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The Best Life Advice from Daniel Taub: Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.K.

Daniel Taub is an international lawyer and writer from the U.K. He moved to Israel when he was 27. There he assumed several political and diplomatic roles, which led him to serve as a negotiator during the peace process between Israel and Palestine. He also served in the Israel Defense Forces and worked as a speechwriter for President Chaim Herzog.


Taub was appointed Israeli Ambassador to the U.K. in 2011 and served through to 2015. He is an active writer whose articles have appeared in The Guardian and the Huffington Post. Taub is also the proud creator and chief screenwriter of the Israeli drama Hechatzer.


Taub used his years of wisdom and experience to compile a few words of advice – mantras that helped him through life’s struggles and successes. His first mantra: always look forward. Taub attributes most of the work that he accomplished as an ambassador on his ability to head in the direction he wanted to go rather than looking back and focusing on the what if’s and what could be.


Along with that concept, it is also important not to be swept up by goals and aspirations. Taub has learned that it is okay to step away sometimes to partake in some fun and relaxation. The one thing in life that helps him remember this more than anything is his family. While he is very much devoted to his work and success, his family always brings him back to what’s important. Learn more:


His next bit of advice is to read material that is pertinent to what you’re doing or what you would like to accomplish. By surrounding yourself with the very thing you are grappling with, you are giving yourself the necessary tools to conceptualize your thoughts and theories.


The last piece of advice that Taub gives is to be open to speaking with anyone. Even those we may have differences with or that oppose us, they may very well be the ones to open our eyes to something we were not aware of before.


Setting and reaching goals is important. However, staying grounded and remembering to enjoy life and family is just as important. Being perceptive, aware, and flexible – these are the traits and attributes that helped Daniel Taub succeed and make such an impression on the world.