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Vicki Keyhi Is Saving Endangered Animals One Cat A time

The compassionate desire to help a homeless cat may become a habit and before you know it, at home are a dozen or more kittens. In addition to this are opposite views and complaints from neighbors about noise and odors.

Meanwhile, there are many interesting stories. For example, the love of former representative of Texas veterinarians own family of cats, deserves special attention.

A very interesting story with Dr. Vicki Keyhi addresses how one day she found a kitten in the street who had no help from anyone, so she took him home with her. It’s been decades since this all began: Today Vicky has around 27 cats. And everyone gets an equal share of care and attention.

But Mrs. Keyhi is not just any crazy old cat lady. You joke but she is known for having a caring heart, and a little more than others. Yes, and her cats are a little bigger than usual. More specifically, Keyhi has 16 home-grown tigers, two lions, pumas and six black panthers.

All these wild animals make up her family members. Vicki Keyhi sees them as her own and she is a real mother and a loyal friend to them. Between her and the animals there is a strong psychological connection. Although they are some very dangerous animals, she is family to them and she treats each as a small domestic cat. Keyhi shakes, tickles their ear, hugs their strong neck, and even pecks on her nose.

But she has friends – about 30 volunteers who help with the cats. They form the “In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue & Education Center” which only exists in donations. Their goal is to help people and explain to them that you are not supposed to keep in the captivity, wildlife or keep and breed them for money and even more – you can not get rid of them for any other reason. Vicky Keyhi is trying to create a serious organization for The protection of wild animals. “Today, the Center is trying to raise funds to build new pens for Tiger and Pumas.