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Give Your Garden the Modern Touch

Creating a home environment that you are happy with is a process that never seems to end. After all, there are always new gadgets, decorations and design ideas coming out, and you don’t want to get lost in the past.


With that being said, it is definitely difficult to get lost in the past. Who can find time to always stay up to date with the latest and most modern fashions for the home? Furthermore, many of us may stay up to date with designs for the inside of our homes, but the outdoors is left alone.


Fortunately, getting creative and modernizing your outdoor area is not difficult. With a few tips and tricks, you can have a sleek, fashionable outdoor living area that you would be proud to host a party in.


Modernizing Your Outdoor Area in a Few Quick Steps


  1. Make things look bigger.


Gardens in many people’s homes are a set size, so you can’t make them bigger, but you can make them appear larger, and that’s the trick. Start by adding mirrors onto fences or walls just as you would add them indoors.


  1. Add modern decking for a great price.


Redoing your deck may not be in the financial cards for you, but an inexpensive trick is to use composite decking. This can be installed on almost any type of surface, and it’s great for patios as well. You can choose from faux wood or stone or many other fashionable materials. It’s great because it is particularly designed to be outdoors, so it won’t rot, fade or warp.


  1. Try a garden room with an extended roof.


If you have a little more money to play around with or you’re planning on getting a new roof anyway, consider extending your natural roof out a little bit more to cover some patio area. You won’t need to add walls or full insulation here. Simply create faux walls as you might in a sun room, breakfast nook or green house. Keep in mind that this tip is best for areas of the United States that don’t have heavy winters.

Making Sure You Hit the Whole Checklist for the Perfect Outdoor Space

You don’t need to make your outdoor space look like Martha Stewart designed it, but you certainly shouldn’t neglect the fact that having a nice garden space or yard can be a Godsend. In a nice outdoor area, you can entertain guests, relax and read a book, hang out with your children or pets in a safe place and have a good place for cooking up some great barbecue!

But what’s the plan? Do you have one? If you don’t, don’t fret. Here’s a checklist for you to make sure your outdoor space is as nice as possible.

1. Get the right furniture.

You can’t have a nice outdoor space without a place to sit, so make this a priority!

2. Don’t forget plants.

Outdoor spaces already have lots of plants, but trust us, you’ll want more. Put some planters near your patio or porch door. Try some geraniums in hanging baskets, or just plan some ground cover near your stepping stones. Any plants are good plants.

3. Lighting is especially important.

Especially when it comes to entertaining guests at your home, having the right lighting is important. You’ll want to focus on mood lighting, so mainly, this means candles, lanterns and twinkle lights galore.

4. Bring a little indoors to your outdoor space.

Finally, don’t forget that using some indoor style in your outdoors space can be a good idea s well. For example, consider throw pillows on your patio couch or an old rug for your porch.

Anderson Cooper’s Stylish Outdoor Living Digs

Anderson Cooper’s vacation home in Trancoso, Brazil graced the front pages of Architectural Digest, and rightly so. The home is situated in a remote hamlet near the Atlantic Ocean but Anderson is not a beach goer and prefers “moving from spot to spot” on the property.

The spots include an outdoor kitchen and bar area, a terrace with a pool and a master suite built as a two-story treehouse. The treehouse rests on stilts, under which is an outdoor patio area meant for relaxation.

The home has elegant open doorways that lead to the outdoors. The property itself melds into the surrounding greenery, with acai trees, banana trees and other rain forest fauna an arms length away.

The home’s luxury lies in its exquisite detail. The outdoor dining area is rustic in appearance, with a large table and farm benches. Above the table you’ll find terra cotta hanging lamps.

Guest verandas are equipped with pillowed couches and net chairs, delivering a charming mix-and-match ambiance while overhead cover keeps out the rain and shade diminishes the sun’s impact.

Anderson described how the home’s woodwork was crafted from wood salvabged from a Bahian farmhouse. Outdoor living enthusiasts may be more impressed with the tassled hammocks that run between trees. Lush vegetation surrounds the property’s more intimate spots like the free-form pool’s curved edges that meet the rain forest landscape.

Even if your outdoor space doesn’t include rain forest scenery, it seems that terra cotta lamps could soon replace Japanese lanterns.