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Market America Convention 2017 Turned Out to be a Complete Hit

When it comes to Market America the right attitude is seen to be able to take you very far. If you do not have the right attitude you will not be able to have a positive drive, thus, causing you to not really be able to go far in the business game. Success for your business is bound to thrive if you began to have the right mindset and the right thoughts, then you will be able to see your business thrive. Vice President of the Sales for Market America Shop, Jim Winkler, is seen as being a huge believer in having to have the right mindset in order to see yourself go far.

Jim Winkler is not only the Vice President for Market America, he has also managed to be a Unfranchised owner since 1995. He has been giving the opportunity over the years to talk to many business owners about how success all begins with having the right mindset and attitude. He says with both of these your possibilities are endless.

The Market America Conventions is another great way to help your Unfranchised business grow. One of the biggest conventions in Market America’s history happens to be the 25th Anniversary Market America Convention 2017. This convention happened to of been held on Aug. 9th thru the 13th and turned out to be an amazing event. Well over 20,000 people attended the event that was located in Greensboro, N.C.

The convention was able to be held at the Greensboro Coliseum and was said to of topped all other conventions that were held in the company’s history. The company states that they feel like at 25 that they are just now getting started with all the amazing things that they are wanting to do. Market America plans on continuing to hold this convention and hopes that it only gets bigger from here.

White Shark Media Made My Sales Team Happy

Being a business owner means that you must make wise decisions about which companies you choose to work with because some companies out there can actually help your reputation online and offline. One of the companies that I chose to bring into our intimate circle of other businesses is a company called White Shark Media. This company does wonders for businesses that conduct a majority of their sales on the internet. If your company is having a low rate of turn overs, or if your company is having trouble with completing sales, take a shot at working with White Shark Media. They completely changed our approach to sales.


Before Working With White Shark Media


My business deals in direct sales with consumers that we often have to find on our own. We tried all of the traditional methods of marketing. My sales guys have walked the streets in our surrounding neighborhoods to canvass for more customers, they have left flyers on doors, and they have dialed many telephones. However, we were putting in a lot of work without seeing adequate results. My sales guys were hungry, and even though I was offering bonuses for their leads, they were coming up dry. We really needed a new approach to finding quality leads in our market. The market we work in is relatively small in our area, so without competition we should be drowning in customers.


What White Shark Media Did For Us


White Shark Media is powered by a group of intelligent and tech savvy individuals that know how to market other companies. The team at White Shark Media that we worked with was easy to talk to. They helped me and my partner understand exactly what type of advertising programs would work for our company. Then, they helped us implement that program with great results. Now, my sales team is full of leads and happier than ever.


If you are looking for a business like White Shark Media to change the shape of your company, then you should do your research on them first. It makes sense to be an informed consumer before making connections with a new company. In addition to reading this review above, you can visit White Shark Media’s website to hear from other companies about their experiences with White Shark Media.