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How Are The Homeless Treated In America

Even among themselves, homeless are also many orphans who were once accepted into adoption homes, but for some reason choose to live on the street. Even in the streets, there are gay teenagers whose parents are unable to accept the child’s preferences. Here it is full of drug addicts and alcoholics, even visually impaired people, but they can find no work due to the meticulousness of employers. Regularly replenished, the number of homeless people increases from the influx of prison’s former criminals who were told to go freely, but they really had no place else to go.

Most of them have almost no chance of getting a fair job, especially one that is paying well and making their own accommodation. This also contributes to those who were robbed of their property, deprived due to natural disasters or work due to the economic crisis. In general, the list of causes for the growing homelessness can go on and on. Not that the US authorities did not have the homeless problem in their sights. They know that this bring huge losses to the community but can not do much be the authorities that are simply interested in the growing number of homeless people.

Florida estimates that for each homeless person, one year is about $ 31,000 dollars. This amount includes police detainees who are arrested during hospitalization and more due to content on the cameras in the streets. If you multiply these 31,000 to 3 million homeless (at least), we can understand how much money each state loses in a year. And this is without consideration of the costs of protection and welfare associations, for the homeless, who offer free food.

However, the fight against the growth of homelessness in the US does not seem very impressive. The authorities have developed projects to build affordable housing, but a lot of money to implement this method is required. They also discuss laws that can benefit from a complete treatment, but have not yet signed to take care of the homeless who are mentally ill.