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Lime Crime: Boldest of the Bold Cosmetics

In the year 2016, there is an uprising of bold color in cosmetics line. From bright red lipstick to bold purple eyeshadow, there is certainly a demand for color from customers worldwide. Thankfully, they can turn to the cosmetics line, Lime Crime for a huge dose of color. The creator of this fabulous line, Doe Deere, has been inspired by color since she was a young girl and uses that inspiration to focus on creating only the most unique and exciting colored cosmetics on the market. Thanks to the current styles and her make-a-statement products, Doe has found much success in her business ventures.

Doe became inspired by color at a young age. Since she can remember, she’s always enjoyed getting creative with bright colors. Whether it was painting, playing dress up or experimenting with makeup, she always was the trendsetter. Bold is an understatement when it comes to Doe Deere and the incredible Lime Crime collection she has provided the public with. Though she agrees she’s had her fashion do’s and don’ts, she regrets nothing about the trends she has set and the statements she’s made with her plethora of color.

In her early twenties, she decided to start her own line as a hobby and side business. She used all animal friendly products, and only tested the products on herself- something she prides her company on greatly! With just a few products, she opened an eBay store and to her surprise, it was a hit. Using the love of her favorite color, lime green, she came up with Lime Crime as her store name. It just happened to stick and followed her through her business venture to where she is now. Though she sometimes wishes she could have changed the name before going big with the company, she’s glad that it’s something that represents the collection well.

In just a short time, business was booming so she launched her own website featuring the widely sought after collection and the rest is history. Having unique products was key to her success- you won’t find these colors elsewhere, that is for sure! She was even named one of the Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs of the year for her success with Lime Crime. If you love to set the trends, you will want to check out this incredible line for yourself. You are sure to fall in love!

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Malini Saba Building Something From Nothing

There are many great success stories about people that have immigrated to the United States, and Malini Saba is one of them. She lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the start of her life, where her parents were middle class, and then grew up in Australia. She did not stay there for long, however, because at the age of 19 she decided to move to the United States. She moved to America with only $200 and her former husband to support her. The two rented a cheap apartment next to Stanford University where her husband was attending. Due to her husband attending Standford she was able to go to classes at the school. While there she started to attend classes about the financial and investment sectors of business. From there she took her knowledge and started to seek out experienced professionals to get advice on top of her schooling. This part of the story involved her actually crashing parties where investment bankers were and asking them for advice. With this information, Malini Saba started to make her first investments with the money she had been saving while in America.

Flash forward to today and you can easily see that her unique start to her investment career worked out very well. Malini Saba’s commitment to learning the financial world has allowed her to become very successful, even to the point that she has started her own company, Saban. Her investment company Saban has made investments in many varied assets all over the world. These assets include technology companies in the US, oil and gas properties in China, and real estate ventures in Australia and India. These key investments made by her company, which she is Chairman of, have grown it to be very successful. As well as running her companies investments she has made some key ones for herself, including Sycamore Networks, PayPal, and Netscreen Technologies.

Apart from her business side, Malini Saba is also a very successful philanthropist. For example, in 2001 she started her non-profit organization, Stree: Global Investments in Women, that helps women that have a low-incomes to build up their lives. The organization focuses on assisting them build up confidence and creating a role for them in society. Along with this, she has done other great things, including donating $1 million dollars to build a hospital and pledging $10 million to tsunami victims in India and Sri.