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Nine9 and A Big Break In Acting

What gives those seeking a “big break” in acting a hard time is the number of people also interested. Yet every year, new faces reach the big screen, others are made famous and even more find roles as active work in the industry.

But how does someone aspiring to act stand out?

The only people who can answer this are those who’ve succeeded themselves. One name in Hollywood that comes to mind is Nine9. This agency recently shared usable tips to get anyone out of the darkness regarding success in Hollywood. Taking their advice will help you get a real foot in the door.

Get To Know As Many People As Possible

According to Nine9, you’ve got to get to know people. Don’t rely on good looks alone. Let others be your representatives also, and it’s easy to do this. The L.A. city is one where many people are mingling. Those new to the industry often work on set, get jobs waiting at the most popular bars and even work as nannies or maids.Just be sure not to focus too much on yourself. Make a quick introduction and be sincere.

Put Together The Best portfolio

Putting your work together and as an actor is about first getting head-shots. Head-shots are the least complicated, and you don’t need industry experience. But when you leave a great opportunity, the people you interacted with will want to talk about you. When they have your images, they get passed around.

Audition, Audition and then Audition Some More

The most prominent people in the industry do go to audiences. And this isn’t to try out for roles themselves. These major influences are the ones hosting the auditions. The more you appear to, the more of a chance you have at getting noticed.In the end, Nine9 suggest that persistence will always pay off, so don’t stop. Keep up the work until your dreams are achieved.

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Nine9- Ideamensch Recap

Ideamensch Interviews Anthony Toma of Nine9

Nowadays it is hard to find a company that is genuinely concerned about representing models or actors. Today, most agencies are after making some quick cash. But, there still a few good ones and Nine9 Talent Agency is The UnAgency is on that list.

Nine9 is one of the leading companies that represent actors, models, and other artists. The company is owned by Anthony Toma, one of the biggest names in this industry. Toma is a prominent entrepreneur who has in the past founded a number of companies, in various industries. He also has built a great contact with some of the most influential entertainers. With such contact and his experience in business management, Nine9 is no doubt a success.

Nine9 was bought in the year 2003. At the time, the company was known as Coral Reefs Productions Inc. Toma came across this franchise when he was looking for a franchise to buy. Initially, he was looking for something in the food industry. But, he ended up stumbling on a franchise in the productions industry. But it wasn’t such an attractive deal at first. The company was losing investors because it wasn’t making enough profits. But, Tomas saw some potential in the company. He has since expanded the franchise to have over 26 branches, all over the country. Nine9 at Instagram .

During Toma’s interview with Ideamensch, he advised young entrepreneurs not to be afraid of failure. Failure means that one is going out of their comfort zone. It is important for entrepreneurs to understand that things will not always go as you have set them out. At such times, it is critical to use failure as a learning experience and to understand that failure is part of the journey and that it doesn’t make you a failure. Watch Video Here . for more.