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Rugged Camping: Is It Worth It?

Sure, you can take your camping supplies and visit your local campground that’s specifically designated to help you have a relaxed experience away from home, but true campers argue that this isn’t real camping. Rugged camping refers to getting out into the wilderness and setting up camp where provisions are nowhere near to your location. You won’t have access to water pipes, portable toilets or already-built fire pits. You will be totally and helplessly on your own with just your camping bag to keep you going.


Rugged camping is always worth the trip because it teaches you valuable survival techniques that you wouldn’t experience in a campground. When primitive camping, you’ll need additional supplies that you might not think about, such as a gas-powered portable stove, knives, building tools for tent repair and thermal-lined clothing. Having a foreknowledge of how to properly camp outdoors helps as you’ll be on your own for possibly days at a time. The worst thing you can do is go into the woods unprepared, unable to find your way back out because you don’t have the necessary navigation system.


When wilderness camping, you need to find a spot that is safe and legal for you to stay. Camping on private property is a surefire way for you to either get hurt or arrested. While you don’t need to be stuck in a designated camping zone, you at least need to know that you’re not camping on someone’s property. Have an available emergency phone with good service for your trip in case you need help quickly. Creating a checklist of important tools and necessities you’ll need will prevent you from forgetting anything once you settle in. You might have to spend more on higher-quality camping supplies, but it’ll be worth it when using these items over and over.


Tidelli Launching New Outdoor Furniture In The United States

The Brazilian company Tidelli will be expanding their outdoor products to the United States market. They have 8 new furniture collections that are all designed to be used for outdoor living and they showcased their products in Los Angeles. The collections will be named Bali, Conica, Goa, Nusa Dua, Piramide, Savannah, Shambala, and Sailor.


The designs are made to made to look like faux concrete. The furniture is made with several layers of resin that is styled to look like real concrete and with a very rigid surface texture. They will come in colors like cement, white and graphite. They are designed to be very weather resistant, suitable for outdoor living.


One of their new unique types of products is a woven mesh chair called the Mesh Swivel Lounge Chair. They also have a sofa made out of nautical ropes and wood called the BoraBora Sofa. They have many other contemporary designs that have won them design awards in the past.


Tedelli Outdoor Living is a family run business that originated out of Brazil in 1989. They are focused on manufacturing luxury outdoor products and have been a huge success as one of the first outdoor furniture makers in Brazil. They mainly started making products with synthetic fiber and aluminum. Prior to their grad opening in California, they opened over 20 furniture stores all over Brazil.


The Best Outdoor Activity Destinations in the US

Most people often get caught up in the daily routine of work and indoor activity 24/7 chasing dreams. However, it is good practice to help yourself unwind to some exciting outdoor experience. There are several spots where you can visit ranging from parks to picnic sites to help you release stress hence live healthily. Therefore, this article shares some of the best amusement parks in the US for an outdoor experience like no other.


The Carowinds starts the list off with breath-taking features for you to explore. The park is strategically placed on the state line between North and South Carolina. Therefore, people in this fun spot reside in both states. The park brags of the best roller coaster in the world, Fury 325, based on the Golden Ticket Awards. The cuisine here is also great being from the two states. The Carolina water harbor is also an excellent site within the park that promises an enthralling adventure.


Holiday World is yet another ideal location for a day out. Characterized by four themes depicting Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and 4th of July events, the Park is jam packed with unmatched fun. It also brags of the best water park globally due to the state of its maintenance and hygiene. There are a lot of activities to engage in such as rides and five different roller coasters. Their customer service is one of the best, with services such as free drinks (soda), free parking and sunscreen for all their clients.


Six Flags Fiesta Texas is another competing amusement park with its unique design. The park has its backdrop integrated into a quarry wall in the most amazing way ever. It is arguably the best looking Six Flags Park located in the South of Texas. When in Pennsylvania, make sure to drop by the famed Hershey for a treat like no other. Not only does it provide the best chocolate but it also has thirteen roller coasters snaking around the place through loops, drops, twists and turns. It has its affiliate parks which also fall in this list of the best amusement parks in the US.


A ten-minute drive from Disneyland, lies the Knott’s Berry Farm, America’s first theme park established in 1920. The place is proud to offer visitors with a live ghost town in addition to foods, roller coasters, rides and charming people. Another fantastic place for the outdoor activities for your off day is the Six Flags Great Adventure. It is undoubtedly the largest amusement park in the world. The package includes 13 roller coasters, family rides, safari and animals strewn within the park for a surreal adventure. Kingda Ka which is the tallest roller coaster in the world, towering to a height of 456 meters is found here.


Kings Island, Dollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Cedar point summarizes the list with each having unique scenery and fun activities to offer. Therefore, you need to re-energize your outdoor living by visiting any of the above parks, if not all, for a time of your life.

Frogs That Sing Sweet, Lizards With Tiny Feet, and More

The Greater Mekong region in Southeast Asia is known for biodiversity. It’s recently been found to be even more diverse. Several fascinating and far-out creatures have been discovered there hiding from the outside world in the area’s dense forests.


One is Quangi’s tree frog, which, unlike other frogs, woos lady frogs with songs instead of croaks. It combines a repertoire of chirps, clicks and whistles into melodies, and researchers say that no two of its songs are ever the same Also called the Sweet Singing Frog, it’s said that the frog sounds just like a songbird. What lady frog could resist?


The two-legged lizard from central Thailand seems to either be missing something or have too many of something. It has two tiny legs in front but none behind. It’s only the second land reptile and the first skink ever discovered that has front legs but no hind legs. (A skink is a lizard with no neck and small limbs If you asked it, maybe it would say it was evolving to become a snake.


An already-evolved snake is the ruby-eyed pit viper, newly found in the forests of northern Vietnam. Pit vipers are poisonous snakes that have heat-sensing pits, or organs, between their eyes and nostrils. This helps them locate warm-blooded prey The ruby-eyed pit viper is a beautiful snake with bright green scales and startling crimson eyes. But don’t pick it up. Its venom is hemotoxic, meaning it poisons the blood, and also necrotizing, meaning it kills tissues. Ouch!


The Beelzebub bat is a devilish-looking little guy with a wicked grin. Also called the demon bat, it’s normally very shy but can put up a good fight if it’s cornered. However, these bats help humans by eating lots of insects. They’re members of a group called vesper bats; vesper is Latin for evening and that’s when they’re most active. Three types of Beelzebub bats have actually been discovered in Vietnam, but deforestation is threatening their habitat since they live in deep jungles.


Who knows what else is out there? Maybe devilish, red-eyed lizards that sing!

The Adventures Of Visiting Nation Parks

Gasoline prices have settled at bargain prices around the United States of America and people are flocking to State and National Parks by the millions. The National Park System is celebrating a century of operation, and there is a flood of visitors lead by the recently retired “Baby Boomers” who can take advantage of senior rates at National Parks across the country. If you are 62 or older, you can get this pass. Find out how at:Your text to link… But there are two caveats for visiting the National Parks. If you and your family are camping extra protection needs to be provided to take care of a new strain of disease, the Zika virus, coming from our ubiquitous unfriendly picnic intruder, the mosquito. Repellents, long sleeves, and other basic protection from insects need to be used. Protect yourselves follow what Consumer Reports recommends here: Your text to link…
For those who might need an excuse to avoid the National Park System, there is a series of in-depth investigations into disappearances happening at National Parks which David Paulides has researched and assembled into a series of chilling books documenting this strange, gripping mystery. His books are available on-line: Your text to link… Paulides is a former cop who stumbled on this most intriguing occurrence and has investigated it with fervor and respect for those who have mysteriously gone missing. He advises anyone heading out to a National Park to never go hiking alone, and to carry a personal distress and locating device. He carries a firearm when he goes hiking and advises those who have carry permits to also take firearms with them when in the wilderness.

Best Places to Visit if you are an Outdoors Enthusiast

Embarking on an outdoor tour is one of the greatest ways of escaping from the busy city and taking a break from work. When most people are asked to picture the greatest outdoors in America, the first thing that comes to their mind is the extensive national parks, the sharp Rocky Mountains, which serve as Denver’s backdrop, rocky Pacific coastline, and the expansive arid deserts, which surrounds Phoenix. Only a few people will picture Fresno Park, which is located in California.

Fresno residents can access several large regional parks such as the acclaimed Woodward Park, which consists of 300 acres of public held land that has hiking areas, a fenced-in dog park, playgrounds, and picnic sites. Woodward Park is a perfect tourist destination for bird enthusiasts, who assemble to the southeast part of the park for proper viewing.

Why Fresno Parks are unique

Fresno provides an incredible park system unmatched by most cities. The parks have high cleanliness standards and all the necessary amenities that can address needs of families that are camping or on outdoor tours.

Toledo, Ohio

This area can serve as a perfect home for people who need to access outdoors easily. The Toledo Park system consist of 15 area parks including a beautiful Toledo Botanical Garden that provides an opportunity for residents to camp, hike, bike, and fish. During the winter, many professional cross-country snowshoers and skiers visit the Toledo Park. A study conducted by The Trust for Public Land indicates that when people are allowed to have access to public parks, they adopt a healthy lifestyle and a sense of community is promoted among those living in the major metro areas.