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A Pioneer in Investment Manager

Timothy Armour aka Tim Armour is a pioneer in investment management industry with decades of experience in investments. The Chairman and Chief Executive Office of one of the largest and oldest investment management firm, Capital Group, has made the firm being expanded across the world and diversified its investment strategy. He is instrumental in shaping the vision of the organization with respect to industry expectation on investment management. As a keen promoter of aggressive and active investment strategy, he exhorts the fellow managers to enhance the knowledge about various industries to get excellent results on investments.

His investment advice have helped the firm to withstand with global trembles, and he looks for long-term growth and not bothered about short-term falls. It was evident in the market selloff in September 2015 as he was able to predict and manage the market correction. During those days, he said that considering the positive movements of developing the world and the U.S. markets for six years, the correction was expected. He further said that such corrections are good for the market as it removes any excess in the market. Tim further said that the Federal Reserve has to increase the interest rates periodically considering it was all time low then, to increase the flow of funds to investments, as it leverages the financial system.

Tim’s calculated movements have helped the Capital Group to consolidate its position in the investment management industry. He played a vital role in expanding the business of the firm beyond the traditional geographies, and thus it has got a global footprint. He has also helped the firm to initiate a transparency drive within the organization that includes communication of major changes, movements, and strategies in the organization, to the public.

He joined the Capital Group in 1983 through the Associate Program of the firm. In his 33 years of career, he took care of various responsibilities in the organization. In July 2015, he was named as the CEO of the firm in the wake of the demise of the then CEO James Rothenberg. He completed his bachelor degree in Economics from Middlebury College. He is based out in the Los Angeles office of the firm.

Capital Group Leading In Expertise Investment Counsel

What makes an expert is the extensive knowledge and skill which are based on their research and experience on a particular field. Thirty three years, all concentrated on investment field, is a long time to learn and master the field. Tim D. Armour the chief executive officer of Capital Group is, without any shred of doubt an expert in his field. More so an expert of his own company as in all the thirty three years, he has sent them in Capital Group.

Mr Armour graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. Immediately, he was taken in as a participant in a project that the company was undertaking. Being fresh out of college did not hinder Mr Armour from learning and showing interest in equities and investments. Soon after he was appointed the position of the equity investment analyst, and was made in charge of companies services and other global communications, a role he did diligently and resulted to his promotion to the assistant chairman of the company.

Mr Armour was elected chairman and CEO in July, 2015. Before his election, the board was working on replacing Jim Rothenberg as CEO. They had witnessed and impressed by Mr Armour’s visionary and foresightedness in the company and thus were ready to change the chairmanship. However, when Jim passed on due to a heart attack, he was named the chairman immediately and has since led the company into strategic partnerships and expansion.

Investors, leaders and business people in the equities and investment industry respect him for his expertise and knowledge on the field. His word is taken as truth and respected by investors. He advises his clients to be careful on the managers they put in charge. He adds that managers should be there, running alongside their staff in order to make informed decisions regarding their businesses. He also encourages them to invest wisely as with the stagnating economy, the banks may increase their rates which will have been caused by the Federal Reserve.

Mr Armour works together with the presidents of Capital Research Management Company and Capital Group to lead the company into profitable ventures in strategic alliances and partnerships. The most recent partnership was between Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management Company based in Korea. The two companies will exchange management skills and counsel with marketing and strategic counsel from one another. The company projects more profitable partnerships and alliances to come.