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Tammy Mazzocco Is the Central Ohio Real Estate Expert

Tammy Mazzocco started her career in real estate as a secretary working for a commercial real estate company. She continued working in similar positions for other companies for the following ten years until she decided to get into the sales end of the business.

Her good friend and mentor Judy Gang of the Judy Gang Team with RE/MAX gave Tammy her start and Tammy has not had one regret since that time. Real estate can seem like more information than any one human being can stand, but with lots of help from management and other co-workers Tammy soon had a good grasp of everything, and she was off to the races. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

Tammy loves her work because of the excitement of helping families find their dream home. People are full of questions and Tammy not only has all of the answers, but she is also able to calm them down so they can buy. Many people who are in the process of buying homes are also under a lot of stress because of the large financial commitment and the fact that they are operating in a new geographical area.

Tammy is adamant about setting goals, and then she will break them down into manageable action steps which are much easier to complete. Before long, the entire goal is accomplished. This helps her move along and stay on track.

Tammy likes to get an early start at the office to get all of the paperwork out of the way. This gets her out showing houses as much as possible. Tammy knows that when people are looking at homes with her, they will eventually buy something. She listens a lot to her clients and focuses on what they want. She is very respectful of their wishes, money, and time and if she can satisfy them on all three, she will have a sale. See more:

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Real Estate Development in the US by Jason Halpern

JMH Development is a real estate development company which is much experienced in residential and commercial properties across the U.S. The company has a record of designing and developing the major markets in the city such as Miami, Brooklyn and Williamsburg. One of the reasons for the great success of the company is its great leadership under Jason Halpern. With his knowledge, experience, focus and vision, Jason has led his company in getting contracts in constructing and developing of historical buildings.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Mr. Halpern is the Co- Founder and principal of JMH Development. He is one of the people who have set record in New York City in real estate development. Under Jason’s leadership, MJH has undertaken several projects. Some of them include the 184 Kent project to build 340 luxury apartments from a warehouse and the Townhouses of Cobble Hill project to add 9 luxury houses in Brooklyn. The company is currently undertaking condominium projects in 8945 Collins Ave, 2901 Indian Greek Dr. and 300 Collins Ave in Miami Beach. One of JMH’s project; topping of of the Aloft south Beach was sold in 2015 for $105 million.


Moreover, Jason is unique in his own way in that he has a passionate in the development of historical sites. He is also committed to his work and has invested massive resources and time in projects as a way of bringing back to the community. Jason donates to the Westchester Medical Center through the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. Through the contributions of Halpern and others, the Center has been able to offer open-heart surgery, orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. In 2015, JMH launched a partnership to facilitate the donation of water to countries that suffer water problems such as Nepal and Ethiopia. It has donated $20,000 of every contract signed.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen
Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Jason Halpern, & Thomas Juul-Hansen

JMH Development is a leader in real estate industry with experience as developer and also owner of major properties across the U.S.; both residential and commercial. It makes great use of technology and creativity to come up with quality, unique and distinctive luxury properties. One of the strength of JMH is its able team who are engaged in the development process. The team is engaged in all the stages such as due diligence, design, construction, marketing and even branding. The team understands the market place very well and use their extensive skills and expertise to ensure that their products are at the top of the market. The philosophy of historic preservation has enabled the company to focus on restoring historic properties and project reuse. Despite the great success of JMH, Jason remains dedicated, involved, and committed in the development of real estates, ensuring that the community around him benefit from them and also from the different projects he has initiated.


Jason Halpern: Successful Real Estate Developer And Caring Philanthropist

Jason Halpern is a unique real estate developer. That’s because his niche is using innovative methods to develop landmarked building. Halpern comes by his interest in real estate development honestly. His family has been building and managing properties in New York for over 50 years. That encompasses three generations of the Halpern family. The Halpern family has been behind the construction of millions of square feet of commercial space and hundreds of residential properties in Westchester County and New York City. The family has developed a reputation for the highest quality work.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

In 2010 Jason Halpern became JMH Development’s founder and managing partner. His family background made him uniquely qualified for the job. Plus he has a love for improving communities through the use of his real estate development expertise. Part of the reason for Halpern’s success is his ability to connect with stakeholders in the communities in which he works. His guiding principle is respect for the communities in which he does his real estate development. He also has the vision and foresight to acquire and develop pioneering properties in innovative ways. It’s his passion.


The Halpern family and JMH Development currently has over $500 million invested in commercial and residential properties in New York state. They include a warehouse at 184 Kent that they are turning into 340 luxury apartment. Plus JMK Development has added 9 luxury townhouses through development work they have done in the greater Brooklyn area on a project called the Townhouses of Cobble Hill. Jason Halpern’s development expertise, vision and foresight enable him to add a special touch to the historically significant buildings on which he works.


But Jason Halpern is more than just a real estate developer. He’s also committed to helping people in the communities in which he lives and works. One cause to which he has given lots of his time and resources is Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center. The Level I Trauma Center has the facilities, equipment and staff to handle open-heart surgery, reattaching severed limbs, treating burn victims as well as doing even the most complex emergency orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery. The center is also able to care for children, pregnant women and people with life-threatening internal injuries.


Jason Halpern and JMH Development also launched a partnership with the global non-profit charity Water. The company donates $20,000 to provide clean water for water projects in in Nepal and Ethiopia every time someone signs a contract to purchase an apartment in JMH’s residential development Three Hundred Collins located in Miami. That partnership has enabled Splash and Relief Society of Tigray to provide clean, safe water for hundreds of people living in challenging circumstances in Ethiopia and Nepal.


Outdoor Living Comes to the Real Estate Market

With so much time spent inside of an automobile or office, it is only natural for individuals to crave airiness. Developers are responding to requests for more spacious living by creating homes that celebrate outdoor living.


Moving the patio to the roof of a condominium is becoming more of a trend as prospective homeowners are searching for serenity in the clear blue skies after a long day of work. New developments do not offer an abundance of yard space due to efforts to accommodate for longer life expectancy rates that lead to overpopulation in some areas. Additional space on the roof provides privacy and a fresh perspective of the outdoors.


“People have an innate desire to experience nature and enjoy accessing it from inside their home,” Britnie Turner Keane, founder and CEO of Aerial Development Group, says. “On every lot, we spotlight the unique views and outdoor accesses, utilizing features such as glass garage doors, screened-in porches and rooftop decks to promote this experience.”


The sweeping trend of outdoor living spaces is no surprise as the movement comes with many benefits apart from serenity. Outdoor spaces are considered extended portions of the living quarters, which means that homeowners can charge more money when selling their property. It is one thing to have a house that bolsters a beautiful view. It is quite another incentive for such home to provide an oceanfront view that is seen from the patio.


Outdoor living spaces take ordinary homes to the exceptional level of things, which is why buyers can count on seeing more of this dynamic in the real estate market.