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Mr. Greg Finch and Common Orthopedic Procedures

The process of orthopedic surgery has to deal with conditions, which involve skeletons and muscles in the human body, even if the surgeon prefers using nonsurgical methods in solving the problem. Although the cases that are experienced by patients require different methods of treatment, some procedures have to be common. These methods are described as follows:

Total Joint Replacement

In this particular process, the patients that experience total joint replacement must have been diagnosed with severe arthritis and are seeking an increased range of motion and pain relief. During the process of total joint replacement, the surgeon in charge must assess the parts of the joint that are damaged. These parts can be found within the many joints that are found in the body. The idea is to always replace the damaged parts with plastic and metal surfaces that have the natural shape to restore the normal function and movement of the knee.

Total Shoulder Replacement

It always sounds painful whenever a person hears about total shoulder replacement. However, it is the best method that can help patients get better with time. The pain gets diminished as the patient is getting used to the procedure. Just like the total joint replacement, total shoulder replacement involves the replacement of the damaged cartilages and bones with a plastic or metal implants. The primary objective is to improve the range of motions that are found in the shoulder joint.

The Spine Surgery

Many problems make a patient seeks for a spine surgery. One of the reasons might be the increasing back pain, which interferes with the daily life activities of a patient. Once a patient makes the decision of undergoing the spine surgery, the end results are always reduced pain that comes with benefits such as better physical fitness, increased productivity, and increased activity.

One of the best back surgeries is the Spinal Fusion. The procedure involves the joining of spinal bones known as vertebrae, which eventually confines motion between the spinal bones and at the same time limiting the stretching activity of the nerves.

About Greg Finch

Mr. Greg Finch is an Orthopedic Surgeon from Australia. He specializes in trauma and orthopedic surgery, pediatric orthopedics and trauma, and spinal surgery. Mr. Greg is also a member of various health associations such as the SSA (Spine Society of Australia), NASS (North American Spine Society), and the Australian Orthopedic Association.

Moreover, Mr. Finch is a very friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced surgeon. He is easy to talk to when it comes to issues relating to spinal problems. As a surgeon, Finch received his medical education from the Auckland Medical School in 1991 and Royal College Melbourne in 2001. Furthermore, Mr. Greg Finch is professionally licensed as a specialist. In that case, Finch is an expert in spinal fusion, lumbar spinal surgery, cervical spinal surgery, and anterior spinal fusion.