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Outdoor Food-Vendor Permits In New York City Are Highly Sought-After Items

There is something about food that is cooked outdoors that seems to make it taste better than food that is cooked and/or eaten indoors. When I saw a recent article a few minutes ago about outdoor street-food vendors in New York City, I was eager to read it.


This article mentions how New York City has maintained a limit of 3,000 available food-vendor permits for more than 30 years now. The permits are highly sought-after, and an active black market exists where permits are illegally rented at exorbitant rates.


Evidently, there is now proposed legislation that could double the number of available, legal permits in New York within seven years. The Street Vending Modernization Act would allow 600 new vendors to obtain food-vendor permits in each of the seven years.


The article goes on to say that more than 2,500 people are on a waiting list to obtain a food-vendor permit. If the proposed modernization act passes, the city will first issue permits to some disabled people and veterans who are on the waiting list.


Because of the financial pressure that many of the street vendors now experience, they often choose to sell only food items that are tried-and-true big sellers, such as hot dogs. It is suggested in this article that if the proposed act goes into effect, the new vendors might offer a broader spectrum of food items for sale.


To make sure that food vendor activities are remaining above-board, the proposed legislation also calls for the implementation of a special law enforcement unit to address pertinent food vendor issues.


This is an interesting topic to read about. After reading this article, however, I have to admit that I want to go eat a chili dog and some French fries.