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Karl Heideck: Requirements to Become a Qualified Litigator

Karl Heideck Temple University Alumni
Karl Heideck, Qualified Litigator based in Philadelphia

A litigator is a trial lawyer responsible for negotiating disputes that are already in court. Since law field has full diversification, a litigator might decide to specialize in a single area or generalize. Sometimes the cases are overwhelming, and the lawyer might consider training a paralegal or work all alone depending on the intensity.

Litigators have the choice for working for government agencies, law firms, do private practice or work for law firms. Whichever the case, one must follow the following process to be considered a qualified litigator.

Education Requirements

They should hold a degree in law. There is no necessary level required to join law class, but a major in history, English, economics, or government is important. One needs to work hard to pass the Law School Admission Test, which is offered only four times in a year in designated locations.

After passing this stage, one is required to take an undergraduate in Juris Doctor, JD. Then one sits for the bar exams, and after passing, gaining experience is the next stage. One can quickly gain experience in the field by taking summer jobs in government agencies.

Essential Skills

For one to be hired as a litigator, they should have 0-5 years’ experience although that depends entirely on the employer. Additionally, these skills are essential; legal research, conversant with MS-Office and related legal software, critical thinking, honesty, responsibility, attention to detail, and analysis skills.

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Karl Heideck Fields of Specialization in Litigation

Karl Heideck specializes in following areas of litigation; civil litigation, legal research and writing, corporate law, intellectual property law, legal writing, and employment law. Heideck has eight years experience working as a licensed litigator.

Karl Heideck studied English Literature/Letter from Swarthmore College where he graduated with BA in 2003. Karl Heideck earned his JD Law in 2009 from Temple University Beasley School of Law. He is based in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.