightening the skin and enhancing the color, texture, and tone of the skin. It has several stages with each stage taking a week. He also offers Laser Hair Removal which eradicates hair growing in unwanted places and slow growth of the removed hair. He also treats a wide variety of illnesses: Epilepsy, Pneumonia, Glaucoma, and Diabetes and Imran Haque’s lacrosse camp.

The Horizon Medical Facility is well equipped with modern health equipment and has a convenient location which makes it accessible to all residents of North Carolina. Ever since he was a student, Dr. Imran has always believed in offering the best services to patients. He performs thorough medical examinations, advice on medical tests and diagnosis illness accurately. He builds a rapport with the patients that make him understand them better. Dr. Imran Haque has also attached himself with other medics from different fields to give even better results. Above all, he makes follow-ups for patients to see that they improve and what Imran Haque knows.

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Perfecting the insurance world through USHEALTH Group


Ushealth Group is a family of companies that offers a wide variety of services in the insurance field. The company offers insurance services to both family and organizations. There are certain policies under which the company operates which have proved to give them the highest ratings from their customers. Being one of the best companies offering insurance services, Ushealth Group has developed a customer base that is supported by the quality of the services which they offer.

The operations of the Ushealth Inc.

As a major company in the United States, Ushealth does not operate on a direct basis with the clients. The company has a group of agents that help with the sales and the explanation of the required services. Since most of the clients have a very tight schedule, the agents have created a team that is used to communicate with the clients based on their terms of agreements. Currently, the corporation has increased its customer base which makes it impossible for the agents to work on their own. To reach all the clients and even to increase their numbers, the agents have teams that work under them. Each agent has a specific area of operation, and this enables them to reach the maximum number of people within their locality.

Ushealth Group Location and number of employees

Currently, the company has its headquarters at 3100 Burnet Plaza. The plaza is located in the 801 Cherry Street Unit 33. The street is in Fort Worth in the United States. Having been founded in 1982, the company has developed over time. There has been an inclusion of different services in the company for the last three decades that it has been in operations. Currently, the company has a total of 213 employees. This number of employees does not include the teams which work under the designated agents. Initially, the company was known as Ascent Assurance, and it operated under this name for more than 20 years. It was in 2005 that the company name was changed from Ascent Assurance to Ushealth Group.

The missions of operations

Ushealth is one of the few organizations that have the welfare of the people in their missions. There have not been any complaints about their services since they started operating. Currently, the company offers services which directly affect the people. Health insurance is one of the important aspects of human life. According to the company, most clients find themselves in situations which they cannot help. It is for such clients that the company is dedicated to its services. Since Ushealth offers different insurance services, differentiating their operations has been one of the most effective decisions. The insurance policies are different based on the presented cases.

Why Doctor Imran Haque Is the Most Sought After Internist in North Carolina

Dr. Imran Haque is a renowned medical doctor. Currently, he serves as an internist as Horizon Internal Medicine in North Carolina. Haque is also affiliated with Randolph Hospital. With more than 15 years experience in the internal medicine sector, Imran Haque has been recognized among the best internal medicine specialists. From his offices at Asheboro and Ramseur, the decorated doctor can handle multiple illnesses.


For Dr. Imran Haque, reaching such adorable heights came after he completed his college education. Haque earned his medical degree from the Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), Santo Domingo in 1998. He later studied internal medicine at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Imran Haque began his career after receiving his bachelor’s degree in medicine. Today, Dr. Haque is licensed to practice medicine in North Carolina.


About Horizon Internal Medicine


At Horizon Internal Medicine, you will meet Dr. Imran Haque. Under the leadership of Dr. Haque, the facility boasts of providing the best internal consultancy services. His role at the facility is to diagnose illnesses, carry out medical examinations, and tests. His professionalism and experience attract patients from a wide geographic area.


Imran Haque collaborates with other doctors and physicians to ensure better service delivery to their patients. At his office, he offers several services such as laboratory, ultrasound and treatment services. His compassion and experience make residents of Ramseur and Asheboro feel loved when they visit the facility.


Services Offered


Dr. Imran Haque performs a full range of services. 360 resurfacing is one of the services provided by Imran Haque at the Horizon Internal Medicine. He also specializes in weight management treatments, laser hair removal, dermal filling, and diabetes management. Patients who visit him in need of the various treatment procedures get a safe and comfortable environment.


Customer Feedbacks


A glimpse at the reviews from his past patients manifests Dr. Imran Haque’s excellence in his practice. All the patients that he has treated talk highly of him. Compassion, professional connection, and expertise are among the characters that his previous patients have used to describe his practices.

Imran Haque: A Modern Doctor With Heart and a Great Bedside Manner

Renown Health opens 12th Clinic

Thanks to a growing population, and greater access to health care and insurance, Renown Health is opening a brand new family practice clinic in The Summit Mall in South Reno. Covering three empty store fronts, including a former Jos. A Banks that moved, the clinic is 10,000 sq feet and will encompass primary care services, a laboratory, and conference room, with Renown already looking ahead to add more services to the location. This new installation marks the 12th clinic by Renown Health in Northern Nevada. Renown’s Medical Director, Dr. McCormack says that they had been making a big push to open more primary care clinics as more and more people come into the region.

Renown Health began its legacy all the way back in 1862 as a smallpox hospital, which quickly grew to service other needs, becoming the state’s first hospital in 1864 when Nevada first joined the union. Washoe became a not for profit health network in 1984, and changed its name to Renown Health in 2006. Now Renown Health is the largest health network, and only locally owned not for profit health network in the state. It is a nationally renowned healthcare leader and only Top 100 recognized integrated health network in the state of Nevada.

Renown Health is dedicated to providing quality healthcare to all patients, offering state of the art technology, modern facilities, and a commitment to excellence. The network employs over 6000 nurses, and is one of the largest employers in the state. Renown provides a network of hospitals, specialists like pediatrics and rehabilitation, lab services, and primary care for people across all northern Nevada. Renown boasts many partners in health, including Stanford Health Care, Stanford Children’s Health and Stanford Medicine. As a non-profit organization all of Renown’s earnings stay in the community, and a lack of shareholders to satisfy means Renown focuses on treating patients and serving the community.

Renown Health’s New Primary Care Clinic

Renown Health, founded in 1862, is the largest non-profit healthcare organization in Northern Nevada. Headquartered in Reno, they acquired a rehabilitation hospital in 2003. In 2004, Renown Health used the region’s first angiography biplane to treat stroke victims. They also used the first PET/CT for diagnosing and treating cancer in patients. In 2008, Renown Health performed robotic surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System S HD. Finally, in 2009, they opened the area’s first children’s emergency room. Renown Health in the only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in the region.President and CEO of Renown Health, Dr. Anthony D. Slonim, has over 15 years of executive healthcare leadership experience. He has previously served as the executive vice president and chief medical officer for Barnabas Health in New Jersey.

A new family practice clinic will be opening at the Summit Mall in South Reno. Designed to look like a living room to provide a comfortable setting for patients, this clinic will provide primary care services and a laboratory. Services may be increased in the future. There will be a staff conference room, where cases and issues can be discussed with patients and their families. The clinic will employ a staff of 11, with the hopes of adding one or more primary care physicians and an additional nurse practitioner.

The clinic will cover three storefronts, and will be 10,000 square feet. Architecture has been provided by Eric Fong of MBA Architects + Interior Design, and the general contractor for the project is Shaheen Beauchamp Builders, LLC. Structural engineering is provided by Forbes Engineering, with MSA Engineering Consultants providing the mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering. This will be the 12th primary care clinic to open in the Reno Area.

Renown Health Opens Its Borders into South Reno

As the costs of medical services continues to skyrocket the news of one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization opening its network in your town is a welcome news any day. This is exactly the sentiments that are shared by the citizens of South Reno upon hearing the good news from Dr. McCormack, Renown medical director.

According to the medical facility’s director, the new facility that will be opened this Spring at the Summit Mall seeks to offer the South Reno residents laboratory services and primary health care services. However, the prospects of an increase in services is to be anticipated in the future. Currently the facility will have eleven staff, at least one primary care physician and a practitioner nurse.

In addition to the medical services that will be offered in the 10,000-square-foot facility, patients have a lot to look forward to in terms of comfort. The new South Reno facility will seek to address the dull and stressing hospital look by factoring in more appealing and comfortable designs. Space wise, the facility will accommodate a conference room that will allow health care discuss on health matters with their patients.

About Renown Health

Renown Health is Northern Nevada’s largest not-for-profit healthcare organization founded on the sole purpose of transforming the lives of the citizens by enhancing their healthcare experience. The history of this organization dates back to 1862 during the country’s Civil war. During this time, Washoe Clinic was the only clinic present treating victims suffering from the smallpox outbreak. After the independence of Nevada, the clinic became was opened as Washoe County Hospital, the first hospital for the state.

The hospital has for more than a century operated addressing the medical needs of the citizens until 2006 when it was transformed into Renown Health. To date the healthcare facility operates a not-for-profit organization and has twelve primary care clinics throughout the Northern Nevada state.

Social Media: Has Designed A Cleanse With All That Your Body Needs

Did you know that your body has 25 Pounds of toxins? Can you imagine that! It is not hard to figure out why that is possible. Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by toxins. No wonder illnesses are prevalent nowadays. It is about time that you took responsibility to cleanse your body of all the toxins and what better way than using the Dherbs cleanse.

Most of the people who have used the products have reported a tremendous improvement in their body. A guest at the Steve Harvey show indicated that she had lost 5 pounds in the few days she was taking the products from Yes, the dieticians recommend a loss of 2 lbs a week. However, what you will be losing will the toxins in your body.

When you visit, you will get access to their different programs that you can join. The most beneficial program that they have is the 20-day full body cleanse.

You will have seven formulas: Six of the formulas will be in capsule form, and the seventh one is activated charcoal that you mix with water.

All seven formulas are designed to cleanse off all specific organs.

ü Formula one is for the blood and lymphatic system

ü Formula two is for the cardiovascular

ü Formula three is for the liver, spleen and gall bladder

ü Formula Four for the lungs and respiratory system

ü Formula five for your adrenals, bladder, and Kidneys

ü Formula six is for your colon and digestive tract

ü Formula seven is for eliminating the toxins and wastes

Available on Amazon, the capsules are to be taken after every two to three hours, and formula seven should be taken during bedtime.

You will be required to take a raw diet during the cleansing period. The reason is that the raw vegetables are full of nutrients. They are also alkaline in nature and, therefore, they will help you maintain your body pH. Taking raw vegetables means that you need to eliminate the dairy products, meat products, poultry and processed foods.

When you buy from the website, you will receive a guide with your purchase which will give you information on the best time to take the capsules. You will also get information on the different exercises you can engage in.

The benefits

Most of the people who have participated in this program have reported great benefits including:

v Improved skin complexion

v Regular bowel movements

v Reduced cravings

v Increased energy levels

v The regulation of the body functions

v Improved immune system

v Healthy blood circulation

The Dherbs cleanse products are not a Fad diet that promises you quick results. You will have to be disciplined to stick to the diet.  But as the Rickey Smiley Morning Show wrote in their review, you will see results if you stick to’s tips and tricks.  Read the full breakdown:

InnovaCare Health Conquers Demanding Health Care Requirements with Rick Shinto

The complexity and difficulties of managing a health care company are compounded by a kaleidoscope of shifting conditions in the healthcare field as a whole. InnovaCare Health has overcome these difficult conditions with strong leadership and well-thought-out procedures that keep mistakes at a minimum.

Good leadership is a big key to the success of the company with President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Richard “Rick” Shinto at the helm. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of experience in the field of managed care. His previous position was as President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta, Inc., and before that as Chief Medical Officer of NAMM, California.

Dr. Shinto is an accomplished author and is considered to be an expert in managed care concepts and clinical operations.

Penelope Kokkinides is Chief Administrative Officer for InnovaCare Health, and she is the former Chief Operations Officer of the company. The strength of Penelope Kokkinides is her grasp of the complexity of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs and clinical programs. Her expertise in organizational structuring to effect efficiency and optimal productive systems is remarkable.

InnovaCare Health is a leading managed care provider in the United States. By using two primary care delivery systems, comprised of Medicare Advantage and Medicaid programs, and Provider Networks. Building sustainable systems that are backed up by well-trained, and competent personnel makes the difference. Coupled with a comprehensive quality assurance system, InnovaCare Health has created a suburb healthcare delivery system.

Read more: Penelope Kokkinides – CAO of InnovaCare

The utilization of the latest technological systems and the high level of expertise of employees has been a major factor in the company being able to monitor and have up-to-date information on all fronts. It is vital that any managed care company have statistics and data that can make the latest data available.

InnovaCare Health holds staunchly to its corporate mission statement of putting the customer first, and the resolve to deliver quality care at all times. The relationships between the providers and the patients are at an all-time high, and this is vital, as patients understand in detail the status of their care.

The valued experience of the leadership of the company has not only help to chart the progress of the company but holds great promise for the future. InnovaCare Health is the largest Advanced Medicare, Medicaid and Preferred Provider company in Puerto Rico, with 233,000 active members. There are over 7,500 providers, making the relationship and extremely reliable partnership.

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Tips to Run a Faster Marathon

For individuals who love the outdoors and especially love the process of training for long distance races such as marathons, here are some tips to run a faster marathon without ever risking the body to injury. For first time runners of a marathon, the first marathon is done just to finish it with no expectations for the overall time. For individuals who are hooked on the adrenaline rush of running a marathon, the next few start to drop in time. Before one knows it, individuals are looking to qualify for some of the most exclusive races in the world such as the New York Marathon, the Boston Marathon, or the Berlin Marathon.

Here are a few things to think about to improve the time.

1.) How to pick a time goal

The time goal should always consider the last marathon pace as well as the current 5k and 10k pace. If the last marathon was the first marathon to be completed, the next goal should be a 20 minute drop. The goal should be a reasonable that can be reached with a little bit of hard work.

2.) Pick a reasonable training plan

The worst thing to do while training for a marathon is setting a training plan that is unrealistic. For those that are busy and who also need to put aside time to train, a four to five day training plan may be the best idea. The shorter running plans should also involve cross training to work other parts of the body.

3.) Pick the best training methods

When training for this long distance race, there are many techniques that can be used for training to build the speed. The best way to train is to find what works for the body whether it be a tempo run or a interval run. One of the best ways to incorporate speed is to do hill runs. Sprinting up hills improves the overall speed of the legs.

4.) Build muscle efficiently

Bulky muscles for marathons is not efficient to improve the speed. Though strength training is recommended, this is for the purpose of building strength for lean muscles. Use moderate weights for this and do more reps than using large weights that add bulky muscle.

The Secret To Asthma: The Amish?

The Amish way of life may seem strange to those accustomed to 21st century living, but researchers actually think that the Amish may be on to something, at least when it comes to combating asthma. After a comprehensive study of different biological samples from Amish children, researchers have found that they have an innate immunological resistance to the allergic reactions that can trigger asthma outbreaks.

While most people are already aware that exposure to certain bacteria can help build up the immune system’s strength, it seems now that a similar concept applies to living on a farm. By being constantly exposed to farm animals, people are exposed to bacteria that they otherwise would not be, helping to keep them healthy when exposed to an actual disease.

For reference, the Center for Disease Control estimates that asthma is half as prevalent in Amish children than in the rest of the United States. As a part of the experiment, researchers compared the genetic and dust samples from Amish children with those of their Hutterite counterparts. After finding a much higher prevalence of asthma in the Hutterite children, researchers concluded that the farming life of the Amish must be affecting their resistance to asthma.

Obviously, people can’t be forced into an agrarian lifestyle, but researchers are hoping to now incorporate their findings into future vaccinations that may help children fight asthma more effectively. More work may still be needed to be done, but at least researchers have a solid foundation to build off of, thanks to the Amish.