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How to Have an Enjoyable Outdoor Party

Whether you are throwing a birthday party or are having a reunion, being outside is a great way to open up the amount of space you and your guests have while enjoying the warm weather. Unfortunately, spending a lot of time outside can also be a problem if you’re dealing with bugs, wind and unforeseen weather conditions. First and foremost, it is important to be very careful of the weather before having an outdoor party. It is understandable that you’ll want to plan for the party months in advance and that you won’t know the weather until about a week before the event, but you should have a backup date in case of rain.


If the weather is going to be decent, there are still other things that might come to ruin your special occasion. Bugs are a real issue when it comes to outdoor parties and they can wreck an otherwise fun event. The best way to get rid of a bug problem is to use citronella candles and bug sprays to prevent them from being attracted to party goers. In many cases, bugs are also attracted to the food that you’ll be serving and may swarm soda, meats and breads. If you’re serving fruit, expect there to be a lot of bugs interested in the delicious sweet treats. You can invest in table food covers that act as a net over the dishes to prevent bugs from walking all over your meal.


Planning the party accordingly will allow you to have a fun and memorable event. It might not be enough to buy some food and get the barbecue going. Think of some fun games you can all play and get the kids involved. This prevents your little guests from getting bored and annoying their parents who will then want to high-tail it out of there. Be sure to leave all of your outdoor partying for the warmer months of the year when it’ll be fine to sit outside for hours without feeling chilled. Appropriate planning is essential for having a party that you will not soon forget.


New Low-Cost Ideas for Planning for Your First Spring Outdoor Party

It may not feel like it in some parts of the country, but spring is just around the corner. With that in mind, you may be preparing the outside of your house for the nicer weather, and that’s great. It’s a good idea to get a head start.


In addition, you may be thinking about entertaining guests in your outdoor area as the warmer weather approaches. Whether you have a patio, a deck or just a garden area where you’d like to entertain friends and family members, the following tips will help you have an amazing spring party at your home while also saving money!


Use evergreen decorations.


Evergreen decorations are those that can be used at any time of the year. Think of neutral colors and designs and patterns that don’t evoke a specific season or holiday. For example, some good ideas for evergreen decorations would be white or off white Chinese lanterns, white or off white twinkle lights or neutral colored candles and candle holders.


Make it a cocktails and snacks only party.


Much of the high costs of an outdoor spring party come from providing the food and drink. In this way, if you want to save money on food, simply make your party a cocktails and appetizers only event.


Have everyone bring a dish to pass.


If you don’t like the idea of only serving cocktails and appetizers at your party, you can ask your guests to help out. Simply add a note in the invitation asking guests to bring a small dish to pass. Put all of the dishes on a stylish outdoor picnic table, and make it a buffet!


Having a lovely outdoor party to celebrate the spring doesn’t have to be expensive. Use the tips above to make this event one to remember!


Essential Items to Have for Eating Outside

Even though the season of picnics might be coming to a close right around now, eating outdoors can still be an enjoyable activity into the fall and into the winter in some parts of the U.S. But eating outside is not always easy. In fact, it can be slightly less enjoyable when it comes to the materials and eating tools that you’ll need. To make it more pleasant, try these essentials!


  1. Trays


Most people think that trays are for restaurants and butlers, but there are many tray options for the lay person as well, and they can come in quite handy.


Consider getting trays for taking your plates, glasses, cups, silverware and dishes outside. When you need to clean up, you can use the same trays for going inside. Just make sure not to overstuff the trays as nasty spills can cause lots of breaks.


  1. Blankets for Picnics


If you are planning to have a picnic, you won’t want to sit on the ground as bugs and other creepy crawlies may be just a bit too ready to jump on your plate. Instead, try using a blanket as something to both sit on and eat off of. It makes for a much more enjoyable experience.


  1. Picnic Baskets


Picnic baskets are another essential for going on picnics. Coolers may be good for food and drinks, but when it comes to carrying your plates, silverware and glasses, you’ll need something that will hold all of these breakable items in a secure way, and you’ll want it to be easy to carry as well. There are many different types of picnic baskets on the market. Find one that fits your needs and price range.


  1. Chairs With Cup Holders


For a night around the fire, prevent drink spills by purchasing foldable chairs that have cup holders already installed in them. It’s a good idea to make sure that the cup holders are the right size as well because some cup holders may only hold beer bottles or smaller plastic bottles of water, but if you want to have a coffee mug nearby, it won’t work.

Delicious Dips for Your Next BBQ

Now that summer’s here, there’s a good chance you’ll be inviting friends over for a barbecue at least once during the season. In addition to having flavorful burgers or barbecued chicken on the grill, you can serve appetizers like dips to keep your guests full and satisfied. Here are five dips to include at your next outdoor party.

Carmelized Onion Dip

If you and your guests are fans of French onion soup, you’ll love this dip made from carmelized onions, sour cream and a blend of spices including garlic and paprika. The drop tastes great with potato chips, or you can serve it with pita squares.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Dip

Add some spice to your outdoor party with this buffalo chicken dip. The dip has blue cheese in it for even more flavor, and you can bake it in several small ceramic bowls for impressive presentation.

Spicy Corn Dip

Corn dip isn’t extremely common at barbecues, but it will likely be a hit after your friends and family taste this savory treat. Sweet corn, along with jalapeños, onions and garlic are blended together to make this dip the perfect appetizer for a Tex-Mex themed dinner.

Of course, after you’ve made the dips and other other delicious food for your barbecue, you’ll need to know how to keep the bugs away. Filling a few mason jars with candles that contain citrus oil can repel mosquitos, and of course, it’s best to have a few citronella candles on hand as well. Candles with peppermint oil can also keep your barbecue free of critters and add yet another pleasant smell to the table. Decorating the table with a centerpiece that include fresh lavender can also ensure that your outdoor celebration is pest-free.