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How Andrew Rolfe’s Ubuntu Fund is Changing Lives

The World Economic Forum is supposed to be an event where various speakers come and share their expertise. Jacob lief, the founder and CEO of the Ubuntu Education Fund, had a very different experience. Invited to speak about his work with the Ubuntu Fund, Lief instead came to a startling realization: his non profit wasn’t working how it should. Despite huge donation numbers it was apparent that the Ubuntu Fund wasn’t reaching the poor children in South Africa that was their intended goal. The problem? Overly zealous donors, heavy red tape, and mandated restrictions from their generous givers.


The solution to Lief’s problem came in the form of what is now being called the Ubuntu Model. Jacob Lief and the rest of the Ubuntu board, which includes Andrew Rolfe, decided to refocus how they approached finding investors for their non profit. Instead of performing the spaghetti method, throwing everything at the wall, they decided to focus on a specific tier of donation. Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief now know that they need to look specifically for high net worth individuals who are willing to hand the reins over to the guys and girls at Ubuntu. This means that rather than scrounging for every donation possible, Andrew Rolfe and co are looking exclusively for the high end donation.


The result of this decision has been overwhelming and positive, thus far. The new model has shown a decrease in Ubuntu’s overall contributions but a massive increase in how the money is getting spent. In short, though the Ubuntu Fund is raising less money it is in fact having a greater impact than ever before. For the Ubuntu Education Fund this has been the ultimate win-win scenario. The ultimate goal of every non profit should be to operate with the mindset of ‘less is more’.


Charities run on the goodwill of their donors and the Ubuntu Education Fund is no different. The big difference is that now donations can be spent on more than just specific, earmarked, donor-picked projects. Andrew Rolfe and Jacob Lief are at the forefront of something that could change and save untold numbers of lives around the world.