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Latest News on Outdoor and Outdoor living

The latest news on outdoor living gives you everything from the greatest outdoors encounters, camping to other outdoor recreational activities. On the recent news about fishing, Rocky Barra Bounty competitions experienced almost the anticipated results in this year’s competition. Last year’s competition was faced with challenges of flooding thus the results were considerably low. However, this year’s competitions come close to what was expected of by the committee.

The competition took place near Port Alma which was preferred due to the presence of clear water. News from trusted sources says that they estimated around 500 barramundis to be caught on that day alongside 150 redfins. In response to this, they were able to catch 484 barramundi, 197 redfin and some small other types of fish species. Mr. Sawyonk who is among the committee members and also the co-founder of the competition stated that this year’s results were much better than the previous year as they were very close to what they had forecasted.

In related news, a two-hour fight to reel resulted in a mighty catch in cobia. Kevin Junker who was on a guided tour to Arch Cliffs with Hervey Bay Fly and Sports fishing encountered a massive catch when he caught the hook worth lifetime. He fought for almost two hours before the huge catch was brought on board. The catch was a new record for HBFSH which opened its operations in 2013.

On the latest news off-road, Mercedes-Benz’s premium ute hits Australian Shores. For the first time, Mercedes Benz’s has made its appearance in the Australian Shores. The concept X-class had been flown from Germany Melbourne Australia for promotional activities to its dealers this included getting detailed information about the car before its successful launching of the X-Class in 2018.

The X-Class Mercedes pick-ups which take same platforms as Nissan Nivara and Renault Alaskan is expected to compete against top most ranking V’W Amarok, Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger among others all priced under high specification.

Modern Tech Can Help People Reconnect with Nature

Most people don’t need any convincing when they’re told about the inspirational power of nature. There’s just something about being outdoors which can give someone a fresh perspective on life. That’s one of the big reasons why so many runners and joggers like to go for paths that run through parks. It’s a way of working to build up one’s spirit while also building up some muscle. There’s only one downside to this idea. It can be hard to find new jogging paths that combine exercise and nature. Everyone wants to find a great jogging path in a local park or nature preserve. And the vast majority of them do have such paths. The problem is tracking them down.

There’s a solution, but it hasn’t been around for very long now. News recently broke that one can now simply use an online app to find the perfect jogging paths. It’s as easy as looking for the address of a nearby forest, park or nature preserve. Then one just tosses that address in and the app will find jogging paths. Obviously, it’s not something that will always provide perfect results. But the news should be more than welcome to anyone who’s ever wanted to experience the wonders of nature while also getting a good workout.

One of the most impressive things about the app is the scope. It’s fun to start out with one’s daily run. But anyone who travels can attest to the fact that it’s often difficult to feel comfortable enough to run in a new area. This is even more true when someone’s trying to combine jogging in a new area with exploration of nature preserves or the like. Even the biggest nature lover will admit that unfamiliar wooded areas can make the bravest person feel a bit out of place. But using the app helps people find well traveled paths that other joggers are making use of.

The Underwater Doggerland Discovery

In a rather unforeseen event, two European divers belonging to a British organization came upon something shockingly unusual. The organization that they work with is known for seeking to preserve underwater worlds. It was during this expedition that they came upon something, in the vicinity they found a prehistoric underwater forest which did belong to the so-called “Doggerland” in the North Sea. This massive chunk of land which has to be about 10,000 years old has been a reported area by the BBC.

The forest is located in the North Sea. That is just a 300 meter distance from the coast of Norfolk. In turn, according to archaeologists, this huge area was once inhabited by a myriad of Mesolithic tribes, a thriving culture that was favored because it was one of the richest in Europe in terms of hunting and fishing at the time. On the other hand, this was the area of the forest that also had several sources of fresh water springs and swamps and its inhabitants could pass from Great Britain to Germany. This find was exclusively outstanding, as it did confirm some previous speculations made by many researchers on the subject.

Archaeologists who also discovered the study, they felt that the Doggerland forest had become submerged when the ice masses had melted. They believed this because of the heat and the sea levels, which they say rose by 120 meters. Presently the Felled trees are now forming in the seabed, as a natural reef with colorful fish and plants.

Tips to Run a Faster Marathon

For individuals who love the outdoors and especially love the process of training for long distance races such as marathons, here are some tips to run a faster marathon without ever risking the body to injury. For first time runners of a marathon, the first marathon is done just to finish it with no expectations for the overall time. For individuals who are hooked on the adrenaline rush of running a marathon, the next few start to drop in time. Before one knows it, individuals are looking to qualify for some of the most exclusive races in the world such as the New York Marathon, the Boston Marathon, or the Berlin Marathon.


Here are a few things to think about to improve the time.


1.) How to pick a time goal


The time goal should always consider the last marathon pace as well as the current 5k and 10k pace. If the last marathon was the first marathon to be completed, the next goal should be a 20 minute drop. The goal should be a reasonable that can be reached with a little bit of hard work.


2.) Pick a reasonable training plan


The worst thing to do while training for a marathon is setting a training plan that is unrealistic. For those that are busy and who also need to put aside time to train, a four to five day training plan may be the best idea. The shorter running plans should also involve cross training to work other parts of the body.


3.) Pick the best training methods


When training for this long distance race, there are many techniques that can be used for training to build the speed. The best way to train is to find what works for the body whether it be a tempo run or a interval run. One of the best ways to incorporate speed is to do hill runs. Sprinting up hills improves the overall speed of the legs.


4.) Build muscle efficiently


Bulky muscles for marathons is not efficient to improve the speed. Though strength training is recommended, this is for the purpose of building strength for lean muscles. Use moderate weights for this and do more reps than using large weights that add bulky muscle.


The Uncertainty of Extreme Sports

The outdoors, though sometimes an intimidating thought when vast and wild regions come specifically to mind can also be tame and beautiful and can encourage a healthy life style to be lived just from the simple step of taking a step outside to explore what the wilderness or nature has to offer. As many individuals love the outdoors and love being excluded from certain mundane and tiresome activities, the outdoors has also become a place where individuals pursue extreme sport and use the opportunity to push the limits in both the mind and the body. As extreme sports like ice climbing, rock climbing, mountain biking and many other outdoor sports become popular, so does the annual death rate.


The traditional outlook on extreme sports has always been to deem them as unhealthy and as the need for both uncertainty as well as excitement in one’s life. Despite this common belief, it can also be argued on the other side that there is no statistic that can support this claim that only the extreme sports are dangerous to the participants. With so many other dangers in Olympic sports such as falling or dehydration, this has been proven to be even more common than the injuries and dangers associated with the extreme sports.


There are dangers in any sport such as soccer, basketball, and baseball with broken bones and concussions just as common. With this in mind, there is no statistical data the shows evidence that extreme sports have a higher injury rate as well as a higher death toll. It has also been hypothesized that risk taking is a normal act and is involved with all human development. Risk taking, within extreme sports, can be even readily compared to moving to a different country or taking a new job.


Though extreme sports have always been considered to be an outlet for craziness, scientists and doctors have stated that the activity is a normal part of development and that there is more of a social different between the injuries rather than a statistical difference. Those that participate in extreme sports always involve safety first and always are on their guard for anything that could go wrong. It has even been thought that deaths are less likely to occur with extreme sports.


California’s “Super Bloom” a Site for Sore Eyes

After more than four years of drought, last winter’s record precipitation in California has created an explosion of wildflower growth this spring. The blooms are so massive they can be seen from space. Swaths of bright purple tansy, orange poppies and yellow coreopsis have transformed hillsides into impressionist paintings worthy of the Louvre. From the forests of the north to the deserts of south, no region in California has a monopoly on these spectacular blooms.

Already famous for its wildflowers, the Carrizo Plain National Monument in southern California has become a photographer’s paradise these last few weeks. Seemingly endless blankets of blue, yellow, red, purple and orange cover the hills and valleys drawing thousands of tourists and professional photographers alike.

In the central valley, the South Yuba River State Park is in full bloom. You can find purple larkspur, yellow or purple wild iris, fairy lanterns, star tulips, orange bush monkey flowers and more. Both the Point Defiance Loop trail and the Buttermilk Bend Trail offer great wildflower viewing.

The San Francisco Bay Area has many open space preserves and parks that are teaming with wildflowers. Chabot Regional Park stands out this year with its plethora of wild radish, poppies and blue-eyed grass. Further North at Point Reyes National Seashore, the Douglas irises delight with their show-stopping purple and yellow petals.

Five miles north of Arcata in Humboldt County, Azalea State Natural Reserve has an abundance of pink and white blooms. There are also purple and orange varieties of these trumpet-shaped flowers. With their amazing scent heavily perfuming the air, these wildflowers are a treat to more than the eyes.

Wherever you find yourself in California, you can bet there is a profusion of wildflowers nearby. Get out there and enjoy them but remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints.

How to Have an Enjoyable Outdoor Party

Whether you are throwing a birthday party or are having a reunion, being outside is a great way to open up the amount of space you and your guests have while enjoying the warm weather. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time outside can also be a problem if you’re dealing with bugs, wind and unforeseen weather conditions. First and foremost, it is important to be very careful of the weather before having an outdoor party. It is understandable that you’ll want to plan for the party months in advance and that you won’t know the weather until about a week before the event, but you should have a backup date in case of rain.


If the weather is going to be decent, there are still other things that might come to ruin your special occasion. Bugs are a real issue when it comes to outdoor parties and they can wreck an otherwise fun event. The best way to get rid of a bug problem is to use citronella candles and bug sprays to prevent them from being attracted to party goers. In many cases, bugs are also attracted to the food that you’ll be serving and may swarm soda, meats and breads. If you’re serving fruit, expect there to be a lot of bugs interested in the delicious sweet treats. You can invest in table food covers that act as a net over the dishes to prevent bugs from walking all over your meal.


Planning the party accordingly will allow you to have a fun and memorable event. It might not be enough to buy some food and get the barbecue going. Think of some fun games you can all play and get the kids involved. This prevents your little guests from getting bored and annoying their parents who will then want to high-tail it out of there. Be sure to leave all of your outdoor partying for the warmer months of the year when it’ll be fine to sit outside for hours without feeling chilled. Appropriate planning is essential for having a party that you will not soon forget.


What Essentials Do You Need for Spring Outdoor Hiking?

Hiking is a great way to burn extra calories and get outside. If you enjoy hiking or if you’re interested in starting a hiking hobby, you’ll need to have some essential products. The following is a list of essentials for hiking that you should get now so that you’re prepared when spring rolls around.


  1. A big backpack to hold everything


The first thing that you’ll need to go hiking is a great backpack. Whether you plan on hiking for a few days or a week or just going on an hour-long walk in the hills, a quality backpack will be helpful so that you can carry all of your essentials with you and have your hands free. Naturally, you’ll want a larger and more industrial type backpack for longer trips. A smaller, more lightweight backpack will be good for short hiking trips.


  1. A great sleeping bag


Of course, you’ll need to have a place to sleep on your hiking trip. A sleeping bag is the best option. There are numerous types of sleeping bags. For example, there are lots of different sizes and even different levels of warmth. For this reason, make sure that you do your research in order to find the best bag for you.


  1. An emergency bag


In addition to having a great backpack and a warm and comfortable sleeping bag, you should also have a small bag that has emergency essentials in it. You need to have first aid kit with health and safety essentials as well as a solar panel that can charge a cell phone in the event that you need to call for help.


  1. Lighting


Lastly, don’t forget that you’ll need to have lighting on your trip. It gets dark up in those mountains! A flashlight should be brought with you no matter how long you plan on hiking, and you might want to bring a lantern for your campsite if you plan on staying overnight as well.


You can find all of the products listed above on the Internet or in select brick and mortar outdoor goods stores.


Stranded Family Of Four Rescued after Kayaking Crash In Utah

With great interest, I just read a recent article that tells how a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter pilot rescued a stranded family from Colorado while he was out looking for an overdue kayaker.


This exciting situation took place on the first Sunday in April in Garfield County, Utah. A man and wife, and their two teenage daughters were kayaking on the Escalante River, and became trapped after crashing into rocks.


As it so happens, another kayaker had not returned when expected from a trip on the Escalante River that same day. A pilot named Luke Bowman from the Utah Department of Public Safety had been called in to assist in the efforts to locate the kayaker.


While scanning the river area from overhead, the pilot and a deputy spotted a man signaling for help from a sandbar. They landed the helicopter, and discovered that the man and his family had been stranded for two days.


According to the article, the family’s kayaks and paddles floated away when they crashed. They did, however, manage to save their food and sleeping equipment. The family tried to find their way to civilization on foot, but found that their surroundings were too dangerous to traverse.


The helicopter pilot said that it is very common at this time of the year for people to get lost or stranded in the local region. Fortunately, the family that was rescued this week did not experience any injuries, only some sunburn.


As for the original kayaker who was overdue, he was unable to access his destination point, so he exited the river at another spot, then made his way back.


Being a big fan of vintage TV shows, I can’t help but think of how this entire situation resembles the plot on an episode of a retro adventure television series.


How to Plan the Perfect Hiking Trip

Hiking is a great outdoor activity that provides you the chance to explore a local area in all its natural beauty. Planning a hiking trip can be a lot of fun, but it should also be done to prevent you from experiencing problems on the trail. First and foremost, you need to have an idea of where you’re going to be hiking. If you live in an area that’s quite wooded, there are probably a myriad of trails you can take. Once you know which trail you’ll be hiking, you need to determine its length and duration. Certain hiking trails have several stop-offs which allow you to choose how many miles you’d like to walk.


Next, you need to determine who will be coming with you. If you’re going to be hiking on your own, it’s vital that you have a way to communicate with the world if something happens to you while you’re walking. Many hiking trails lose cellphone service, so it might be advantageous to invest in walkie-talkies or an emergency call button that will automatically alert police if something happens to you on the trail. You should also bring along plenty of snacks, provisions and drinks. Drinks are essential for long and intense hikes where you’ll be overexerting yourself. Protein-packed snacks like nuts and trail mix are great for when you’re feeling faint and lightheaded.


Apart from making sure you pack all of the right foods and drinks, you need to be wearing comfortable and loose clothing. You can bring along bug spray to prevent too many bugs from biting you and annoying you while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. If you aren’t going to be wearing bug spray, it’s crucial that you avoid wearing any other type of perfume, which even includes deodorant. These perfumes will attract bugs and make for a miserable hiking experience. Once you know where you’ll hike and have all of the necessities for the trip, it’s time to go out and explore mother nature. Take along your camera and get some great pictures of your experience so that you have something to look back on.