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Co-Working Spaces are the Places of Today not Tomorrow!


Have you ever wished you had on demand access to a particularly desk layout that helps keep you organized and focused on work simultaneously? Well have no fear because the shared coworking space revolution is here! Shared workspaces provide an environment for coworkers to be united in work and mission all in the same location. This premise allows for time saving and increased productivity because you a person is no longer spending time walking over to another persons’ desk in a far away department. In addition to this, it allows for increased productivity because all the collaboration can be done in real time with shared communication process.
Shared communication processes like Microsoft Lynx application allows for instant messaging between workers as well as sharing desktop presentations too. In fact with this program one can take over the screen and present questions for all in the group to see. Microsoft Sharepoint is also sometimes used in shared spaces to work on files together in a real time environment.

WorkvilleNYC provides premium office space in the heart of New York City. Imagine being inspired and pushed to the limits of your capabilities while hugged in a luxury office space overlooking a beautiful terrace garden. Do you like having an open custom and furnished space for a great price every week? Workville can give you that and much more as it’s flexible plan allows everyone from the weekend businessman to the diehard startup junkie to feel comfortable in a collaborative shared environment.

Workville provides free coffee and cleaning services so that you can present your best self at all times by working in an awesome workspace. Workville stations are all Wi-fi enabled as well. These shared workspaces are great for handling all work styles and temperaments. Join the shared workspaces revolution today and check out this company today!