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Renown Health Opens Its Borders into South Reno

As the costs of medical services continues to skyrocket the news of one of the largest not-for-profit healthcare organization opening its network in your town is a welcome news any day. This is exactly the sentiments that are shared by the citizens of South Reno upon hearing the good news from Dr. McCormack, Renown medical director.

According to the medical facility’s director, the new facility that will be opened this Spring at the Summit Mall seeks to offer the South Reno residents laboratory services and primary health care services. However, the prospects of an increase in services is to be anticipated in the future. Currently the facility will have eleven staff, at least one primary care physician and a practitioner nurse.

In addition to the medical services that will be offered in the 10,000-square-foot facility, patients have a lot to look forward to in terms of comfort. The new South Reno facility will seek to address the dull and stressing hospital look by factoring in more appealing and comfortable designs. Space wise, the facility will accommodate a conference room that will allow health care discuss on health matters with their patients.

About Renown Health

Renown Health is Northern Nevada’s largest not-for-profit healthcare organization founded on the sole purpose of transforming the lives of the citizens by enhancing their healthcare experience. The history of this organization dates back to 1862 during the country’s Civil war. During this time, Washoe Clinic was the only clinic present treating victims suffering from the smallpox outbreak. After the independence of Nevada, the clinic became was opened as Washoe County Hospital, the first hospital for the state.

The hospital has for more than a century operated addressing the medical needs of the citizens until 2006 when it was transformed into Renown Health. To date the healthcare facility operates a not-for-profit organization and has twelve primary care clinics throughout the Northern Nevada state.

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Ways to Avoid Heat Exhaustion

With the hot summers and the hottest month of the summer approaching, runners look for new ways to survive the heat during those hard long runs in order to come out stronger and faster with absolutely no health risk involved in the process. For long-distance runners who are training in the hottest months in even 80 degree weather with high humidity, the consequences can be dehydration as well as heat exhaustion. For individuals who are training for the 26 mile fall raise, it can especially be exhausting with the necessity of a 16-week training cycle to put the athlete in the ultimate running shape.

Though many athlete choose to move their runs into the nice and cool gyms, many others continue their training process despite the strong heat as well as the humidity. For that summer exertion, there are low-tech ways to cool one’s body off without having to put much effort in at all. Some of these ways to protect the body include freezing the underwear the night before the run or wrapping the neck with a cold cloth. All of these efforts are great ways to pick up the speed in the summer without having to worry about the consequences of the efforts.

Another recommendation is to take an ice-cold bath before going on a run. This lowers the overall temperature of the core and is known as the act of pre-cooling oneself before the workout. This not only keeps the body cool, but also slows down the brain’s process of developing a heat illness. With this step, the effects of the heat will not be as noticeable and will take a longer amount of time to bring the core and internal temperature back up the the original heat. For a 5-mile or longer run, this method is recommended.

Cooled runs have also been scientifically proven to maintain the overall leg muscle activation. This means that it is easier to maneuver the legs and the brain is able to process information faster which translates to the overall movement of the body. The overall outcome of cooling the body is to keep the individual who runs for a long time cool as well as focused. For runners in the summer, heat exhaustion is dangerous and best be avoided.