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Talos Energy Is Growing With Integrity

For the last eighty years, the Mexican government has been on a campaign that would allow foreign energy competitors back into the Mexican waters, and their energy markets. Recently, a new offshore oil well was sunk in the Gulf of Mexico. This was the joint venture of three oil companies. One of the companies was a London based oil company, the other was a Mexico based company, and the third was Talos Energy which is an American company based in Houston, Texas. Drilling of the well began in May of 2017, and was the first well launched by a company that was not run by the Mexican government. The well is estimated to hold from one hundred to five hundred barrels of crude oil. Named the Zama-1, Mexican officials saw it as an interesting exploration.

Talos Energy, LLC is a private oil and gas company based in Houston. The energy company is focused on exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. The investment funds that back Talos gas and oil company are all affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC, Talos management, and Riverside Holding, LLC. Talos Energy was started in 2011 by Tim Duncan and a group of partners. With equity of over $600 million dollars, it is fast becoming a number one lucrative, small business.

Last year, the company reported over 16,000 barrels of oil per day from their well in the Gulf of Mexico. The company operated with  team of 60 in the Houston area, and more than another 60 field operators, drillers, mechanics, and technicians. This year Talos Energy was named best workplace by Workplace Dynamics. It was rated among other small businesses of equal size. Talos has acquired a gas and oil producing subsidiary which is the Helix Energy Solutions, and is anticipating the acquisition of another. This year Tim Duncan and his team have a projected revenue of $500 million dollars, and will hire more people, and continue to grow the company.

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Sahm Adrangi gets another Feather in his Cap with $100 Million Raising for Single Stock Bet

It is a known fact that the capital market managers, who are making active investment strategies, look for quality investments beyond their comfort zone. Such people often quoted making records in investments with better returns than normal managers. Sahm Adrangi is such an active investment manager who never thinks for any market protocol or set procedures but only look for quality investment opportunities. He is the visionary Chief Investment Officer and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management, a hedge fund management firm that focuses on capital markets. In mid-2016, Adrangi raised nearly $100 million from various investors for a single stock trade. While large hedge fund managers raise massive amounts, it was something new for the market to see the same from a relatively small firm.

He wrote to the investors that the firm raised some significant amount in a quick span of time. Additionally, Adrangi hinted that the hedge fund firm was going to bet on a company that worth almost $10 billion and asked everyone to respect the insights of the firm about the investment. It is further revealed that the firm was working on reports, videos and more to convince the conclusion of the Kerrisdale management, though he did not point out the targeted company. The firm also confirmed in the letter that it had started aggressively acquiring the stocks of the unnamed company to establish the position. It should be noted that Kerrisdale, under the leadership of Adrangi, manages stocks and funds worth $500 million. The main hedge fund of the firm supplied an average return of 28% per annum during the last five years.

Adrangi was involved in the overall development and market expansion of Kerrisdale Capital Management since it was founded in the year 2009. It should be noted that when the firm was founding it was just handling funds under the value of $1 million.

Sahm worked with multiple banks and investment institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Chanin Capital Partners, and Longacre Fund Management, and he carries more than a decade of investment and financial experience. He secured his graduation from Yale University in Economics before starting his high-flying financial career.

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Christanna Bevin – An Exceptional Gem in the field of Project Management

Christanna Bevin is a successful Australian based Project services Manager who has a plethora of achievements in the field of project management. She has had a sterling career in the sector of project planning, the area of process improvement, change management and capacity building. She started her long career in July 2003 at UGL Limited where she worked as a Contracts Administrator for 4 months. After that, she was promoted to the post of Cost Engineer in UGL Limited where she was involved in the construction of Woodside LNG4 AND COVERING Sulfinol. She was also involved in Piperacks and Power Generation. In January 2004, Bevin was given the post of Project Controls Manager by UGL Limited. As a project manager, she successfully delivered the Commissioning contract for
LNG4 and the implementation of Alcoa PEU.

In 2005, Bevin moved to Kellog Brown and Root as a Senior Project Controls Specialist for 3 months. After this, she joined Parsons Brinckerhoff as a Senior Project Controls Manager for 9 months. She served as a Project Controls and Commercial Specialist for Consulting and Contract Support for 1 year and 6 months from 2006 to 2007. In the company, she provided audit expertise and ensured great customer service. She also provided advice and recommendations to Allegiance Metals regarding project management. Bevin reviewed the processes and systems of United Group Resources and gave them the ideas of improvements. Bevin also examined the cost control process of the owner’s team of Qatar and provided viable recommendations for their improvements.

In 2007, Bevin shifted to Bulgaria to work as a Projects Control manager for Chelopech Mining EAD for 2 years and 5 months. Here, she was responsible for the management of all contracts. She also provided training to the local staff regarding administration and cost. She also prepared and submitted capital approval requests. She also provided evaluation and support to devise the EPCM Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS).

In 2010, Bevin worked as the Senior Project Controls Manager of Oakajee Port and Rail for 1 year and 5 months. There, the company gave her the responsibility of managing the cost and schedule control systems. She was also involved in the successful execution of OPR project control systems. She also trained a team of up to 3 employees while simultaneously managing a team of 11 members.

In 2011, Christanna Bevin set foot in the service sector and became the Project Services Manage of Universal Energy Services. Here, she developed corporate project service functions along with giving consultation to clients in the power generation and oil & gas sectors. She also reviewed and formulated updates in the design and process flow. In 2014, she went on to become the Project Controls Manager of Phu Bia Mining. In the company, she undertook an extensive list of projects from auditing, training, management and relationship establishment.

She is currently the Project Specialist of Consulting Services and joined the company in 2015. She was the Project Manager for Water NSW’S Development. She was also the Project Controls support to CS Energy for the Kogan Creek Power Station Major Overhaul. In the field of project management, she is overall respected for her work ethics, exceptional conversational skills and relationship management.