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Omar Yunes the Sushi Franchise Guru in Mexico

Omar Yunes has been named the Best Franchisee of the World by Sushi Itto in a ceremony held in Florence, Italy. The award recognizes franchisee’s effect on the food chain network in regard to the unit and not the brand, how have the units contributed to advancements in knowledge, and saving plans that the franchise has put in place. Other factors considered are workers motivation and the driving goals that look at ways of making the brand better. Omar Yunes won the award based on his efforts as he was influential in changing the franchise relationship. This is by coming up with improved management information as well as implementing control methods that were used to measure each franchised unit. This is aimed at collaboration efforts that ensure Sushi Itto customers receive the best services, get the best flavors in a hospitable and welcoming way. The award puts Mexican franchises on the global map unlike when they just thrived locally.

Omar Yunes is an investor and franchisee in the food industry and is from Mexico. He joined the Japanese food chain at a tender age of 21 and has gone on to own 13 franchised units distributed in Mexico, Veracruz, and Puebla. The units represent a 10% of Sushi Itto totals units. The franchise has over 400 employees. The compensations and remuneration for all employees act as a motivating factor as they are handsome.

He is a known to use aggressive marketing strategies for his products. The restaurants are estimated to be worth 5 million pesos each. He has in-depth knowledge of the food and dining industry in Mexico, a fact that gives him a competitive advantage over other brands. This enabled Yunes to bring Sushi Itto a global brand to Mexico and franchising it to the prevailing food industry.

Despite his family being famed for its involvement in politics, Omar Yunes has chosen a different path. In fact, he intends to come up with more units to develop the brand in Mexico and make it the best restaurant chain in the country.