Charles and David Koch Refuse to Support Trump

On Tuesday, February 4, 2016, “Vanity Fair” writer Daniel Schulman published details from a recent conversation with billionaire Charles Koch that outlined a growing concern by the Koch Brothers about Donald Trump making headway in the presidential race. The article, titled “Can the Koch Brothers Stop Trump?,” outlined long-standing issues that the Koch Brothers have had with Trump and their reasons for not supporting him.

Although self-described as a classical liberal, Charles supports a Republican candidate as POTUS. He and his brother have been using their money steadily recently through a variety of fundraising and other campaigns to influence the outcome of the presidential race by aiding Republican efforts against Democrats. The Koch brothers do not support Trump because his world views differ so drastically with their own. In fact, Charles told Schulman that America’s free society would be destroyed if Trump’s “Muslim Registry” became any sort of reality. The brothers have even stopped inviting Trump to their political fundraising events.

As pointed out by Schulman, there are several problems with their attempts to influence the race and Trump:  Now there are billionaires everywhere backing different candidates with no clear winner coming out on top. Trump is preventing other Republican candidates from getting the support needed to win again Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. The Koch brothers could influence the race by putting all of their money to use attempting to block Trump’s campaign by pointing out through advertisements the many ways in which he has failed in business, but they risk Trump turning on them. On August 2, 2015, Trump made a jab at the brothers on Twitter when they refused to invite him to a fundraiser by wishing luck to other Republican candidates going to the Koch Brothers, as he put it, to “beg” for financial support.

At this point, Charles Koch and brother, David, are still debating how they will proceed going forward.

Charles Koch is the co-owner and CEO of Koch industries. He is a graduate of MIT with a General Engineering Bachelor of Science degree and two Master of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, respectively.  In January of this year, Charles Koch’s net worth was $43.3 billion.
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  • Jerry Samuel
    February 20, 2017 - 6:19 am | Permalink

    The Koch brothers helped create a political system where anyone with money can influence the outcome of a race. Charles and his brother inherited their father’s company and made billions by expanding the business into other industries. That is a good way for to have all these things in their jurisdiction.

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