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This Scandal is Lime Crime’s New Secret Weapon


The Cosmetics Industry, to simply put it, is huge. There are literally thousands of products from hundreds of brands on the market today or any given point in time. Brands such as Maybelline, L’Oréal, Cover Girl, etc. have dominated the industry for years, but now there’s a new king of the hill or should I say “Queen” of the hill. Lime Crime is changing the game as we speak and it’s all new Liquid Matte Lipstick is creating quite a buzz.


Scandal” is it’s name and controversy is it’s game. The deeply pigmented colored Velvetine Lipstick is designed to give the ladies some much needed edge. Lime Crime is making a huge statement with this one as it “oozes sex appeal”, stated by US Weekly Magazine. The plum purple hue has a dangerous element abut it as it will create drama on demand whether the user wants it or not. Expression is what the brand is all about and it has made Lime Crime into a “cult favorite” (in-a-sense). This is a new addition to the already loaded line-up. It won’t take long before the general public will receive word thanks to the brands huge fan base. Lime Crime has well over 2.6 Million followers on it’s social media accounts and with some added targeted marketing, “Scandal” will more than likely cause a Scandal.


Doe Deere, Founder of Lime Crime, has hit another home run with this rich purple hue and the lipstick has the same beneficial features of being Paraben-Free, Glides On Smooth, Long Lasting, Touch Proof, Kiss Proof, and Animal Cruelty-Free, as Lime Crime is a certified vegan brand. The future is now and Doe Deere is making a huge statement yet again.


Read more about this latest Lime Crime scandal in their press release here: