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UKV PLC, The Wine Merchant

United Kingdom Vintners comprises of a team of renowned wine consultants, who take it upon themselves to answer any kind of question that a client might have concerning the available wine options in the market. They guide clients on finding the best wines for any occasion or investment.

They have managed to amass so much knowledge over time on the various brands of wine and champagne available in the market such that they know which bottle of wine to serve for a particular occasion and which one not to. They also have the perfect advice to give, when it comes to choosing the most suitable wine bottle to gift a wine enthusiast.

Therefore client’s needs are well taken care of by this efficient team which works round the clock to ensure that all your queries are answered on time. Should a client prefer a face to face meeting, they usually arrange for you to go to their offices or for convenience purposes, they could even come to a location of your choice including, but not limited to your home. Talk about, excellent customer service.

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UKV PLC is an independent private company which serves as a wine merchant. For this reason, it is not tied to or limited to a single supply chain. It works with large networks of other merchants in the same trade, as well as brokers and traders to get stock from them, in instances such as when they are searching for a rare species of wine or champagne, which is out of their reach or out of stock.

UKV PLC’s trade is wholly based on the acquisition, supply and sale of wine and champagne through their trading platforms on behalf of private persons and general business customers such as other merchants. UKV PLC takes upon itself to supply bonded fine wine and champagne upon request for consumption purposes or even for investment purposes depending on the client’s needs and specifications.

These wine merchants also offer brokerage services, by selling on behalf of customers who have invested in the wine business. Be sure to find a state of the art selection of investment grade wine at UKV PLC, whether you are an experienced wine collector or a novice. UKV PLC is the home to famous brands of wine produced at renowned vineyards situated in several European nations such as France, Italy and Spain.

While UKV PLC appreciates the fact that most clients buy wine for purposes of consumption in their private capacities, they also seek to develop those who buy for investment purposes.

Assembling A Wine Gift Basket With Supervision From UK Vintners

People love to give and get gifts. Buying a gift is a great way to help show someone that they are loved. Another way to show someone that they are loved is with the creation of a specific gift basket designed around their own personalized tastes. For people who love wine, a hand picked wine gift basket makes the perfect present. When people aren’t sure where to turn to create a gift basket, they can turn to help from vintners based in the UK. Many UK vintners offer a wide selection of gift baskets that make it easy for anyone to give a wonderful gift to their wine loving friends. They can speak with UK vintners and find out how to create a basket that includes many varieties of wines for a good friend or business associate to enjoy. Many UK vintners, such as Capital Vintners ( have large wine cellars on hand, allowing the gift buyer to pick from all kinds of wines as they assemble the right gift basket for someone they love.

A Varied Basket

A really good wine gift basket will typically include wines that are based around the gift receiver’s special tastes. For those who love special wines, working with a company such as Fine + Rare Wines that can offer them access to wines that are very special and unlikely to be seen anywhere else. Some people already have a specific preference for a certain kind of wine. In that case, they will welcome a basket of wines from a place like Ellie’s Cellar where the buyer can find lots of types of red wines or lots of kinds of white wines. When the buyer is able to have lots of wine choices, they know they can easily find something they like and they know their friend or relative will really enjoy. Each gift basket they choose to assemble is one that often requires a lot of thought as to how to place the wines in the basket and what kinds of wines to include. When a buyer is given help from experts in wine such as the UK Society of Vintners, they know they are going to create something that is really very special.

Putting It Together

After the wine has been chosen, the buyer needs to assemble the basket. This will include choosing material that can support the wines as well as any additional ingredients to help create a totally rounded basket. Many buyers like to add other items to help show off the taste of the wine. A fine piece of aged Parmesan cheese can be an elegant thing to add to any wine gift basket. A package of special almonds or other nuts can really add additional pizzazz to a wine gift basket. Finding great food items that pair well with wine is something that wine experts are pleased to demonstrate to their clients. They can help them pick out other items like chocolates or dried fruit to create a really special, totally unique wine gift basket for any client.

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