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Goettl Air Conditioning Is Building Its Presence In Las Vegas

Goettl Air Conditioning has been increasing its services and adding to its customers thanks to mergers its made with contractors in Las Vegas. The latest such contractors to team up with Goettl include Paradise Air and Las Vegas Air who have serviced commercial and residential clients. The merger worked out well for all parties involved because Las Vegas Air CEO Stephen Gamst was a longtime friend of Goettl CEO Ken Goodrich is happy that his company now has increased funding and resources. Goettl has been supplying air conditioning and heat installation services to Arizona for many years and is with Air Conditioning Contractors of America (AACA)

Goettl has made it their mission to install the most cost-effective heating and air conditioning systems for all residential customers. They hire only qualified people to visit homes and consult with homeowners on the system that will fit their needs, and all their units are measured to appropriate size and energy capabilities. Goettl has ongoing maintenance plans to make sure the ducts are free of debris, the filters are changed and air quality tested to make sure its up to standard. Goettl’s systems are certified by ENERGY STAR and meet environmental safety regulations.

Goettl is willing to provide for people in their community as an act of charity. Even this last year a family in Las Vegas who couldn’t afford to pay their heating bill received a gift from Goettl in the form of a new central air and heating system that also employed zone control technology. Thanks to this gift that family has been able to keep their home warm while also saving hundreds on their heating bill. Goettl also has helped former armed forces members enroll in local HVAC programs in community colleges and even purchase tools for on-the-job training and certification.