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Rick Smith: Securus Tech’s Guiding Star

Rick Smith is currently the leader and CEO at Securus Technologies. Securus is a telecommunications company that works with inmates as well as public safety, law enforcement, and corrections companies all over North American. Mr. Smith earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He studied engineering during time there. After graduating, he got into the State University of New York and was awarded his Master’s Degree in Engineering. He also went to the University of Rochester and got his MBA. Mr. Smith currently lives in Dallas, Texas and is entirely devoted to leading Securus to success.

Fresh out of college, Mr. Smith went to Integra Telcom and he worked as their Director. Then for two years, he was the Chief Financial Officer at Echelon Telecom. In 2008, he was given the position of President and CEO at Securus. One year later in 2009, he also became the Chairman of the company. According to Wikipedia

Mr. Smith’s background in telecommunications and his impressive education foundation is what led to his appointment of CEO at Securus. He continues to work hard at Securus and improve their service quality. In addition to working in telecommunications, Mr. Smith is also experiences with finances, acquisitions, and investment. This sets him apart from other leaders in the industry and allows him to stand out. Additionally, Mr. Smith is a natural leader and his team thrives under his guidance. Securus has grown under Mr. Smith and they are now able to support a million inmates. They have managed to maintain and even improve upon their customer service despite their growing expansions.

The Global Tel Link Company is Securus’ major competitor. Rick Smith Securus has been able to surpass them and they are now able to provide more services to more inmates and agencies. Securus features a domestic call center that strives to provide the best customer service possible. Mr. Smith really focused on this aspect and under his leadership; the call center performed 600 percent better than its competitors. Mr. Smith is very interesting in advancements in technology and encouraged Securus to invest in it. They now have over $600 million invested in acquisitions and technology. Mr. Smith believes that it is important to invest a lot of time in training employees, and by doing so they are able to build an impressive and capable team of professionals. Securus is also now the largest contributor of the VOIP Corrections calling platform. Mr. Smith had led Securus into the future and they continue to exceed their clients and customers expectations. Mr. Smith incorporates innovation and technology into his methods, and by doing so he has proven himself to be one of the best leaders in the industry. Check this article at to know more about Rick Smith.

E-governe; Transforming the Way Organizations Deliver Service

Organizations need to find a way of adapting and surviving in the modern digital era. They may become inefficient and irrelevant if they do not innovate. e-governe is one of the companies that is dedicated to transforming the way organizations operate and offer services to stakeholders. The company modernizes the way organizations work. Its main areas of focus include education and human resource. The enterprise has helped several companies and organizations including municipalities across the country to digitized their operations.


The Municipality of Teresina is one of the organizations that has fully embraced the e-governe system. The system was implemented in conjunction with Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI). Miguel Oliveira is the Municipality’s head of Data Process. He said that the organization is committed to optimizing its service delivery to the public. He said this during a meeting with the representatives of the Departments of Health, Education, and Finance. Silvio Mendes who is the Mayor of Teresina has also supported the modernization of the Municipalities operations. He is considering full implementation in all the sections of the organizations in order to meet the expectations of the population that it serves. The benefits that are acquired from such an initiative are significant. The system will speed up the delivery time, improve efficiency, control the management of patients from the municipality and other municipalities, control the agreements between the State and the municipality, and improve financial monitoring.


Another organization that has benefited from e-governe is the Municipality of Osasco. The Municipality engaged Instituto Curitiba de Informatica (ICI) to implement the system in Educacao School management system. ICI will also install a logical and electrical network, supply computer equipment, and set up a call center for the municipality. Implementation of the system will help the Municipality of Osasco to manage the 138 schools that it owns in the City and link them to the Municipality’s Education Department.


There are several benefits that the Municipality of Osasco will enjoy because of the modernization plans. The integrity and security of information will improve significantly. The organization will also ensure that the issuance of reports is instant. Sharing of reports and coordination among team members will eliminate instances of duplication of work since the system is connected to the internet. The operations and service delivery in the various schools will also improve. The admin can also regulate the control access for maximum security. E-governe will strengthen the Municipality’s leadership position in social progress and strong economy driven by the business community.


E-governe is an IT-oriented company. It is constantly upgrading its software and general technological infrastructure. This is in line with the company’s goal of delivering solutions that are reliable and up to date to its customers. It has a team of software developers who always use modern technology to design systems that are user-friendly. Customers do not have to spend more time figuring out the different features of the system. E-governe also has a data storage unit. The products enable customers to benefit from world class services that address all challenges of the digital era.

Woolf Can Take the Bite Out of Speeding Tickets

Bikers may soon be strapping on a new piece of leather that will help them own the highway. The sleek rugged band of Italian leather goes by the name of Woolf and may tame the unruly rider, or at least let him or her tackle the bite of speeding fines.

The wristlet is a speed tracking device that is tuned into a global positioning system and database of speed traps, red light cameras, and crosswalks. Head out on the highway, on a Harley or in a car, and when the need for speed hits the Woolf lies at the ready tucked under even the tightest glove. The Woolf doesn’t bark or bite but vibrates in warning according to alert settings. Crosswalk warning? The vibrations signal how much, and when, to slow down. Patrol car with a radar gun? The good vibrations tune in and tell you how much you need to slow down. All legal, all discreet, and all looking like biker leather.

The technology has been tested in prototype form. The inventors claim a 30 hour usage from the Li-ion battery with a 3 hour recharge time. The embedded circuitry uses Bluetooth to communicate with an Android or IOS smartphone for GPS accuracy. The database covers 65 countries.

Woolf is coming to market with the assistance of crowdfunding site Kickstarter. The project funding goal is a bit under $100,000, and the project could fold if the goal is not met. Support is given via refundable pledges in varying amounts. If Woolf continues speeding along, your speed protection could be locked-in at a hefty discount. High-tech for the highway could be making your next road trip ticket free and safer as well.

New Tech, New City, New Life

With all of the recent technological advances that have been put forth from talk of virtual reality and even self-driving vehicles, it leaves one to wonder what impact these leaps will have on society. Though many have quietly pondered the effects of technology on the lives of individuals, a certain group has taken this a step further to begin planning for a new city that takes advantage of the latest tech while taking into account what these new gadgets will mean for its residents. The startup accelerator Y Combinator led by president Sam Altman is planning a city project to not only utilize the newest ideas from the greatest minds around the world but also to discuss what role such innovations would, and should, play in society.

Altman, who initially funded the YC Research company with $10 million from his own pocket, explains in that he questions if a city will want or need self-driving cars as well as their safety in the early stages of development. As we get closer and closer to what was once considered science fiction and fantasy, it is refreshing to see that there are those who are carefully considering the real development of future cities and how daily life will be for those who choose to live there. Other countries have also begun developing cities with technology in mind, some of which have even been completed. Though none are quite as high-tech as what Altman and his team are dreaming up. To read more about YC Research’s ideas, check out the article mentioned above.