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A Standing Stone Formation In The Amazon Jungle Is Drawing Comparisons To Stonehenge

An amazing formation of large stones that are protruding out of the ground at unusual angles in Brazil, is attracting a lot of attention around the world. In a recent online article that I just read, the author explores the strange arrangement of stones that are estimated to be approximately 1,000 years old.


The similarities between the Stonehenge stone circle in England and the Brazilian formation are striking. Both sites are prehistoric in age, and feature circular formations of large stones that jut out from the ground.


The stone circle in Brazil is located in northern Brazil, near the Equator, in the remote state of Amapa. Known as the Rego Grande site, this location has been the focus of archaeological studies for a decade now.


According to the article, a man that worked as the foreman at a cattle ranch was cutting down trees when he discovered the mysterious arrangement of stones.


Specialists in the science of archaeoastronomy were called in to perform measurements and radiocarbon testing at the site, to determine the origin of the phenomenon. The experts have determined that the large stones were most likely arranged by a prehistoric indigenous culture.


While I am indeed impressed by the historical value of the Amazonian stone circle, I can’t help but wonder if some would-be entrepreneurs will try commercialize the site. It sounds like this site could be a major tourist attraction. Hopefully, it won’t be cheapened by the addition of nearby stores, motels, restaurants, bars, and shopping malls.