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George Soros a Successful Investor and a Passionate Philanthropist

George Soros a Billionaire, hedge fund manager, becomes the first private donor to transfer enormous wealth to a single Foundation. Soros, a major Democratic donor, is the founder of Open Society Foundation which is based in the United States. According to the New York Times Soros donated 18 billion dollars to Open Society Foundation. The donation was made some few years ago but was made public just recently. The donation has made the Open Society Foundation become the Second largest charitable organization in the United States the first being the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Open Society Foundation was founded by Soros more than 30 years ago and has since spent more than 30 billion dollars of Soros personal wealth to support the foundation philanthropic activities in more than 120 countries. The organization is a non-profit entity which seeks to promote democracy  human rights globally. The organization in recent times has focused all its energies and resources in the US in causes that seek to promote and defend gays and lesbians right including increased police brutality.

The organization was very instrumental in helping fund the Roma art culture treatment centers in 2014 during the Ebola outbreak. Open society foundation has also been in the forefront in protecting the people of the United States against hate which was wide during the 2016 election campaigns. According to New York Times, Mr. Soros made a personal commitment of 10 million dollars towards the cause. In a statement, Mr. Soros lamented what he termed as dark forces that were awakened by the election and called the Americans to come together and push against the hate that was imposed on them.

Mr. Soros is a staunch Democrat as a result of his political affiliation has made generous donations to the party and its members. In the previous election, Soros made huge contributions towards Hillary Clintons Campaigns for the coveted Presidency seat and also contributed to the election of other Democrats Politicians. Soros being one of the main sponsors of the Democrat party has become a target of huge criticism especially from those that come from the Republican Party.

Mr. Soros passion for philanthropy grew while he was still a young man. Soros lived in the Nazi-occupied Hungary and perfectly understand s what it is like to live in a closed society where democracy doesn’t exist. Sorrows in 1947 left for London and after that the United States where he became successful and eventually a billionaire on Wall Street. After Succeeding in life, Mr. Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in Hungary in 1984. Ever since then Mr. Soros has been generously contributing millions of dollars annually to the foundation. It is estimated that he has been contributing between 800 million dollars to 900 million dollars annually. Soros contribution this year according to wall street journal has increased the organization‘s endowment to more than 18 billion dollars.

In another statement, the President of Ford Foundation Darren Walker stated that Open Society is one organization that has largely impacted the world in the last two decades. The organization impact has been felt in almost all countries of the world.  and more information click here