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Great Jobs That Allow You to Be Outdoors All the Time

Many people love being outside all day, and they lament their indoor jobs that keep them in stuffy offices. Instead, they’d love to spend their days working while enjoying the great out-of-doors.


If you are one of these people and you would like to find a job where you can spend more time outside, there is a way. The following list provides the best jobs that will allow you to escape from the office and spend your time outdoors while still earning yourself a paycheck.


  1. Landscapers


The job of landscapers is to beautify outdoor areas in front of and around homes and businesses. Naturally, you’ll be spending lots of hours outdoors in this way, but you’ll also need to learn about various types of trees and plants as well as soils and grasses.


  1. Park Rangers


It is the job of park rangers to keep state and national parks healthy and safe for visitors. This is a great way to enjoy nature while earning a paycheck.


  1. Archaeologists


Archaeologists unearth parts of history from the earth, and they work all around the world. If you are a field archaeologist, you’ll be outside excavating sites. But keep in mind that some archaeologists work primarily in the lab.


There are few jobs that can be called absolutely perfect, and of course, finding the perfect job for you is all about preference. With that in mind, even if you find a job that allows you to be outside most of the time, there will be times when you will likely need to work at a desk or in an office building. But if you choose from the list above, the good news is that you can at least feel confident that that outdoor itch of yours will finally be scratched.



A recent New York Times article by Tim McKeough offered a checklist of ideas on how to improve your outdoor décor. The article, for good or ill, seems aimed at the 1%. Since most of us aren’t part of the 1%, it might be helpful to look for more cost-effective ways to make your outdoor space look great without breaking the bank. Here are six other options Tim hasn’t highlighted.

First, Choose the Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be downright expensive. Tim encourages you to think about custom, built-in benches that are a mere $5,000. Here’s a better idea: try furniture made from resin. Resin is low-maintenance and weather resistant so whether you’re in New York, Arizona, or Seattle, the weather doesn’t matter! Most of these options run $500 – $2,000. Now you’ve got money to buy the rest of the things you need.

Then Get Some Planters

Tim’s recommendation is a set of planters that ranges from “$50-600.” Ouch! Try instead. For less than $100 / planter you can get everything you need and still have cash to buy plants!

Don’t Forget Watering

Sure, automatic systems are really nice but $1,000 is a lot to keep plants alive. It’s likely you live in a neighborhood so for the times you’re gone, offer to pay Johnny Doe $15 to water your plants every-other-day. Now you can buy something nice on vacation!

Lighting Is Key

Ambient lighting is cool – especially during a hot summer night. The nice part about outdoor lighting is that you don’t need an electrician but it can still cost you over $1,000. Go to your local hardware store and buy a string of lights, get some mason jars, drill holes in the lids for the lights, hang. Now go buy a nice steak!

Define Space With A Rug

Rugs outside are really challenging because one bad storm and you’re done. Instead of buying something new, go to an estate sale and find a rug with character already worn into it. People will love your style and frugality!

Make Sure There’s Shade

You can go as high as $5,000 for a custom pergola but for most of us, that’s out of the ballpark. Shop around, try, or – all will get you the shade you need at a price that won’t burn.

Expanding Your Living Space With Outdoor Living

Home owners who live in areas which support outdoor living are finding that they do not need to move to a new home to expand their living space to keep with their expanding family. Many families are realizing that they can make modifications to their yards to enjoy additional living space. These families find that such an expansion not only saves them the cost of purchasing a new home and the disruption of moving to a new location for the entire family but these improvements can also increase the value of the home.

Some of the types of outdoor living space improvements that home owners are investing in are as follows:

1: Swimming Pool: One of the most popular manners of outdoor living improvements is the installation of a swimming pool. The pool can be various sizes and shapes and the size of the house does not matter. Some homes which have small rear yard space can include wadding pools or hot tubs.

2: Backyard Patios: The traditional use of one’s yard space for outdoor living is a back yard patio design which can facilitate barbecues, wet bars or grill facilities. Based on the size of the home, the backyard patio space could include all of the facilities listed above.

3: Gardens: A versatile use of outdoor living space is a planted garden. The garden can be a functioning garden that produces food or it can be decorative for admiration. Many are familiar with the beauty of Japanese style zen gardens. These gardens are specifically designed to promote meditation and can be as beautiful as is the imagination of the home owners.

4: Play Equipment: Families with children find that a yard space designed with recreational equipment for children is a major asset. Many families live in areas which are not supported by public parks and recreational sets such as trampolines, swing sets and slides provide the homeowner to provide an area for their children to play safely. As the children become older,
the recreational play sets can be updated or the space reconfigured for more adult related uses.

5. Lounge Space: A newer trend in outdoor living space is the use of one’s outdoor living space as an extension of their living room. These spaces include gazebo’s and sofa’s areas as well as televisions and other forms of outdoor entertainment.