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Support Animal Shelters in New York City

The latest press release from Ross Abelow discusses his latest venture: fundraising for animal shelters. With GoFundMe’s resources, the donation covers food, medical care, and blankets for the lonely animals in New York City. When the shelters have adequate resources, they can assist animals in their care. It is definitely a start; however, he encourages everyone reading this to assist in his cause.

Since Mr. Abelow runs a law firm in New York specializing in family and matrimonial law, supporting a member of the family – the pet – comes naturally to him. His noble cause keeps animals alive in shelters and off dangerous streets. He also specializes in commercial litigation and entertainment law. Prior to opening his law firm, he defended clients for a living at Abelow & Cassandro, where he was a law partner for 26 years. Before the partnership, he earned his law license in 1990. A year before that he earned his law degree from Brooklyn Law School. Prior to that, he earned his bachelor degree in Political Science from the State University of New York at Albany. A long-time New York resident, he uses his law expertise to share his knowledge on guest blogs and his personal blog. He is also very active on social media.

As a result, more animals are on the streets. Homeless, sheltered, and vulnerable animals need your help. If you want to assist in the fundraiser or learn more information about this, go to the GoFundMe page or Ross Abelow’s website. He is speaking up for the animals that cannot speak for themselves, so let this motivate you to donate to your local animal shelter.