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Vincent Parascandola Trains High-Performance Professionals

Vincent Parascandola is a man who knows his business from the bottom up. He’s a man who gets more out of others. He also sets some pretty high standards for himself. This makes him a natural for the job he now serves in. Vincent, or Vinny as his friends call him, is the Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors LLC.

Vincent Parascandola started in financial services as an agent for Prudential. As such, he won National Rookie of the Year. Destined for bigger things, he moved into a series of field management positions with MONY Life Insurance Company in 1990. After a solid 14 years, he took on even more responsibility as President of AXA Equitable. Here he was responsible for recruiting, training and developing promotions for top-notch proven financial managers and agents. He excelled. He was also briefly recruited as co-manager of New York Metro Branch, an office of over 400 professionals before taking his current position.

Mr. Parascandola, a prominent member of GAMA, has won awards for career development and for Master Agency. He has also been called upon as as a spokesman. He is a master in the fields of leadership development, financial planning products and promotion and marketing. This has made him a highly sought after speaker throughout AXA, the second biggest insurance and financial products company in the world.

In the financial services market, helping new agents develop into polished professionals in their own right is a unique challenge. It takes being able to identify the right people, giving them the right training and trusting them to make strong decisions for their clients. Decisions the company can stand by. Vincent sets a high standard, and gets people to meet it.