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The Top Movies That Will Make You Want to Go Camping!

Do you feel that you’d like to spend more time outdoors? Some of us treasure the time that we have lounging on our couches or cooking in a fancy kitchen so much that we forget that there’s a whole world out there! Not only is it out there, but it’s also gorgeous and fun.


If you’ve been trying to make the outdoors sound more intriguing to yourself, these movies may help.


The Great Outdoors


This film stars Dan Aykroyd and John Candy. It was made in the late 80s and released in 1988. The film follows Candy’s family as they make a vacation out of staying in a rustic cabin in the northern Wisconsin woods. Unfortunately, the trip is slightly messed up when Candy’s brother in law shows up unexpectedly with his own family. Craziness ensues, and there’s lots of fun in the woods and with wildlife!




If you haven’t seen this film, get out right now and rent it. It’s one of the best Tom Hanks films. It will make you laugh, cry and most of all, think hard about how lucky we all are not to be stranded on a desert island. That’s because that’s exactly what happens to Hanks’ character. The film is a true testament to his acting abilities as most of the time, he’s acting all by his lonesome.


Other Outdoors Films


Here are a few other films that you might consider. First, try The Sandlot. This one’s always a winner. Next try North Shore, which was filmed mostly outdoors in Oahu, Hawaii.