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Rick Smith: Securus Tech’s Guiding Star

Rick Smith is currently the leader and CEO at Securus Technologies. Securus is a telecommunications company that works with inmates as well as public safety, law enforcement, and corrections companies all over North American. Mr. Smith earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He studied engineering during time there. After graduating, he got into the State University of New York and was awarded his Master’s Degree in Engineering. He also went to the University of Rochester and got his MBA. Mr. Smith currently lives in Dallas, Texas and is entirely devoted to leading Securus to success.

Fresh out of college, Mr. Smith went to Integra Telcom and he worked as their Director. Then for two years, he was the Chief Financial Officer at Echelon Telecom. In 2008, he was given the position of President and CEO at Securus. One year later in 2009, he also became the Chairman of the company. According to Wikipedia

Mr. Smith’s background in telecommunications and his impressive education foundation is what led to his appointment of CEO at Securus. He continues to work hard at Securus and improve their service quality. In addition to working in telecommunications, Mr. Smith is also experiences with finances, acquisitions, and investment. This sets him apart from other leaders in the industry and allows him to stand out. Additionally, Mr. Smith is a natural leader and his team thrives under his guidance. Securus has grown under Mr. Smith and they are now able to support a million inmates. They have managed to maintain and even improve upon their customer service despite their growing expansions.

The Global Tel Link Company is Securus’ major competitor. Rick Smith Securus has been able to surpass them and they are now able to provide more services to more inmates and agencies. Securus features a domestic call center that strives to provide the best customer service possible. Mr. Smith really focused on this aspect and under his leadership; the call center performed 600 percent better than its competitors. Mr. Smith is very interesting in advancements in technology and encouraged Securus to invest in it. They now have over $600 million invested in acquisitions and technology. Mr. Smith believes that it is important to invest a lot of time in training employees, and by doing so they are able to build an impressive and capable team of professionals. Securus is also now the largest contributor of the VOIP Corrections calling platform. Mr. Smith had led Securus into the future and they continue to exceed their clients and customers expectations. Mr. Smith incorporates innovation and technology into his methods, and by doing so he has proven himself to be one of the best leaders in the industry. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

How Technology Has Benefitted Fashion According

One interesting collaboration that people have seen everywhere but have not noticed is fashion and technology. When people think about fashion and technology, they think about wearable devices like smartwatches. However, wearable technology goes back at least as far as the invention of smartwatches. Another thing to understand about technology is that it is more deeply involved in fashion than many would believe. For those that need to be clued in, one just has to take a look at the past few centuries when it comes to fashion. They will notice the changes that have come as technology has also come around.


Technology has also made it easier for people to develop and use plenty of alluring and elegant pieces of clothing. For one thing, technology does speed up the process of creating clothing. This is one of the reasons that people are starting to see that technology does have a lot of effect on a lot of things. Therefore, it stands to reason that the same concept that brings forth the smartphone and the television screen is also responsible for the t-shirt and jeans that are worn today.


Among the people that have seen the benefits of technology when it comes to fashion is Chris Burch. Chris has in fact written about fashion and technology and how well they go together. One thing that can be said for Chris Burch is that he has a lot of insight and wisdom when it comes to fashion. This is one of the reasons that he is one of the most well respected minds in the industry. He is always willing to share his ideas that will help influence the world.


Another insight he has is on the idea of productivity and creativity. A lot of people seem to thing that productivity and creativity are mutually exclusive. Fortunately, Chris Burch understands that they both go together. Creativity is important when it comes to progress. IF people were just productive, then there would be no solutions or advancement in technology. People would just be stuck in what they were doing. At the same time, creativity without productivity would take people nowhere as well.