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The Best UK-Based Wine Merchants

UK Vintners Limited is an association which comprises around twenty-five members that represent each part of the British Isles. It’s an independent supplier, importer, and distributor of handmade wines and spirits. UK Vintners company origin suffuses from the historical city of London where wine was used for special occasions.

The organization continues to maintain a close link with the British wine trade in the country, by importing, regulating and selling wine. The group also continues to play a significant role in the 21st century by upholding its wine trade through social, charitable, and educational interests. Through the work of UK Vintners Foundation, the company has been able to participate in charity events and offer scholarships to different organizations across the country.

UK Vintners also participates in ownership of swans, a well-known and historical ceremony referred to as “Swan Upping.” The Swan Uppings is an annual census of the swan population, shared upon by the Crown and the Dyer’s Company. The event takes place in July on certain stretches of River Thames.

The flexibility and quick response rendered to its consumers as well as the quality wines available distinguishes this company from other United Kingdom winemaking companies. On the other hand, the team is always friendly and ready to give exceptional advice to non-connoisseurs. Other wine merchants in the country include:

  1. Vintage Wine Gifts

Vintage Wine Gifts is UK’s largest internet wine retailer featuring the top quality vintage wine, port, whiskey, cognac, and champagne for special occasions. Vintage Wine Gifts delivers its wine through UK Mail Courier, or via business addresses with specially-designed messages. The company also donates a given amount of money to special charity events. For instance, the company donated $5,000 to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

  1. The Sampler

The Sampler wine company is an independent wine merchant that has won several awards from business drinks and decanter. The organization is always ready to give advice to its customers. The selling point of this company is the fact that it offers more than 1,500 different types of wines.

  1. Yapp

Yapp Brothers organization has been a online wine merchant since 1969. With over four (4) decades in the market, Yapp Brothers specializes in French Wines from small vineyards.


UK Vintners limited not only offers excellent wine that is true to its origin, but it also provides exceptional customer service to its wide range of clients. Vintners and the UK wine merchants primary objective is to obtain competitive rates for an exciting and satisfying range of experience, through wines offered exclusively for sale at consortium networks.

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