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Talkspace: Revolutionizing Psycotherapy

Technology has revolutionized how we do things. With your smartphone, you can easily interact with people anywhere. While the internet has brought some good with it, it has been linked with cases of depression. In a recent study by South Korean researchers reveals that about 10% of teens who use the internet are at a risk of being depressed.

Talkspace: revolutionizing psycotherapy

With the increased use of the internet, certain service providers have taken advantage of the online platforms availed to them. One service provider, Talkspace, has come in to offer help to those suffering from depression. The service provider has made it easy for such people to get professional help from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Instead of paying a lot of money, or traveling long distances for your therapy sessions, Talkspace enables you to chat with a professional healthcare provider. Such online therapy platforms also provide a variety of chatting option. Whether you want to chat on Skype or through video call, the service providers ensure that communication with your therapist is seamless.

Talkspace is becoming more popular with online users, especially those seeking treatment for mental health conditions. In order to offer professional services, they have partnered with Magellan Health. This collaboration will ensure that users on the platform can get on-demand psychotherapy. This move will also be beneficial for companies that would like a package for their employees.

How it works

In order to take advantage of the services offered by Talkspace, all you have to do is sign up for their program. Once you sign up, you will be taken through an assessment process. This will help the professionals understand your mental health needs so that they link you with a suitable caregiver. You can schedule your chats according to your availability. You will also be required to pay a small fee for weekly chats with your therapist.