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OneLogin Supports Manufacturing and Logistic Industries

The success of many manufacturers today greatly depends on the type of cloud technology that they integrate. The smart move is to adapt a system that seeks to accelerate supply chains, boost security and simplify identity management at the least cost possible. Manufacturers are confined by the challenges posed by traditional identity management systems which are outdated and cause delays. Some of these challenges include:

Manufacturers incur reduced productivity in their endeavor to satisfy unique supply chain demands of many vendors. The use of manual processes slows business interactions resulting in lost competitive edge.

Manufacturers deal with sensitive information that faces the risk of data breach and leakage attacks. Therefore obtaining secure identity management systems is crucial to mitigate possible damages.

High cost is inevitably incurred due to subsequent heavy operational costs caused by traditional identity management. It slows down productivity and strains the IT department when dealing with boarding and offloading employees. The impact of constant password resetting also slows operations on accounts.

Manufacturers and distributors face significant challenges when dealing with complex structural manual systems in the course of business. This is due to location differences which necessitates a dynamic identification system that eases the processes. OneLogin identity and access management provides efficient solutions to counter these challenges;

It offers single sign-in portal that centralizes employee applications in a singular location thereby creating more secure access using a single secure password. This drastically cuts down on cost and time spent on resets. With OneLogin, HR system is integrated to ease user processes such as on boarding and exit strategies for employees. The alignment of automated processes empowers the IT personnel to roll out adequate results within a short duration.

The cloud-based technology poses an adaptive authentication that uses machine learning to analyze various employee aspects during application login attempts. It is designed to detect anomalous factors and resort drastically to control measures such as additional authentication for attempts beyond company firewalls.

OneLogin Web Access Management helps clients to setup cloud infrastructure with all applications needed. It also presents secure access to legacy applications providing one login cloud directory for the full set of efficient cloud IAM features.

One Login improves efficiency to topnotch level and streamlines the role of IT department in a company.

OneLogin Simplifying the Cloud Technology

OneLogin was founded by Brothers Thomas and Christian Pederson in 2009.The Company is based in San Francisco.The two brothers were no strangers to this kind of technology as they had been involved with the on demand application Zendesk. The idea came to them when they realized that companies and individuals were encountering problems when moving into the cloud technology. To solve this, they decided to build an access management that was easy to use.

Envoy Company deals in soft wares that lets office visitors login using iPad instead of the old log books. Envoy recently collaborated with OneLogin to implement the system for cross-domain identity management protocol which aims to simplify user provisioning and management. Applications that are enabled by SCIM enable permit clients to speed up the application rollout and adoption through the synchronization of user attributes into the desired application.

The application of OneLogin SCIM technology enabled envoys customers’ provision fields such as names and office location through the OneLogin directory into Envoy. The integration of the Envoy system to OneLogin let their customers use OneLogin as the source of truth by synchronizing all their employee data to the Envoy directory.

OneLogin focuses on supporting the adoption of identity and access management standards. They also provide assistance for executing single sign-on and also free developer toolkits. The standards that they focus on represent tested schema and APIs that can be used by SaaS vendors who visit their website. OneLogin was elated to work with Envoy in the application of the SCIM technology. The OneLogin API does not only provide endpoints through the SCIM, they also have other products such as SAML, OpenID connect and OAuth.

OneLogin also provides SAML toolkits for programming languages such as pythons, php, java and Ruby. All this go a long way in ensuring that the company is profitable because of the huge downloads that these products have received.

The partnership between OneLogin and Envoy was successful and the clear API documentation made it easy to integrate the OneLogin system. Most of the customers who have been served by the OneLogin system have been able to apply the cloud system in their organizations making huge profits.