Christmas Trees by Helicopter

Having a real Christmas tree continues to be a holiday tradition. This means that millions of real Christmas trees must be raised and harvested. People want the real smell, and feel that reminds them of their childhood. Some people also believe that artificial trees have a greater impact on the environment than real ones, making live trees the best option.


According to a recent Huffington Post story, some of our Christmas trees are harvested via helicopter. Oregon is home to the biggest Christmas tree farm in the United States. The farm provides millions of trees, which are harvested by helicopter. The trees are chopped down manually, and then flown out in a container attached to the bottom or a helicopter.


Just as cattle are transported and rescued via helicopter, so, too, are Christmas trees. Unlike cattle, however, more than one Christmas tree can be carried by helicopter at once. Both the tree in your living room and the beef in your dining room might have been transported by helicopter before they made it to your house.


Harvesting a tree by helicopter is a far cry from the traditional trek into the woods to harvest the family Christmas tree, but it does preserve the tradition of having a live tree for the holiday. Thanks to these extreme measures, millions of Americans will have a little bit of the outdoors in their homes this holiday season.



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